The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 807

Even herself, she couldn't tell the difference between the two breaths of guidance.

In her perception, it was all the imprint of vitality that she imposed on Li Siqi's sea.

That was one of the deepest secrets of the Sparkblade, and it was also her most fearful reason.

When all her enemies in the world face the subordinates she cares about, they not only have to confront her subordinates alone, but also face her with all their strength.

In a sense, as long as her cultivation is constantly growing, it is always one of the most terrifying people in the world. Anyone who walks outside is the most terrifying practitioner in the world. Her incarnation.

Even Wang Jingmeng at that time did not know the mystery of her Sparkling Sword. Apart from her, there were no practitioners in the world who practiced such exercises, and it was impossible to know her secret.

She never thought that such a thing would happen.

But tonight, such a thing happened, and she thought about it in a moment, someone had cracked her secret.

From now on, unless he sees it with his own eyes, and unless he perceives himself locked, he will never be able to assassinate his opponent in any corner of the world by virtue of such a brand of vitality.

Because it is impossible to determine whether it is really the guidance of the energetic imprint of his subordinates, or the guidance released by his opponent.

This also means that as the news spreads tonight, all practitioners in the world will know that their men no longer have the protection of the Sword of Fire.

Although she did not know that it was the arrangement of Baili Suxue from more than a decade ago, Jingli Liu’s shot tonight broke her secret, but she knew that after Jiaodong County, she was the most important, or it was possible Things that stand alone against Yuanwu or Bashan Jianchang are lost.

This will completely change her position in the entire world of practitioners.

She stood still for a long time in the dark.

The bright moonlight fell on her.

Some silver light also shone in her hair, then turned white, as if stained with autumn frost.

Among her black hair, she didn't even notice herself, and there were some white hairs.

The higher the person stands, the more they can see into the distance.

In the same way, the higher things are, the easier they are to be seen and perceived.

When Jing Liuli launched his guidance, it caused a madness of extinct stars to madly converge into a sword in this heaven and earth, and then fell.Many real grandmasters in this world have felt such a change.

Especially in Jiaodong County.

Whether it was Ding Ning, Baili Suxue, or the old Donghu monk, he immediately sensed this change and determined that the sparkling sword with a frantic urgency fell around Changling.

Throughout Changling, who else can make Zheng Xiu so eager as Li Si?

"Jing Liuli succeeded."

Ding Ning looked at the direction of Changling and said to Baili Suxue behind him.

The two were in a quiet room by the sea, surrounded by the sea on three sides. The scenery was open and magnificent. The sea breeze was coming. The climate in Jiaodong County was pleasant. However, neither of them had any joy on their faces.

Because it's too fast.

Even Baili Suxue, who knows Jingliu best, did not expect this to happen so quickly.

"Yan Qi will move."

Lin Zhuojiu also appeared in this quiet room, his expression dignified and dignified, "And they may not listen to us."

Ding Ning nodded slowly, feeling extremely heavy.

Since occupying Jiaodong County, their advantage over Changling lies in the advantage of the practitioner's world.

The army of the Chu army sweeping Zheng's gates in Jiaodong County was just over, and had just had time to breathe.

Regardless of the quantity or quality of the army, they cannot compare with the Qin army, and the Yan army and the Qi army.

Donghu and Wu's side are too far away from Jiaodong County, and it is impossible to play any role at the moment.

And if you want to resolve the grudges in the world of practitioners, you must avoid this kind of war between dynasties.

Otherwise, if you want to avoid a large number of deaths and injuries, there is no way to talk about the long-lasting battle.

At the level of fighting by millions of armies, it is impossible for any more powerful guru on either side to play a decisive role.

Taking the previous Qin and Chu battles, the case of Zhao Xiangfei in Yangshan County personally enlisted, all the masters of several Hou houses in the Qin army were almost destroyed, and the Chu army did not know how many masters died in battle.

Those powerful masters of the Seven Realms on the battlefield of that scale are as dangerous as the practitioners of the Five Realms and Six Realms, and life and death cannot be guaranteed.

When Ding Ning knew that Baili Suxue's arrangement for Jingliu began, he had already started to launch some things in advance. It was only when he wanted to come that it would take at least a few months, not just a few days.

"It's too late."

Listening to Lin Zhuojiu's words, Ding Ning responded with three words, and then went on to say: "Zheng Xiu has a lot of layouts in Yan and Qi themselves. As soon as the news spread, everyone in her seat practiced. Dangerous, those people who Yan and Qi killed her men no longer feared. She would inevitably promote the war without a solution."

Baili Suxue took a deep breath and said, "Using the Teng Snake in Jiaodong County to get on the road may have a chance."

"It's possible that there will be more enemies."

Ding Ning hesitated for a moment, then looked at Baili Suxue and said, "And Jingliu may have his own ideas."

Baili Suxue's eyes wrinkled, "Jing Liuli?"

"She studied with me for a long time in Changling. She has not only looked at the problem from the perspective of practicing the enemy. So before killing Li Si, she must think about what changes will happen after killing Li Si. Ding Ning said softly: "She has great talents in any aspect, so I don't believe that she doesn't want to know these. If she thinks exactly like us, just solve the Bashan sword field and the battle in the world of practitioners. For the grudge between the royal family of Changling, she will definitely reserve some time for us, but she does not, which only shows that she has her own ideas."

Baili Suxue was silent for a long time and said: "She is indeed a very thoughtful person."

All the people in this room were silent.

What will happen to the grudge between the Bashan Sword Field and the Changling Royal Family only in the battle of the practitioners?

According to the most likely situation at present, it was the defeat of Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu, and the Great Qin would establish a new emperor. In the more distant future, the Great Qin Dynasty and Chu, Yan, and Qi re-signed a covenant, and they had a good relationship for a hundred years.

However, Jing Liuli didn't want to do this.

Chu has disappeared.

She may not want to be alive again.

Maybe she wanted to go further, and once and for all, pushed Yan and Qi away.

So if this is the case, after killing Li Si, she will still have actions to promote these things as she wants.