The Sword Dynasty

803 The Starry Sky Deep in the Qihai

No matter how fast Jingliu is, it is also within a range of dozens of feet, and Li Si’s fingerprint sword moves between square inches, but the slight movement of his fingertips brings the power of heaven and earth to crisscross.She can't keep up with Li Si's, she can't break through Li Si's defense, but instead it is like being assassinated by several powerful swordsmen.

But Jing Liuli was not surprised, and in the roar of the ice, fire, thunder and electricity, she keenly sensed another subtle voice.

This sound comes from Li Si's body and from his internal organs.

The five internal organs in his body were shaking and making noises.

Every time she vibrates, she feels that a unique airflow is generated in his body, rushing into the real element in his body.

This airflow from the five internal organs, when it rushed into the true element, caused a turbulent flow, and then quickly merged with the true element.

When the turbulence and turbulence in the real yuan refer to the majestic power of the sword.

The five internal organs correspond to the five different world energies in a one-to-one relationship, cyclically.

Li Si’s five internal organs are obviously more powerful than the general Seven Realm Masters, and seem to be able to burst out greater potentials in battle and constantly stimulate the five qi, so he is practicing a mysterious and particularly powerful true elemental practice At this time, if this finger-printed sword is allowed to be used by others, it is absolutely impossible to have such power.

There are established rules of cyclical reciprocation, and then traces are made, and they have their own ways of breaking.

And to more clearly perceive the true element in Li Si's body, especially to sense the energetic imprint of Zheng Xiu remaining in his body, she must also break Li Si's fingerprint sword and force Li Si to use more intense means. , Enough to oscillate to the depths of the Qihai, so that the plume of breath that Shen Yin was deep in his Qihai fell out of the rock.

See thunder in subtleties.

When a new thunderlight fell in the air, Jing Liuli stopped suddenly, and the crystal sword light outside her disappeared.

Her right middle finger and index finger are combined as swords, and they pierce straight into the sky, with a powerful force that stabs the sky.A purple sword qi generated from her fingertips, but it quickly turned into a purple thunder.

The purple thunder light swept towards her on Monday. The thunder that fell from the air was actually driven by her thunder light with only the thickness of her thumb. It thundered and collided with a fire that had just formed in the air.

When the two powerful forces collided, everyone felt the sound of the eardrums, the hot wind was blowing, and many people's hair was burning.

There was a sudden shock in Li Si's body, and the original steady-flowing real element seemed to be divided into two strands, which also impacted each other in his body.


Li Si frowned, a strange look flashed in his eyes, but his body recovered immediately after a shock, except that a layer of Mars and a tiny electric light suddenly appeared on the surface of the body, as if suddenly With two layers of clothes, Xuan Ao is hard to say.

"Zi Lei Jian Gong's Zixiao sword lead actually you will too, Minshan Jianzong's sword library seems really inferior to that year's Bashan sword field." He did not take the lead first, but just looked at the figure just stopped. Jing Liuli, said slowly.

"I know a lot, and I learn fast." Jing Liuli looked at him deeply and said this slowly.

In the moment when Li Si's body vibrated, she sensed that there was a quiet place in the depths of Li Si's Qihai, just like the peaceful starry sky.

She knew that this kind of breath was the brand of Zheng Xiu's vitality. She just wanted to thoroughly understand the secrets of the story, but she also needed a more intense way to shake the opponent's air.

And just at this moment, she had thought of a method.

"Take me another sword."

She looked at Li Si seriously and said.

In the following moment, a black sword gas appeared in her hand.

The speed of this black sword gas is also extremely amazing, slamming in front of Li Si.

Li Si is a little puzzled. Although this black sword light is faster than Jingliu's figure before, the power in it seems to be not as good as Jinglili's previous blow.

It was difficult for him to understand how such power could threaten himself, so he was only very simple and pointed, and an invisible sword gas directly cut onto this black sword light.

However, in the next moment, the black sword light was not easily cut off, but was connected to Li Si's invisible sword gas like a black rope.

A cold and ruthless meaning appeared on Jingliu's face.

This is not her mood at this time, but the sword intention she will show next.

Li Si frowned deeply.

He felt a real death threat.

It was a peculiar sword sound, which sounded inside the black sword light. This kind of sound shock that could not be heard by the ears passed along his sword energy into his body. All the true elements and blood along the way were shocked. broken.

His insights are far beyond ordinary practitioners, so he immediately knew that Jing Liuli first wrapped his sword energy with Zhirou's sword meaning "Ming Shuiyu", and at this time it used "Sanskrit". .

This is a kind of decisive death sword, which uses the real element to urge the sword gas to produce a certain kind of sound shock that is completely incompatible with the human flesh and blood. The bodies of both practitioners will instantly break into blood mud.

"You are crazy."

Li Si's voice rang.

Before his voice sounded, a big wave rushed deep in his air.

With a loud bang, the big wave not only dissipated the sword qi that was entangled together, but also dispelled that unique shock.


A mouthful of blood spewed out of Jing Liuli's mouth.

Her body was instantly thrown back by dozens of feet by the majestic force pouring from Li Si's body, and fell heavily.

Li Si narrowed his eyes slightly, and his breath was short.Some bloodstains spread on the surface of his body's skin, gradually becoming a crack in the skin, and some blood dripping from it.

A subtle bone crackling sounded on Jing Liuli who had fallen to the ground.

But at this moment, all her attention was not on herself, but in Li Si's constantly tumbling air.

The unchanging breath, still in the sea of ​​qi, became very clear.

She lay motionless in the dust.

A cloud quickly appeared on her body.

Li Si came to her in one step and looked at her angrily, her voice faintly: "Want to kill me in this way, is it worth it?"

The breath in Li Si’s qi sea became very clear because of her extreme proximity. She felt every flicker of the breath of silence inside. After a while, she said, "This way is currently able to The only way to kill you."

Li Si was silent.

If Jing Liuli’s true Yuanxiu scored a few points higher, if he could get faster, then in the moment of just being, he couldn’t forcibly wipe out such sword intentions, and the two had already died together.

"I won't give you the opportunity to use such swordsmanship in the future."

After dozens of breaths, he looked at Jing Liuli, who was slowly sitting up from the ground, and said.