The Sword Dynasty

808 Whose Future

Everyone will have their own ideas, and they can also have their own ideas.

The wishes of Bashan Jianchang and Ding Ning cannot represent the wishes of all Qin people.

So if Jing Liuli feels that Ding Ning and Baili Suxue's ideas are not thorough enough, and she wants to follow her own ideas, then she cannot be said to be wrong.

Ding Ning could not say that Jing Liuli was wrong.

"In the future she is likely to be a threat." Lin Zhuojiu said very frankly.

Regardless of Ding Ning or Baili Suxue, no one present could say that Lin Zhuojiu's words were wrong.

When there are essential differences in the handling of certain things, they are likely to become enemies.

The most important thing is that in Lin Zhuojiu's view, Jing Liuli's extraordinary talent, her rapid progress, makes her the only person who is likely to catch up or even exceed Ding Ningxiu in the future.

This is not even denied by Ding Ning.

Even with the practice experience that ordinary people can't have, even if it may be the practitioner with the most abundant practice knowledge and combat experience in the past few hundred years, Ding Ning is also very clear that his talents in many aspects are not more than Jingliu.

At least tonight, Ding Ning knew he couldn't do something like this.

Jing Liuli's body is not like Ding Ning, there are many special blessings and transformations, but she still has an unimaginable affinity for vitality.

She is born like a magic crystal, which can make many heaven and earth vitality flow to her body naturally.

The most important thing is that Ding Ning knew Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu very well, but tonight, Ding Ning felt that he still didn't know enough about Jingliu.


The pale sparks burned silently in the unfinished palace.

These sparks are as cold as fireflies, but the rays that burst out before they disappear are enough to make the practitioner's body feel a burning pain.

There was a scorched trace where the sparkblade fell.

Li Si's figure still seemed to stand for a moment in the sight of his many customers. However, when these horrifying customers looked again, Li Si's body disappeared like a faint shadow in the air.

No one would believe that this is true.

However, this happened.

Li Si, one of the double phases that started Megatron many years ago, disappeared into the world in this way.

Dozens of dazzling green sword lights are desperately escaping towards this palace group.

Du Gubai carried Jingliu, who was nearly unconscious, and did not consider other things at all, but was desperate to control the sword, and the only thought in his mind was to escape as far as possible.

The true elements spewing out of his body gathered into dozens of straight green sword lights gathered around him.

Between each breath, there is a new green sword light explosion, which produces a terrible thrust, pushing the vitality around his body, making him and Jing Liuli accelerate crazy, and at the same time a new sword energy is generated.

The speed of this kind of sword move cannot be compared with that of Dantai Guanjian, but it is already the ultimate that can be achieved by Du Gu.

Most of Li Si’s doormen did not catch up with him, and Li Si also deliberately chose some edge of the palace group where Jinglili and Du Gubai were most likely to escape, but the night sky at this time was still lit up a lot. The bright sword light chased from all directions towards the Solitary White.


From Lin Zhuojiu's point of view, Jing Liuli, who is gradually becoming comatose at this time and may not necessarily be able to escape from birth, will be the only threat to Ding Ning.

However, there are at least three people in the world who don't think so.

Zheng Xiu is still standing in the moonlight.

Her body is getting colder.

First, because of the lack of true yuan, the burst of that moment consumed her a lot of power, and second, because she gradually lost everything and became more and more lonely.

What else can you rely on?

Moonlight and starlight are down, but her perception is upstream.

The extinct spark is so cold and ruthless, but her senses pass through it, and the star power that she is familiar with seems to be the only thing that gently surrounds her.

She sensed the little sword that was quenched in the spark.

Her senses touched the sword, snuggling tightly.

In a palace not far away from her, Yuan Wu was also looking at the stars in the sky.

His eyes were filled with emotion, but occasionally a glimmer of anticipation flashed.

Everyone in the past thought he was ordinary, at least for the geniuses of that year, it seemed too ordinary.

Therefore, in his own view, too ordinary and non-turbulent times did not have much effect on him.

Walking in peace and stability, he will definitely fall behind those geniuses.

So he needs troubled times.

He needs to seek out dangers and win chestnuts in the fire.

Every step of his is actually very thrilling. For example, when the sudden mutiny destroyed Bashan Sword Field, how much risk was involved?

Even every step is like burning and burning, it will naturally go faster than ordinary people.

Ding Ning, the ancestor of the Zushan Undead Medicine, did not dare to use it. Ding Ning felt that the vitality contained in this medicine would completely engulf one's consciousness and make it another creature.

However, Yuan Wu did not think so.

Even what Ding Ning fears, he thinks it is the key to victory.

When the moon is empty, who can truly shine with the sun and the moon and live forever?

Yuan Wu's perception, once again gently wrapped the group of vitality, that the ancestral mountain of immortality medicine.


Is life or death important?

What is important is how you can live in such a way that you can burn your life to such an intensity that no one in the world can reach it.

If he dies, he can gain power beyond all in this world in hell, then Su Qin will sink without hesitation and fall into hell.

Somewhere in the Daqi dynasty, Su Qin looked up at the starry sky when the spark sword fell.

In front of him there is the body of a practitioner.

Agitated by the breath of his body, the body of this practitioner was like burnt charcoal wood, pulverized layer by layer, and blown away layer by layer by the wind.

This is the time when the thirteenth practitioner of the Daqi Dynasty died under his command.

But the top twelve are all below seven realms, with a maximum of six realms.

But the thirteenth Qi practitioner is a true master.

This guru is the master of the "Hundred Nights Palace". However, the Hundred Nights Palace is remote in the interior of the Qi Dynasty. It is very mysterious, and it is a single story.

So after killing this master, Su Qin can naturally walk as a master.

He could use the identity of a Qi practitioner who truly practiced the Yin God, Ghosts, and Practitioners to win the respect of the Da Qi practitioners, and win the kind of leader status of Yan Ying.

For Su Qin, especially when Ding Ning's true identity is known to the world, the enemy he wants to surpass in his heart is Ding Ning.