The Sword Dynasty

810 Before dying

Mu Hongyan was born in Guanzhong.

Her saber is the famous sword "Carmine" of the former Tianxiang Pavilion.

She was first an assassin cultivated by Changling's old tycoon.

The assassin and the sword master are both practitioners, but the difference is that the sword master pursues the light and depravity, takes the path of the master, and leaves the sword scripture for future generations, while the assassin is hidden in darkness and shadow, just killing people.

Assassins often appear suddenly, retreating as soon as the sword succeeds, and retreating if they fail.

The same is true for Mu Hongyan, except that she rarely loses.

It was the battle between the old doormen and some new dignitaries who rose with Yuanwu in Changling that completely changed her life path.

She was the man who sent the uncle's doorman to assassinate Li Si.

However, that time she suffered a terrible defeat and was even captured.

It was just that Li Si made her survive, and finally made her become his personal waiter.

However, even if she changed from an assassin to a bodyguard, her approach to the enemy was still an assassin's method.

She will hide around Li Si and hide in the darkness.

At this time, she stayed on the mountain beam waiting for the upcoming Solitary White and Pure Liuli, and it would still not be a fair duel, but a sudden assassination in the darkness.

In these years, at least no less than ten Qijing practitioners who wanted to assassinate Li Si died instead of her assassination.

However, before approaching this mountain beam, besides her, Du Gu Bai and Jing Liuli had an opponent who brought them closer to death faster.

Every time that handle could quietly pass through the sword curtain and perception outside of the lonely white body, the sinister flying sword appeared around him.

This flying sword appeared for the first time, and brought out a bloody mouth on the leg of the lonely white.

In the second appearance, he penetrated into Du Gubai's waist, evacuated sharply before Zhen Yuan launched a fierce counterattack in Du Gubai, and escaped into the night sky.

The third appearance was in the mud of sole sole's sole, directly piercing sole sole's right foot.

These three swords are very heavy.

Especially the sword that pierced the sole of the foot directly let Du Gu Bai Fei fall out, even the sword gas outside him was confused for a moment.

The owner of this flying sword was actually surprised.

Because of the change of ordinary practitioners, the three sword creations he brought alone, I am afraid that at this time, they can’t even fly, but the young practitioner who is carrying Jingliu can still persist. , And even the speed did not slow down by a few points.

This is not just something that can be done with strong will and courage without fear.

At the same time, you also need to have a strong endurance for severe pain, and a physique far beyond ordinary people.

Why are there so many terrifying monsters in this generation of young practitioners?

The owner of this flying sword was also shocked by Li Si's death, and he was constantly palpitating for the power of these young practitioners.However, Du Gu Bai knows that he has reached the boundary of life and death.

When he was a child, Duguhoufu used countless means to change his physique, and the process of change was painful, so he could persevere in this way.

However, even though he can maintain such escape speed regardless of the injury, he has noticed that his reaction has slowed down, especially because of the severe pain in his body, and he has become a little numb to some subtle changes from outside, not as keen as before.

This means that it is difficult for him to avoid some deadly killing intentions, especially the flying sword that hit him three times. When it appears next time, it is difficult for him to avoid the crucial point.

"I'm alone! Who dares to kill me!"

At this time, he had no room to spare but just screamed.

The sound of Zhenyuan roared from the inside of the lungs, roaring and echoing between the mountains and the wild.

Among the followers who stuck to him like wind, many people, including the owner of the sinister flying sword, could not help but pause.

The practitioners in Changling may not know the names of all the young talents on the talent list before the start of Minshan Jianhui, but they all know the loneliness of Du Guhou.

Among the generation of young people in Changlinghoufu, Li Xixing seems to be the most unseen, but Du Gu Bai is the most valued.

Du Guhou's house placed high hopes on Du Gubai, and many of the practice resources he could not use were hit on him.

At this time, the other party and Min Shan Jianzong Yuli Jinglili who killed Li Si were together, and also helped Jingliu escape from escape, which is naturally also a death penalty.

However, the point is, even if Du Gu Bai is a death sentence, will the person who actually shot him cause his death, will he bear the anger of Du Gu Hou?

Those elders who loved Du Gu Bai in Du Gu Hou's House will let the person who killed Du Gu Bai pass by himself?


The bleak air breaking suddenly disappeared a lot.

Including the most deadly sinister flying sword, it was just following the vortex of sword gas behind Du Gubai, like a leaf falling continuously, but did not accelerate sharply again, giving Du Gubai a deadly sword.

Mu Hongyan still stayed on the mountain beam directly in front of Du Gubai, and her face sunk in the darkness did not change halfway.

The shouting of Du Gu Bai, for her, only knew the true identity of the young man who protected Jing Liuli from the wild escape, and gave her the opportunity to assassinate Jing Liuli by herself.

A gust of wind blew over.

Mu Hongyan's body swayed in a strange soft posture on the spot.

This is a means that only the most powerful assassins cultivated by the old powerful portals will have.

The more the practitioner is in a dangerous moment, the more the perception will be beyond ordinary.

However, for an injured practitioner, such perception tends to more accurately capture the apparently strange places between the surrounding world, and ignores something that is too unusual.

Mu Hongyan's body at this time, in the perception of the loneliness coming from the rush, may be a small sapling swaying in the wind.

The more fierce the wind blows, the greater the swing of her body, even giving the feeling that the wind will be taken away from the mountain beam and blown away.

However, when the sword light with the monologue really reached her, the posture of reaching out the sword stabilized to the extreme.

The carmine red sword light only jumped in the dark, then disappeared, and then appeared again, breaking the sword gas outside Du Gubai, pointing to Du Gubai's throat.

This sword is more terrible than the insidious flying sword before, and the solitary white has no time to react.

As soon as the redness was reflected in his pupils, his heart contracted violently, and a chill rose in the deepest part of his body.

It is impossible for him to cope with such a sword.

The person who made this sword was not only a famous guru, but also applied the method of murder to the ultimate guru.

Even his own ending came to mind.

In the next moment, his throat will be pierced by this sword, and a fresh blood like peach blossom will pour from his throat.