The Sword Dynasty

806 Friend

Li Si re-examined Jing Liuli.

"You are a very special person."

He frowned slightly, "I thought that all you did was derived from the enmity of the master, from the kindness of your master to you, and the intersection with those of your Bashan sword field. But I did not expect In addition to these, you have your own ideas."

"I am me. Naturally, what I do comes from my love and hate."

Instead, Jinglili looked at him with a gaze that looked at the monster, with some contemptuous look: "Does what we are doing is to care about others looking at our gaze, or to accept the ideas that others have instilled in us? What I want to do Of course, it is not purely the Minshan Jianzong, or the Bashan Jianchang."

Listening to these words, Li Si was silent for a few moments and suddenly laughed a little self-deprecatingly, "I still underestimate you."

Jing Liuli glanced at him, "You shouldn't underestimate me."

"You have your own ideas. As you say, for my Daqin to swallow Yan and Qi, I should have fulfilled you. Let you kill tonight, but it can change a lot of things." Li Si said with a smile.

Jing Liuli didn't look at his face at this moment, but just looked at the hillside in the distance, and slowly said: "Have you ever thought about the future? If you don't die tonight, you have been standing on the side of Zheng Xiu, waiting for the end Was the outcome of her victory against Yuanwu and Bashan Sword Field? You should have thought that she will eventually win, but it is harder than anyone to win Yuanwu and Bashan Sword Field."

"I don't know if you want to believe it, some of your views are exactly the same as mine. In some things, you and I are friends." Li Si smiled with emotion, "The world is unified, that is a very beautiful thing."

Jing Liuli continued to move, looking at some unfinished buildings along the way, and suddenly whispered: "According to the truth you said, if you die here tonight, knowing what will happen will not be too much. Disappointed."

Li Si took his hand and responded softly with a voice that only two people could hear: "It is difficult to find a confidant in life. If I really die here tonight, I will honor my promise. You will grow long in the future. Ling Sanhuai Tang will know my story."

Jing Liuli nodded.

"There are a lot of my dead here, and there is my life. If you can really kill me, they may not necessarily die, but under the Lishan Mountain, practitioners who belong to other powerful people do not know. How much, you have to escape, it is very difficult."

Li Si said this for no reason, changed the previous route, and went to some areas between him that would not be visited at all. "It’s just that no matter how I think, I still can’t think of it. With you and this alone What method can the boy in the house kill me?"

Jing Liuli took a deep breath, looked at Li Si, and said, "Are you ready?"

"If this is life, then come." Li Si said quietly, standing proudly.

At this moment, Jing Liuli had an inexplicable feeling.

In a sense, Li Si is indeed her confidant.

However, the more so, the more you want to do what both people want to do.

If killing yourself can cause such a future, Jing Liuli can be sure that Li Si will also do it.

There is no hesitation and no signs of appearance.

The starry sky appeared very clearly in her mind. In the deep sea of ​​Li Siqi's sea, the dead starry sky planted by Zheng Xiu.

In the next moment, the disordered five qi in her body rushed forward. Only in a moment, the mad running of these five qi in her body made her injury heavy to the edge of collapse.

The dark night sky above lit up suddenly.

A scarlet thunder fire traveled through the clouds, and the snow and frost fell with the roar.

At the same time, these five qi have rushed into her sea of ​​qi and set off numerous storms.

In the previous conversations and walking, no one noticed, not even Li Si, who was not far away from her, noticed that some of the stars and vitality floating in the sky and earth had already entered her body.

At this moment in the storm of her qi sea, these star powers instantly formed the star map in her mind, and then the brightest stars shattered instantaneously, and issued a traction command towards the endless high altitude.

This command connects to the starry sea in the endless void, and to Qi Qi's sea of ​​qi.

Zheng Xiu is in a workshop.

She was not even in Changling, but at this moment, she heard this heart-warming call and guidance.

She was shocked that Li Si and Yan Xiang were the safest beings. In the body of these two phases, there were always a large number of unimaginable dead, a large number of troops could arrive quickly, she could not imagine who could The assassination of Li Si forced him to the brink of life.

She did not hesitate.

The Qihai in her body instantly complied with this guideline, and the mad spurt of the true and heavenly energy accumulated in her body.

In the endless void, the dead sea of ​​stars, the vitality began to run away.

Beyond the boundaries of time, countless pale sparks are generated during the journey, and instantly form a pale flame sword in the clouds above the palace of Lishan.

Li Si and Ye Xinhe are the two most important people around her at this time, so at this time her flame sword, with some kind of crazy breath, is unprecedentedly powerful.

The moment it formed in the high-altitude cloud layer, the entire cloud layer has been completely burned up.

Those thunder and frost, floating dust, all burned up, stained by sparks, turned into a cold flame, swept away.

From the five violent rage inside Jingliu to the generation of this flame sword, this happened in a flash.

Li Si had just raised his head, and before this pupil of flame appeared in his eyes, he already felt the breath of silence and madness.

He was puzzled at this moment.

But in the next moment, he understood what happened.

"It turns out so!"

The cloud of doubt in his mind was also instantly burned by the flame sword that was really printed in the depths of his eyes, and Huo Ran opened it.

He admired Jing Liuli, but he couldn't accept it.

All the real elements in his body are also sprayed out.

Too crazy to force Qi Hai, so that the surface of his body was full of cracks, blood and flames, rushing up together.

With a loud bang, the star flame sword fell, the pale star fire splashed, and the majestic power surged on him, it was only dazzling and painful, and it was difficult to see the scene inside.


Several hissing cries broke out at this time.

At the far end, Zheng Xiu, who was extremely unstable, suddenly became frozen and stiff.

At this moment, she felt a breath more clearly than anyone else.

The same guidelines.

She was cold everywhere.