The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 822 Hurry

There is a dragon in the sky, leaving a dark trace.

Many mountain peaks began to glow with smoke.

The news of success or failure does not require a lot of text to describe, relying on some simple smoke or flame transmission, you can achieve a faster transmission speed than the flying of the beast.

Ding Ning, who entered Yanjing, finally had a definite whereabouts. From the traces left by the snakes in Jiaodong County, it can be judged that he was indeed heading towards Zhongshu County at this time.

Zhang Yi was trapped in Zhongshuhou Mansion.

This period of time was not really a pain for him.

The difference between him and Su Qin is that Su Qin always thinks that he is a big man who can determine the trend of the world. Even if he has a strong power, he always thinks he is a small person subconsciously.

This kind of polite house arrest is just a clean retreat for him.

He has that important exercise from the head of the witch god to practice, and his peaceful attitude has made his foundations in Rune, Truth, Perception, and other aspects more and more stable and better.

Sometimes for practitioners, slow progress is not necessarily a bad thing. Naturally, it is a gradual and progressive process, but it is a state that ordinary people cannot reach.

When traces of flying snakes in Jiaodong County began to appear in the sky, even if Zhang Yi didn't leave the house, he had already felt the difference between the practitioners and the army around Houfu. He naturally knew that Ding Ning was coming.

He believed in Ding Ning too much and knew that Ding Ning would take him away smoothly, but the upcoming reunion that he hadn't seen in a long time made him uncontrollable and excited.

But he didn't expect that there was someone close to him, but he arrived before Ding Ning.

This is a seemingly ordinary old man.

However, whether it is now or in the past, he is always the most important existence in the entire Dayan Dynasty except Yandi.

This old man is the patriarch of Xianfu Zong.

What led the old man to come was also an elderly old man, who came to order the emperor Ji Qing on the same day.

He was a formidable minister of power in North Korea, but he naturally kept humility in front of Sect Master Xianfu.

He quickly retreated, leaving Sect Master Sect and Zhang Yi alone.

"You really surprised me."

Seeing Zhang Yi who has changed a lot, the Sect Master Sect Fu could not help but marvel.

"They want me to come, they want me to stop Ding Ning from picking you back." Then he continued.

Zhang Yi was taken aback, "Sovereign..."

"This is their opinion, it does not represent my thoughts..." The old man waved his hand, beckoning him to be restless, "The military will not be reconciled, but will my thoughts follow their wishes? If so Ding Ning can bring enough force to deter the military, and I can't force the beam naturally."

"Sect Master." Zhang Yi suddenly moved.

"The biggest reason I chose you back then was because you were honored and humiliated, and the real kindness, just like Ji Qing, who just gave you the place of emperor Yan, but this place has now become the yoke of your house arrest. , Playing with you in the palm of your hand, you just saw him, but you are not angry."

The old man waved his hand and signaled Zhang Yi to say nothing, let him continue to listen to it with peace of mind. You have been improving."

"Some things will grow up as you grow older, and you will understand it naturally, but who has enough time in the current situation?"

"Since the day you became my true disciple, not only me, but the elders in the sect, have tacitly acquainted you as the next generation lord of Xianfu Zong."



Although the old man had been reminded twice to be restless, Zhang Yi couldn't help but was shocked and suddenly looked up.

"Le Yi's Huang Tiandao Fu was originally the most important force in this door. He naturally became close to you, which is a great luck for this sect." The old man looked at the shocked Zhang Yi and said : "I will confess that he will go with you."

After saying this, the old man did not speak, and handed a purple jade card to Zhang Yi's hand.

However, this is more powerful than any words, and Zhang Yi's shocked hands are stiff, and I don't know how to manage myself.

This is the commander of the Immortal Fuzong Palm.

Anyone who is loyal to the Xian Fu Zong and thinks he is a disciple of the Xian Fu Zong will see this Fu as the Sect Master.

"This is not just a simple command, not just a symbol."

The old man looked at Zhang Yi gently, and said, "There is also a true sign of my immortal Fu Zong above, only the suzerain inheritance."

This is the true successor position.

"" Zhang Yi used his whole body's strength to barely say an incomplete sentence.

"Unless you don't want to recognize me as a disciple of Immortal Fu Zong."

The old man no longer said anything to Zhang Yi. He took a deep look at this favorite student, then walked out of the quiet room where Zhang Yi was, and out of the Hou Mansion surrounded by heavy soldiers.

He sighed when he boarded the wagon waiting outside.

This is indeed a hasty.

However, he does not have much time.

Zhang Yi could not leave this Hou Mansion.

He looked at the old man's back and the horse-drawn carriage in Hou Mansion.

He inexplicably wanted to cry.

Somehow, he felt that there was no difference between the back of the old man and the back of his teacher Xue Wangxu.

"What did the Sect Master talk to you?"

Le Yi's figure appeared beside him.

Zhang Yi didn't know how to answer, and gave him a glimpse of the palm commander clasped in his hands.

"Sect Master..."

Le Yi was stunned at the moment he saw the command in his hand. At the next moment, the shock in his eyes was more intense.

"This is above..."

"what happened?"

"Half of the runes on it are the Huang Tiandao runes I have repaired."

"Half of it is the Huangtian Dao you repaired?"

Zhang Yi couldn't understand it, but vaguely felt that there must be a secret inside. He and Le Yi returned to the quiet room where they practiced on weekdays.

But whether it is Le Yi who sees half of the runes of Huang Tiandao above, or he, they have no clue, but they feel that Huang Tiandao runes and the rest of the runes are in a messy combination |

"Someone must be able to see something, he should be coming soon."

Instead of spending a lot of effort to understand, Zhang Yi said this to Le Yi.

When he said this, a strange wind had swept the flags in the barracks outside his house.

In the sky of Zhongshu County, several shadows of Jiaolong have vaguely appeared.

The car chase of the elderly Dayan Quanji Ji Qing had not yet driven away from the Hou Mansion. When he saw several shadow dragons in the sky, his car chase stopped.