The Sword Dynasty

801 Sword Heart

"Jian Xin is nothing more than a human heart."

This sentence gave a big shock to Du Gubai.

But what gave him a greater shock at this time was Jing Liuli's next sentence, "I can use the most time-saving method."

He has a hunch that something big is about to happen.

"What do you want to do?" he couldn't help asking, his voice unconsciously louder.

"You will know when you look at it." Jing Liuli looked at him and said.

"Are you sure?" The three words of Du Gu Bai almost blurted out, but looking at her eyes, he got the answer.

What Jingliu decided was not something he could change.

So he kept silent, and when the three words were finally exported, it became, "Be careful."

Jing Liuli nodded.

When she was practicing at Minshan Jianzong, she was so talented among all practitioners, she was like a snow peak at the highest point of Minshan, no one else could reach, and she didn’t even care. The views and gazes of others.

She doesn't care about others at all. In her practice, she can bring her unprecedented courage and remove all ties.

However, after studying with Ding Ning for a long time in Changling, she gradually realized that this was also one of her biggest deficiencies.

Seeing through people's hearts is a true swordsman.

She studied, and gradually did it.

The words "be careful" are completely useless for what she is about to do, but she knows what Du Gu Bai thought at this moment.


She left the solitary side and started walking.

No one noticed it at first.

The hardworking artisans and hard laborers are close to her, but they seem to guard their own world.

As her footsteps moved faster and faster, and she followed Li Si's chariot straightly, she finally caught the attention of some people.

Some people stopped unconsciously and looked at the female medical officer.

The people around Che Qian also quickly sensed her presence.

Suddenly the air began to rumble and the vitality fluctuated.

"Li Si"

She stopped directly, shouted at the back of the car, and then said, "I am Jingliu."

There was an incredulously low exclaimation and a puff of air.

Throughout Changling, no one had heard of the name of Jing Liuli, but no one thought of the existence of such a legend, which would suddenly appear here in this way.

The car stopped suddenly.

Li Si turned slightly and then got off the car directly.

The handsome-looking man frowned slightly, the expression on his face did not fluctuate too much, just a thoughtful and curious look.

"Jin Liuli."

He repeated Jing Liuli's name again, and then even with a hint of inexplicable smile, like looking at the naughty younger generation: "What are you trying to do?"


His words made the word once again appear in Jing Liuli's heart.

She is one of the most important characters of Minshan Jianzong. If it appears in front of another practitioner, regardless of the other’s cultivation, the other party may think at the first time whether Minshan Jianzong will make something powerful against him. Killing the game, I am afraid it will be extremely nervous.

However, Li Si's jokes are such that he has no worries. Presumably he is extremely confident. It is impossible for Minshan Jianzong to kill him in such a place.

"My Master left Changling that day, and I stayed. He only told me one thing, that is, killing you." Jing Liuli looked at Li Si, not stunned and angry, and spoke like Ding Ning's calm tone.

Li Si stroked his forehead with a hand, and said slowly with a headache: "And then?"

"My talent is higher than you. It takes a lot of time to slowly find your weaknesses. Waiting for the growth of my cultivation, I am destined to kill you." Jing Liuli looked at him and said: "But I am afraid of trouble, so I want to challenge you once."

As soon as this sentence came out, there was a sudden uproar around.

No one laughed at Jing Liuli, but many practitioners around Li Si looked at Jing Liuli's eyes full of weird looks.

"This is a child's play."

Li Si converged all the joking expressions, frowning slightly.

After he said this, he didn't respond immediately. After thinking for a moment, he raised his head, looked at Jingliu, who was much shorter than him, and said slowly: "Sect Master Baili is in Minshanjian Zong defeated us by joining forces with several people. Presumably, he felt that it had a great impact on our state of mind, but he felt that this influence was large enough to affect our future practice, making it difficult for us to find eight realms. The threshold? Or does he think that letting you challenge me again will cause a greater blow to my state of mind?"

Jing Liuli looked as usual, she didn't respond, as if she didn't hear these words.

"You mean, because you are so different from me, so I give you a chance to understand me more than the sword. If I dare not even this, even if I win you, I am afraid I can't pass that level of my heart. In the future, it will really have an impact on my state of mind." Li Si looked at her lightly and said: "Of course I will promise you this request, but you judge Changling, I will give you this opportunity today, and then let you It's unfair to me when I leave."

Jing Liuli smiled slightly coldly, said: "You said."

Li Si raised his head higher and said, "Today I will meet your conditions, but then you cannot win me in one day, and you cannot leave my side in one day."

Du Gubai has been very nervously listening to the conversation between the two, and has been hearing Li Si's words, he giggled in his heart, and fully understood the intention of Jing Liuli.

With Li Si's mindset, he was not only reluctant to kill Jingliu, he even wanted to take Jingliu for his own use.

"Oh?" At this time Jing Liuli's voice sounded, she looked at Li Si with a smile, and said slightly: "Leave me by your side, do you want to use the means of conquering some of your buddies to slowly influence me?"

Li Si couldn’t help laughing. “You can think of it this way. For me, if you can’t bear to kill you, let an enemy like you always be out of my sight and reduce a terrible enemy for Changling, It’s also a good deal."

"As long as you don't regret it." Jing Liuli looked at Li Si and said.

Her words were free, so she seemed extremely sincere.

Li Si frowned unconsciously.

Jing Liuli thought for a while and then asked, "What kind of person do you think you are?"

Li Si said indifferently: "I don't understand what you mean."

"How do you evaluate you, do you think you are a good person or a bad person?" Jing Liuli asked seriously: "Or, many people feel that you are innocent about your betrayal of the Li family. Do you have any objections? Perhaps what you do will have some of your hardships, but the outsiders do not know?"

Li Si's face was slightly cold, "Does it make sense to be good and bad?"

"It makes sense to me." Jing Liuli nodded, looked at his eyes, and said: "This is about my killing intention. If you have some hardships, maybe I am not so determined to kill you. In other words, Words, I might be able to keep you alive."

Li Sishen took a deep breath, held her hands, and no longer looked at her, her voice slightly coldly said: "Your joke is not funny at all."