The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 804

Jing Liuli was bleeding all over her body, and the situation looked very bad, but she listened to Li Si’s words, but wiped the blood from her mouth, and calmly replied: "I don’t need to use this again next time. Of the sword."

"Give her medicine and arrange for her to live." Li Si no longer argued with Jing Liuli, but just coldly ordered the people around him.

Jing Liuli glanced at him who turned and walked back to Che Yu, and said, "I still have a companion."

"Huh?" Li Si frowned suddenly, but he was shocked.

Du Gubai has come out, but with Jing Liuli's gaze, all the talents discovered the existence of this young practitioner.

Li Si doesn't know all the juniors, but someone around him naturally knows Solitude, and whispered a few words beside him.

Li Si was a little surprised, but he didn't say anything, just waved his hand lightly, gesturing to arrange together.

"I'll do it myself." Jing Liuli didn't let the doctor in front of him to give himself medicine, but just selected a few of their medicines and took it by himself.

Du Gu Bai was very worried about Jing Liuli's situation at this time and couldn't help but ask, "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine." Jing Liuli answered simply.

Just after talking, she puffed blood again, and the doctors who had just walked a few steps were startled.

Du Gu white frowned, looking at her bloodless face and blood stains on her lips, and said, "Is this still good?"

"Such a serious injury is suitable for imitation, so that she has a wrong perception." Jing Liuli said calmly.

Du Gubai was a little surprised to hear what she meant, but at this time when a carriage came to carry Jingliu, he kept silent and waited until the carriage took him and Jinglili to the temporary residence of Li Si. Once he settled in the courtyard, he couldn't help but asked anxiously: "Do you perceive that breath?"

"It's like a dead starry sky sinking in his sea of ​​qi." Jing Liuli nodded and said, "I have all the traces in my mind, but it will take some time to understand the connection between his true element and this star sea."

Du Gubai pondered for a moment and said, "I don't want to put pressure on you, but you must be quick... Although Li Si is conceited, he has influenced you and subdued your ambition, but his ambition may be seen by many people. It’s very dangerous to come. Yuan Wu or Zheng Xiu might intervene."

"The news will go on for many days. Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu's intervention is not so fast, and Li Si will certainly find a way to obstruct it." Jing Liuli's face did not change at all, and she looked at her face full of worries. Du Gubai said, "What I'm worried about now is that when we left, after I killed Li Si, leaving would be more difficult than coming in. You should understand that I won't have much combat power at that time."

Du Gubai was silent for a moment, and said, "Just like Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu were too late to intervene here, Bashan Jianchang could not have known in advance that you would adopt such a method, nor did you know that you would get stuck here, and they would be too late to intervene. "

Jing Liuli nodded, she didn't speak, just glanced at him.

The result is obvious, if Jing Liuli can successfully kill Li Si suddenly in the next trouble, all he can rely on is Du Gu.

Neither Zhao Gao in the imperial palace nor Chen Jianshou in the divine prison can have much power on the bright side to intervene.

"I will try my best."

Du Gu Bai smiled bitterly, and honestly said what he thought: "But I think there is little hope of escape."

Jing Liuli shook his head, "Only on the spot was killed by his angry men, there is no hope at all. Whether it is to be escorted to Changling, or to flee abroad, as long as he does not die on the spot, there is a possibility of finally getting out of trouble. Seven Realms and Five Realms. There is a big gap in the strength of the Six Realms, but if you don’t care about anything, you will only escape as fast as possible. They will catch up with you, but it will take a certain amount of time."

Du Gubai raised his eyebrows slightly, but before he started talking, Jing Liuli had watched him add a sentence, "When Li Si was killed, you have to take me with them before they react, you have to think in advance How to escape the fastest, the most prolonged time."

Du Gubai didn't even think about why he had to enter this dangerous and infrequent game. He murmured and said, "I will take the time to carefully consider the two sword scriptures that I thought were useless before."

Jing Liuli closed her eyes and ended the conversation.

The few medicines she took stopped the bleeding in her body and strengthened her qi and blood, but it made her five internal organs and five qi disordered.

But this is itself part of her plan.

In that piece of starry sky she felt, there were countless stars flashing, some of them seemed to be still, and some were constantly flashing.

This complicated and secret flow of vitality is too complicated for the rest of the practitioners in the world to be elusive.

However, since the beginning of self-cultivation, Baili Suxue taught her many things to prepare for the crack of Zheng Xiu's mystery of sparks.

"But nothing more."

Looking at the starry sky in perception, Jing Liuli said something in her heart.

She is the most talented practitioner in the history of the Great Qin Dynasty. For ordinary practitioners, it seems to be a change in the strength of the mysterious star of another world, which is indeed the case for her.

Her remark is because she feels that if she is fully practicing this kind of star vitality, it is not difficult to catch up and exceed Zheng Xiu's achievements.

Zheng Xiu's method is not so incredible.

In the world of perception, she moved each star at random like a child piled up wood, and then quickly imagined the change of each star to change the starry sky.

Soon she found the key seven stars.

All changes in vitality, including changes in the rest of the stars, are actually changes from the vitality flowing out of these seven stars.

She began to perceive and capture these seven different stars vitality from heaven and earth.

When these seven kinds of stars have the strongest vitality, she opened her eyes. It was late at night, the moon was in the sky, and the stars were shining. From the stars in the sky, she grasped with extraordinary precision, which seven stars the seven kinds of vitality came from.

"I'm ready, how about you?"

She turned her head and looked at the monologue who had noticed her subtle movements and asked.

"So fast?" Du Gubai's expression of hell.

Even if the daytime Liuli told him that it would be quick, but in his imagination, it would take at least a few days or even ten days. Where can he think of it, just during the day to late night, and the day and night did not arrive, Jinglili told He is ready.

Du Gu set his nerves and replied: "I am reluctant to try."

Jing Liuli nodded and said, "I want to eat something first."

"I'm going to be a full ghost if I die. How can I feel so unlucky." The lonely white greeted the waiter outside. He used to cook on the hillside where the sheep were outside, but at this time he obviously couldn't do it. Call Li Si's men to send some food.