The Sword Dynasty

821 You originally belonged to me

When Emperor Qi was watching Su Qin's car chariot and his heart shook, Yan Qi's coalition battalion was on the other side, and in the Yan Army's Chinese army battalion, the highest general of the Yan Army, Zhong Gongye, was also worried.

In his case, there was a military sent from Yan Jing at the fastest speed.

This military situation showed that Ding Ning left Jiaodong County and entered Yanjing.

In fact, the news of Guan Zhong’s failure to assassinate Xu Fu has not yet arrived, so for the Yanqi coalition forces at this time, the biggest variable is only the power of Ding Ning and the entrenched forces in Jiaodong County. At this time, the high-ranking generals of Yanqi coalition forces In his heart, Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu were simply defeated.

In order to curb Ding Ning, the Dayan dynasty was already prepared.

At this time, Zhang Yi, his brother in Baiyangdong, was the prince of Dayuan.

Half of the army that the Dayan Dynasty stayed in Yan's territory was within Zhang Yi's enclosure.

The name is to accept Zhang Yi's assignment to settle down the Yanjing, but in fact it is Zhang Yi's imprisonment, which makes Ding Ning's actions somewhat daunting.

If Ding Ning left Jiaodong County and entered Yanjing, he should soon go to Zhang Yi's Fengzhong Zhongshu County. However, at least so far, no signs of Ding Ning appearing in Zhongshu County have been found.

Where did he go?


No one expected that Ding Ning was in Wuyang County, another county far away from the Zhongshu County of the Dayan Dynasty.

When the long night passed, in the early morning of late autumn, the figures of Ding Ning and his group appeared in Fuyang, a small county under the jurisdiction of Wuyang County.

Ten miles south of Fuyang city, there is a mountain forest.

There is no mountain road in the forest, but as Ding Ning walks, a stone gate appears inexplicably in some forest.

Ding Ning didn't seem to read the characters and runes on the stone gate at all, but just walked straight through the stone gate and continued on.

Then he kicked a few stone monuments in the mountain forest at will.

The scene in front of him suddenly changed dramatically.

The dense forests that flooded our eyes suddenly disappeared, replaced by dozens of simple Taoist temples.

"Stop! Who is coming?"

Several squeals of anger rang out loudly.

Dozens of figures instantly erupted from those simple Taoist temples, and fell everywhere in front of Ding Ning. They were all famous female practitioners.

This is Yanzhen Water Palace.

A place of retreat, only accepting female disciples, similar to certain Taoist temples, there are almost no disciples walking outside. Even at this time Yan, Qi Lianjun and Qin are at war, this Zhenshui Palace is just unable to escape from the world and does not participate in this. Dispute.

However, today's top-secret mountain protection array is like being directly known of the method of closure, and it is completely closed. How can this not shock the practitioners inside?

A commander flew out of Ding Ning's hand, passed through most of the Taoist figures, and landed in front of a middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman Xiu suddenly horrified: "The world's first sword, are you Ding Ning?"

Ding Ning nodded as a gift, not much to say.

The middle-aged woman Xiu Qiang, "Jia Mu Cong Tong" endured the shock, looked at Ding Ning, and said his name for a while, but couldn't say the second sentence.

"I think you all follow me."

Ding Ning is extremely simple, just watched her say this calmly.

There was a cry of exclamation and a cold breath.

The middle-aged female practitioner looked at Ding Ning in disbelief and paused for a few moments, saying, "My true water palace is just a hidden place."

"I know." Ding Ning nodded.

His simple response made the middle-aged nun and all the nuns in the True Water Palace inexplicably angry.

"Why?" Mu Congtong took a deep breath, straightened his body, and looked at Ding Ning. "I heard that the sword head of Bashan Jianchang's world is not only convincing not only sword skills, but acting in accordance with rules and principles. I Just want to ask, what are your reasons, let us all follow you?"

Ding Ning did not answer her question.

He just quietly began to report the names: "Mu Congtong, Le Ling, Lu Zimo, Mu Yunjing, Zhao Guo..."

Every time he reported a name, his body quickly became stiff.

He reported his name for a long time, then stopped, and then said: "I let you all follow me because you are the people I brought from Qin Jing, I want to take you back."

There was silence.

All the practitioners of the True Water Palace looked at him and couldn't believe what he heard.

However, Mu Congtong and some of the older practitioners in the palace began to understand that their hands began to shake uncontrollably.

"As early as when the leader of Bashan Jianchang and Han Zhaowei played in the three dynasties, we had already made arrangements in Chu Yanqi."

Ding Ning looked at the practitioners whose emotions had been out of control, and continued to speak slowly and clearly: "Now you also know that Princess Chu Zhaoxiang and some practitioners around her are also people of our Bashan Jianchang. And in Yan With the power of Jiaodong County in the past, Zheng Xiu played an amazing move. She used a lot of resources in Jiaodong County, so that someone from Xian Fuzong who might not necessarily be the lord, eventually became Xianfu Zong. metropolitan."

"So even if Xian Fuzong is so strong, she still owes her a lot of favors."

"As for me, I helped Zhenshui Palace to a halt, then I taught some students here, and later sent some unfortunate women who could not survive in Qin Jing and Han Zhao Wei Sanjing to let Zhenshui Gong teach them to practice. ."

"Master Xianfu's chess, but Zhenshui Palace is mine. I once said to some of you that when the time comes, I will need your help."

In the Ancestral Hall, the unknown ancestor who had always enshrined was actually the sword of the world?

Mu Congtong already vaguely knew that this should be the answer, but she still couldn't believe it, "How can you prove it?"

"I teach you the True Water Sword, which is also the sword scripture taught to Ye Ce-Leng, but she has other experiences and has produced different changes.

Ding Ning said this with soft emotion.

At this time Mu Congtong and other talents noticed the woman in white dress standing behind him.

When these practitioners of the True Water Palace looked at the woman in white dress, the woman did not look at them, but looked up at the sky.

A lot of silver rain lines fell at this time.

Pale, wetting the atrium of these practitioners of the True Water Palace.

There was a cry.

Most people such as Mu Congtong bowed down in an instant, and their emotions were so excited that their voices continued to tremble. "See Eun Gong."

"Why only women don't accept male disciples?"

Yece Cool is a bogey, teasing and asking: "Is this your unique quirk?"

Ding Ning turned his head and responded softly to four words.

Ye Ce-Leng's smile suddenly disappeared, frowning slightly.

It turned out that many years ago, different temperaments had different choices.

It was all from the You Dynasty, but Zheng Xiu's long-term plan was to choose the UFO, and the choice he made at that time was to solve it in the world of practitioners as much as possible.