The Sword Dynasty

809 Former Assassin

When the moon was empty, the stormy waves swept the shore and rolled up a thousand piles of snow.

Ding Ning stood at the window, looking at the waves under the cliff, but couldn't help but shook his head.

He was a little helpless.

The vast majority of practitioners in this world are pursuing invincibility.

Perhaps in their view, after reaching the invincible level, there will be no difficulty in the world.

Ding Ning knew otherwise.

As early as that year in Changling, he knew.

Now he has been considered invincible in the world. In terms of personal combat power, even though he has not really broken from the seven realms to the eight realms, the practitioners at this moment think that Yuan Wu is enough to rival him, but he will not I think that Yuan Wu can defeat him now.

Ding Ning himself can be sure that breaking into the eight realms is only a matter of time.

But even in the eight realms, there will still be a time of frustration.

Invincibility is not a god who overlooks all things in the world, nor can it decide all things in this world, nor can it change the life and death of many people.

The waves under the cliff were white, but Ding Ning was a little fascinated. The waves in his eyes seemed to show redness and a sea of ​​blood.

"If there is no way to change Yan and Qi's troops, what will Bashan Jianchang do?"

Baili Suxue knew where his frustration came from at this time, he asked Ding Ning.

"Guarding Jiaodong County, I will manage to withdraw even the power in Chu." Ding Ning said: "We have not much military power in Jiaodong County, and we cannot go out of the army x{2022}."

Baili Suxue understood Ding Ning's statement.

The probability of Yan and Qi sending troops is very high, and as long as Yan and Qi send troops, it means that the two great dynasties of Yan and Qi are convinced that the joint work of the two dynasties will definitely destroy Qin.

Under such circumstances, as long as Bashan Jianchang is out of the army, for the three parties of Qin, Yan, and Qi, any one of the three parties will be the enemy of Bashan Jianchang.

"I don't care about Yan and Qi. If I think I can destroy Qin, but it will be destroyed by Qin." Baili Suxue said after a moment of silence, "I'm just afraid that you will also push one with Jingliu Put."

Ding Ning certainly understands the meaning of Baili Suxue.Many things are the same even if the end result is the same, but you can’t intervene, but it’s about the original intention, but it’s about whether you will not regard many of your friends as enemies at first.

The change of people comes from the change of ideas.

So Ding Ning turned to look at his eyes and said, "Of course not."

"But I want to kill Ye Xinhe first." But after a few rests, Ding Ning, who was completely calm, added softly.

Among all the enemies in Bashan Jianchang, the people who really threatened them at this time have been counted.

Yuan Wu, Zheng Xiu, Xu Fu, Yan Xiang, and Ye Xinhe.

"The time is too short, many things are too late to prepare, especially for Qian Tomb and Shou Chen, they will take longer. But if the war breaks out, Ye Xinhe will appear on the battlefield outside Guanzhong and Changling, I Will kill him personally." Ding Ning continued.

Baili Suxue did not speak again.

In fact, he looked at the continuously rolling waves on the sea and knew that the entire world of practitioners would never be calm like the sea.

He knows Jingliu too well, so he can’t help thinking that if in the future, when Jinglili is strong to a certain degree, if a certain possibility appears, when she finds that only killing Ding Ning can push something completely, then she Perhaps it will really be shot against Ding Ning.

Some people do not care whether they can become the world's existence, but they care that they can make the world change with their own will. Such people are more terrible than opponents who simply desire.

In addition to worrying about such things happening, Baili Suxue is more worried about the life and death of Jingliu.


In the night, the solitary white carrying Jingliu is escaping frantically.

The darkness obscures the endless murder.

There was a loud noise in the bleak sound.

The soft sound came from the waist of the lonely white.

A sinister flying sword quietly broke through the sword light outside him, and stabbed directly in his waist, blood raging!

This is definitely not the first hit on Du Gubai.

Only in the short period of time that Baixue Xue and Ding Ning were talking, he already had four or five such terrible wounds on his body.

However, this young practitioner is still frantically walking through the mountains and forests, just like this moment, he did not even control the flying sword that left his side with blood, and regardless of this killing intention, it quickly flew away. Where is the owner of the flying sword, no matter whether the flying sword will come to his side again.

He just fled in desperation.

Stay away from the unfinished palace.

Relying on absolute speed, it is indeed possible to get rid of many practitioners and not be surrounded by it.

It's just that there are still powerful practitioners who can pursue them, and even reach somewhere in front of his escape position in advance.

The direction of Du Gu Bai's escape is the hillside where he and Jing Liuli let the sheep go.

He and Jing Liuli lived quietly on that hillside for some time. Since the reason why Jingli Liu killed Li Si was arranged by Baili Suxue, and before Jingli Liu could arrange people into this palace, at least no matter how long it was The Neiying in the Ling Palace, or the people of Bashan Jianchang or Minshan Jianzong, would know that the place was Jingliu's foothold. In that direction, the possibility of someone answering would be greater.

However, on the beam in front of the hillside, there was already an enemy waiting for him.

This is a female practitioner.

She wore a coarse cloth apron around her waist, and there were swill and vegetable leaves on her apron.

Before that spark fell, she was indeed working as a cook lady somewhere in that unfinished palace, even coping with a foreman's laugh.

However, when Du Gubai tried her best to escape to this place, she was ahead of Du Gu Bai by a mountain forest, waiting here.

Li Si said in his previous conversation with Jing Liuli that if Jing Liuli could actually kill him, he had already given advice to his doormen, and many doormen would not chase Jing Liuli.

However, he can only guarantee that most doormen will follow his orders.

Just as Baili Suxue could not completely control Jingliu's thoughts, this female practitioner did not follow his orders.

In that unfinished palace, there are many practitioners who disguise themselves like her in order to protect Li Si's safety.

And she was originally one of the most powerful.

Her name is Mu Hongyan. She was already one of the most famous assassins in Changling when the Bashan Jianchang commanded Qin Jun and Han, Zhao, and Wei Zheng.

Until she became one of Li Si's personal guards, the name disappeared in the world of spiritual practice.

When the assassinating sword was put away many years ago, protecting Li Si was her only mission.

But now Li Si is just like that.

Her life suddenly seemed empty and lost its meaning.

When she flew out of the unfinished palace, she still had a few unwashed green leaves in her hand, and at this time, she was holding a small sword and a bright red sword in her hand. .