The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 815

"With your talents and current cultivation practices, there is no hope to become a master of the Seven Realms soon."

Ding Ning looked at Ye Fangnan who bowed and saluted, and said this first.

Then he looked at Ye Framenan who raised his body and was not hit by his words and said: "But your sword heart is firm enough to compare with those of Zhao Jianlu's sword masters. In the past ten years, I have only been in Wang Tai I saw one of the virtual doormen, but that person was suitable for the madness of Zhang Demon’s sword, so I recommended him to learn swords with Zhao Jianlu’s people. Now I heard that Wang Taixu’s side has achieved something. But you and him Different, you are more suitable for calm and extreme swordsmanship. Calm without fear of death, but brave can make a fuss in the details. This is a natural swordsman. The control of the flying sword will be better than the average swordsman. It’s better, and you’ve now reached the Five Realms, not far from the Six Realms, and you’re already a success with the Flying Sword.”

After Ye Zhennan really knew Ding Ning's identity, he even understood that every conversation between Ding Ning and him in cultivation practice would benefit him greatly in his future practice.

The flame in his eyes flashed violently: "Do you mean to let me specialize in flying swords and repair flying swords to the extreme?"

Ding Ning did not answer his question directly, but went on to say: "Minshan Jianzong has many famous swords, some of which were left by our Qin sword masters. You have also seen more of them in the Minshan sword meeting, It was a master from the three dynasties of Han Zhaowei and Wei Dynasty. There were countless swords in Bashan Sword Field in the past, most of them were destroyed when Bashan Sword Field was destroyed, or they were captured by Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu. To Jiaodong County."

Ye Jingnan frowned slightly. He didn't understand what these had to do with his practice, but he knew that every sentence must have a deep meaning, so he just listened carefully and carefully.

"Although since ancient times, there are also practitioners who can control multiple flying swords, but after all, they can't be used for two purposes. When a practitioner's intention is to impose a flying sword, it is naturally impossible to distract another flying sword. All those practitioners who can control multiple flying swords, only one sword assassinates and sometimes makes a sword fly freely according to the sword path. This is like grasping a flying sword while inevitably letting go of another flying sword. gap."

Ding Ning looked at him and said in detail: "But in fact I have a way to better control more flying swords at Bashan Jianchang."

"Qianyan Dazhen, Wanjian return to the sect?" Ye Xingnan was startled and made a sound.

"It seems that you have heard this kind of sword sutra." Ding Ning was a little surprised, so he could easily explain: "This sword sutra is actually supplemented by external forces. The sword plate, the formation of the sword, and all the flying swords of the emissary are connected, and all the flying swords are equivalent to the chess pieces on the keyboard of the formation, forming a large array. When controlling the sword master against the enemy, just think of the emperor’s true element. Activating the array pivots is like turning different pieces of chess, this sword array will evolve in countless ways, and countless flying swords will change countless ways of attacking."

"There are three limitations to the practice of this kind of sword sutra, one is a suitable practitioner, the second is the large amount of good swords required, and the third is the true thickness of the practitioner."

"The power of this sword array comes from the large number of flying swords. Various flying swords with different strengths form a sea of ​​swords. The driving force of the world is mixed and majestic. At the same time, the flying swords are cunning and strange, and they are against the enemy. In addition to being hard against the impact of powerful forces, practitioners also need to prevent the assassination of the flying sword that suddenly appears on their side. However, the magic of flying sword, the original flying sword rune can accommodate the true element of the practitioner is limited, rely more on this The strength of the sword's own vitality, so the good sword that constitutes the sword array must be the kind of very strong sword with its own vitality savings. The most crucial point is that this practitioner must have a large amount of true elements in his body, because this royal When a large number of flying swords are used, although each flying sword is controlled by the formation pivot blade, Zhenyuan continuously flows into each flying sword through the formation pivot, which consumes amazing amounts of time."

"Bashan Sword Field has a sword realm, and this array of swords also has its own materials. Minshan Jianzong and I Bashan Sword Field have enough famous swords to choose from. It is not a problem to form such a sword array. Your temperament is enough to let you Can control such a sword array."

Hearing this, Ye Quannan has fully understood, can not help but whispered: "So only a huge amount of real yuan."

"The meridian of normal people has its own limits. If you don't practice several top-level exercises that can interact with each other, it is only after you practice like this that you can have a vast amount of true elements that are far beyond the ordinary seven-level master."

Ding Ning looked at Ye Framenan calmly and said, "If you can make this kind of sword formation, you can only rely on Duerjinsi."

"Du Erjinsi?" Ye frame Nan puzzled, he had never heard of the name.

Ding Ningdao said: "A talisman made of black gold wire, engraved with magic circle, hauled with Qi and blood, spread all over the meridian of the practitioner, and deep into the sea of ​​qi, just like burying another circle of meridian in the body of the practitioner. Silk can draw amazing world vitality to accumulate in it, and it is continuously introduced into the formation pivot plate during wartime."

Ye Zhennan instantly understood: "It's like planting a magic circle in the body."

"Duerjinsi passed through the veins, and Wansi was wearing it. It was extremely painful. There are very few practitioners who can support it, but I think you can persist." Ding Ning looked at him and said.

Ye Zhennan bowed to salute again, and his mood did not fluctuate greatly, and his speech was extremely calm. He said, "You can give it a try."


When Ye Frame Nan left, Ding Ning also walked out of the quiet room and left the cliff.

It is not possible to solve all problems at the level of the practitioner's world, not because he is not strong enough, but because the number of powerful practitioners who follow him is not enough.

Anyone who wants to do great things with his own will is always looking for a friend and a like-minded person as a helper.

When he has enough practitioners to confront any dynasty's army head-on, and can easily cope with the rush of any dynasty's most powerful and elite army, the problems that are bothering him now can be solved.

When he began to declare the return of Bashan Jianchang with the first order of the world sword, his action had already begun.

It’s just that it’s faster and more thorough now.

The arrangements for Ye Frame Nan and the arrangements for Changling Xia Wan and others are just a few of them.

Next he is going to Yan.

Yan has his brother Zhang Yi in Aries Cave.

When the war between Yan, Qi and the Great Qin Dynasty started, or when the letter was passed through the messenger, the Yan Dynasty should not allow Zhang Yi to leave.

At a strategic level, Zhang Yi is a hostage that can restrict him and Bashan Jianchang and will be placed under house arrest in the Yan Dynasty.

Of course, he would not let Yan Dynasty do that.

Moreover, regarding the practice of turning more like-minded practitioners into helpers, of course, he will not only do it in Qin.