The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 816 Joining Hands Many Years Later

The Lushan Alliance was a great victory for Qin, and Yuanwu used the resources of eight realms to startle the world.

Yuan Wu produced a sword in Lushan, and a sword cut off the peak of the mountain opposite.

The Pingding Mountain across from it then became the stronghold of the Qin Army, such as a huge lookout, looking out over the vast territory of Yan, Chu, and Qi.

This was originally the junction of the four dynasties. The oldest Chu dynasty in Chu, Yan, and Qi has been torn apart. Those scattered princes have the most military power of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Too much threat.

Therefore, Qin Jun on this mountain naturally focused his attention on Yan and Qi.

The Qin troops stationed on this day were silent.

On the horizon they face, chariots, heavy riding, walking, and towed beasts are constantly appearing... these all mean powerful heavy weapons and practitioners.

These things were all black dots at first, but they appeared more and more in their sight, and finally became a tide that spread across the horizon.

The most important thing is that the tides that spread in Yanjing and Qijing are all connected together. For example, when two torrents meet, they all flood into Qinjing.

The two dynasty coalitions of Yan and Qi date back to the last time, more than seventy years ago.

The two dynasties have joined forces again after being separated for more than seventy years, and the military is showing a tendency of nesting. How can it not be shocking?

From noon to evening, these Qin troops looked silently at the troops spreading from Yanjing and Qi territory, but they had never seen the end of the team.

When the night began to deepen, countless torches ignited on the mountain, and some charms continuously cast flames into the sky. Under the light of these flames, the black vanguard had reached the mountain.

"For Daqin!"

General Qin Jun on the mountain clenched the sword in his hand and gave a loud sigh.

Numerous screams sounded and were instantly overwhelmed by the denser sound of breaking the sky.

In the dark night, the Yan and Qi Allied forces that still spread like tide flooded the mountain, and then they flooded Lushan.

In the 13th year of Yuanwu, late autumn and winter.

This was not conducive to marching, but the joint forces of Yan and Qi dynasties each raised millions of troops, gathered countless practitioners, and wrapped the army of small countries and tribes outside Qin, forming the largest number in decades. An army that could only be described by a giant, invaded from Lushan and launched a fierce attack on the Great Qin Dynasty.

It only took less than ten days to break the three Qin counties and occupy Zhongshan County, the most important county in the northwest of the Great Qin Dynasty.

This Zhongshan County was originally the land of the Zhao dynasty. If the territory from Zhongshan County to the border between Yan and Qi was lost, it was equivalent to the Zhao land occupied after the Qin Dynasty was destroyed. , The hand of Qi.

Zhao Di originally had a large number of Zhao Yimin who were dissatisfied with the rule of the Great Qin Dynasty. The Yanqi army won successively. Many clans of Zhaodi also frustrated. For a time, the Yan and Qi troops did not arrive. Many counties and counties were already fighting and lost control.

Qin Jun was never afraid of strong enemies. However, in the face of this coalition army, which could only be described by behemoths, even the most intrepid, fearless, and most experienced general Qin Jun did not know what to win.

The Qin army can mobilize the army between Zhongshan County and Changling only hundreds of thousands, and these Qin army status is not the best time.

Hundreds of thousands of such Qin troops, but their opponents are more than two million Yan and Qi elite troops. The number of practitioners has reached an alarming proportion. Except for the two million Yan and Qi elite troops, the rest belong to small countries and The number of tribes, anti-Qin clans and coalitions of nobles everywhere is even close to the number of troops that the Qin army can mobilize.

The enemy and the enemy have reached a ratio of more than five to one. In the battle between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of troops, there is still the possibility of winning, but in such a series of battles, at least in all history books, it has not appeared. An example where the weaker side can win.


In a palace in Guanzhong, there are several paulownia trees over 500 years old.

The paulownia tree itself grows extremely fast, and it can grow to the extent of several people's encirclement after decades of rapid growth, but often because the growth is too fast, the crown is too big, and the roots of the tree are not deep into the ground, and they are destroyed by the strong wind.

This kind of tree, which is 500 years old, can survive, and it is naturally terrible.

Or it is a miracle.

But is there really a miracle?

At this time, Emperor Yuanwu, who was wearing a casual, ordinary coarse cloth robe, standing under the tree, knew very well that this so-called miracle originated from an emperor who planted the tree five hundred years ago.

When the tree had just grown to the point where the two of them gathered together, the courtiers had tried their best to introduce the root system of the tree deeper into the ground. To this day, there are still dozens of iron ropes under the ground. The Stone Array binds the central root systems of these big trees, and there are some medicines that can make the tree insects not invade continue to work.

In the view of many people in the world, at this time, Qin had to wait for a miracle to prevent Yan and Qi Lianjun from entering Zhaodi.

But for him, there are no miracles, only personnel.

A magnificent chariot came to the palace.

The hostess of Changling walked alone into the palace, and walked into his sight on the stone path covered with huge dead leaves.

The yellow leaves of these huge paulownia trees remaining on the branches began to tremble, exuding an inexplicable silver flame.

"You are still here after all."

Yuan Wu looked at this cold and still perfect woman and smiled gently and emotionally.

Zheng Xiu looked at the emperor who pretended not to see her gorgeous white hair under the crown, and replied indifferently: "It's just that the situation does not mean that I don't hate you."

Yuan Wu didn't care, and still smiled and said: "But after all, it's a real joint... until that day when the Changling Great Change begins, you and I will never have a real joint."

"I need all your UFO ships." Zheng Xiu said coldly and directly without recalling the emotion in his tone.

"Two fairy lotus seeds." Yuan Wu smiled and looked at her and said, "Not only I want to use it, but Xu Fu."

Zheng Xiu nodded, "I'll deal with Yan Jun."

Yuan Wu saw that she had no objection, and suddenly showed some joy, "Then I will naturally deal with it."

Zheng Xiu said no more.

She turned and walked out of the palace.

Yuan Wu looked at her back in silence and said, "Why not stay here?"

Zheng Xiu did not respond.

She pretended not to hear.

If a person has not chosen to submit or obey as a vassal gesture from the beginning, then there should never be such a gesture again.

She will not change the path she chooses,

In this way, even if she finally lost everything, at least one thing will not be lost.

That is her pride.


In the chilling darkness, her chariot did not return to Changling, but went to several workshops in Guanzhong.

Several large and secret workshops she built during this time.