The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 811 His Words

The true assassin pierces the flesh and blood of the opponent at the tip of the sword, and the sword body rubs against the flesh and bone of the opponent, bringing fresh blood to the air, and the mood will not fluctuate.

This extreme calmness can reap life more efficiently, while also allowing the assassin to be keenly aware of any changes in the world, even on the battlefield of thousands of battles.

At this time, even Du Gu believed that he would die immediately, and there would be no change. However, the cold and cold Mo Yan smoke felt the danger coming.

Her body twisted in the air at an incredible angle, and many of her muscles were even kinked like two vines.

The tip of her sword glide through the night as her body twisted, and when she screamed, she picked a sword that was already sounding.

This sword energy was completely transparent, and it burst out when it was pierced by the tip of her sword, turning into countless heaven and earth energies spurting outward.

There was real chill in the solitary throat.

At this moment, he escaped from the death line and inspired the bravery in his body. A howl like a wounded beast burst out from his throat, and his body exploded with a stronger force.

With a bang, like a boulder thrown by some kind of charm, he almost rushed to the side of Mu Hongyan's sword and slammed into the air in front.

A sword light flashed in the still extremely calm Mu Hongyan perception.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, and she picked the rouge red sword in her hand, and easily cut the sword light.

This sword light power, which is still completely transparent, is not as powerful as her. The threat is only fast, but it is condensed directly around her and the acceleration is completed in an instant.

Only one practice site in Changling possesses such swordsmanship.

However, the true Yuan strength of this man was less than the Seven Realms, and he was not the master of that place.

"Chong Yi Zong Yi Xin."

The secret close servants who often follow Li Si like her are naturally aware that every practitioner in Changling may pose a threat, so when this second sword light appeared, she already judged the identity of the other party.

"Too weak!"

Then she shook her head.

The moment she shook her head, her body had disappeared instantly.

Compared with Minshan Jianhui, Yi Xin, who is wearing a black shirt, has not changed much in face and body shape, but the arc of the edge of the mouth is slightly different, but he has a firm and calm atmosphere that Minshan Jianhui did not.

At this time he was under a pine tree on the left side of Du Gu Bai, all of which were covered with pine needles shattered by vitality.

Being able to come here without attracting the attention of such a guru, and even forcing the other party to withdraw the sword of death must be proud of his cultivation in the Six Realms.

However, in the past year, this young practitioner who suffered many difficulties and sufferings like Xia Wan knew that any pride was useless. The most realistic thing is to live and get a stronger cultivation.

When the perception of the red smoke disappeared in the animal husbandry, he made an unusually direct movement without the style of a practitioner.

He fell straight down.

Not just the usual fall to the ground, but the whole body covered with true yuan, smashing himself into the ground with his back as fast as possible.

In the face of opponents like Mu Hongyan, there are dead spots around the body, all of which can be attacked by opponents, and will be instantly killed.

Such a smashing of the ground can at least give the back to the solid mountain instantly, looking up at the sky, facing only the attack from above, at least the ability to block a sword.

Such a tactic is that even Muyan Hongyan didn't even expect it.

Facing opponents who are embracing herself on the ground, she still has countless ways to kill each other quickly, but at least it is not any of the imaginations in her mind.

At this moment, she slowed down a minute.

But she is still fast enough.

Such a move by Yi Xin made her understand that as long as Yi Xin is not dead, she will definitely be entangled with her again and give Du Gubai time to escape.

She is fast enough to make her confident that after killing Yi Xin, she will catch up with the monologue again.

There was a bang.

The silent and powerful assassin showed a violent side at this moment.

Her figure appeared directly above Yi Xin, the violent air burst out, and dozens of afterimages were still walking with the twisted light. She had curled up like a raccoon cat and slammed into Yi Xin’s chest. .

The sword in her hand pierced Yi Yi's lungs directly, and stabbed into the extremely compact soil under him.

Sword Qi's natural shock and bloom will immediately result in the young practitioner's life, and then she will bounce back by the impact of this collision, and exert force again to catch up with the solitude.

However, she suffered another accident.

The pine tree next to her burst apart when the tip of her sword just pierced Yi Xin's body.

A young practitioner who was not aware of it appeared in the center of the exploded pine tree. A fierce and fierce sword light pulled out dozens of thunderlights and smashed towards her like a giant pillar.

These dozens of lightnings turned out to be strange green!

There were dozens of sharp cracks.

Jian Qi bloomed in the afterimage that had not dissipated when she hit it.

The little sword in her hand left Yixin's body without any attachment, and her whole body bounced upward to avoid this sneak attack.


Sneak attacked the man with a screaming scream, holding the sword in his hands like crazy, dancing with hundreds of waterfall-like sword lights, and exploding towards her direction.

"Xuhou Man."

This "turning the sky" sword style appeared, let Mu Hongyan understand the identity of the other party.

This is Xu Lianhua, another friend who is alone.

She was also surprised that this young practitioner had such a means, but the opponent's pure and violent sword was just to prevent her from approaching Yixin again.

After this sword power, there is no successor, all flaws.

So in her next sword, Xu Lianhua would die.


However, at this moment, a weak but irresistible female voice sounded, "You acted with hatred and did not want to stay alive. You should be Li Si's person. Don't you want to know that Li Si was killed by me What did he tell me before he died?"

Mu Hongyan avoided Xu Lianhua's sword.

But her figure came to a standstill and stood in a mess of grass.

The voice was Jingliu.

She had become comatose on the back of the solitary white before, but now she is awake instead.

Du Gubai apparently listened to her advice and stopped.

Mu Hongyan's original intention was to kill Jing Liuli, so she stopped shooting Xu Lianhua and Yi Xin.

"What did he tell you?"

She shook the small sword that was still dripping warm blood in the handshake, and responded coldly.