The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 828


A blood swallow army general cut off half the head of a "Qin army" with a knife.

However, the movement of this "Qin Army" did not have any dullness. He wielded his sword and beheaded. The sword edge penetrated the armor of the Blood Yan General, and the General Blood Yan was lifted down from the battle immediately. Nailed to the ground.

The "Qin Army" who lost half his head drew his sword without emotion, beheaded, and cut off the head of this blood Yan general.

The three thousand blood swallow army and the nearly 10,000 generation vanguard were killed by more than two thousand such "Qin army".

When the "Qin Army" beheaded the blood Yan general, only a few of the first three thousand blood Yan army heavy rides were trapped in the blood pool and muddy.

The vanguard of the dynasty has been killed to fear.

After being cut by the grass for nearly half, the remaining vanguards have madly fleeed backwards, especially those out-of-control behemoths, but they have also rushed into the chaotic generation army in the rear.

These giant beasts are siege beasts and towed beasts, of which the smallest size and the least lethality are also the frontier barbarian cows that have been enhanced with drugs.

Among them, the largest armored rhinoceros and fangs weighed thousands of pounds, and ran wildly against the crushing force, even exceeding some heavy charms.

These out-of-control behemoths ran wild, and instantly smashed dozens of plasma mud roads among the coalition forces, causing many sergeants who had been lucky enough to avoid vomiting.

Qin Jun’s chariot began to join the battlefield.

All these warheads, whether they are sergeants or these war horses, are the most different from all sergeants and monks in that their strength will not fail at all.

Even the "Qin Army" who first clashed with the Blood Yan Army, except for some hand and foot inconvenience, did not reduce their strength at all. They were completely non-stop killing machines.

The infantry's killing has been brutal.

And the Qin army horses dragging the chariots are not exhausted, which means that their sprinting speed will never slow down.

Even if it is a heavy ride, the strongest blow is always the one at the first collision.

The first collision will consume a lot of energy of heavy riders and mounts, and even cause a certain degree of damage to the riders and mounts, and then fall into the battle formation, and it is difficult to run wild and form an impulse.

However, these tanks of Qin Jun are different.

Even if there is a collision along the way, these towed "war horses" will burst out with a stronger force and force through, even if a heavy object is temporarily hung on the chariot, the momentum is still slow!

The four sergeants on the chariot carried Chang Ge and waved beheaded, like four dead hurricanes.

There are two archers among the four sergeants. These two archers do not know how they feel with the practitioners. When they continue to cast arrows, the arrows are all falling on the practitioners in the Yan army and the substitute army. .

Blood Yanjun has no choice at all.

Relying only on the military power among the several UFOs on the beach ahead, Qin Jun has greeted the impact from the beginning and has now launched a counterattack.

These chariots of the Qin army rushed to the infantry, and led the infantry in the rear, strangling them directly with the subsequent seven thousand heavy cavalry.

The arrow army equipped with the Blood Swallow Army and the arrow army of the dynasty have completely lost their function.

In particular, the Allied Forces themselves were gathered from various tribes. They were more brave in the frontier, but they were not enough in coordination. At this time, panic lost their position. The arrows of these coalition forces shot at random, but they caused a lot of Yan Army. Killed and chaotic, Yan Xiao's general Li Xiao couldn't stop but could not restrain it.

Heavy riding itself relied on its own weight. At this time, under the lead of the Qin army chariot, it was also unable to hold its feet. The heavy armored horse squeezed backwards, which worsened the strict discipline of the blood Yan army.

However, this is only the beginning of the Qin army's counterattack in the UFO fleet.

In the already chaotic air, there were suddenly tremendous screams.

Flying swords flew out of the UFO ship at a terrifying speed and instantly brought hundreds of vortices in the air!

The swordsman in the Qin army was originally the protagonist on the battlefield!

The speed at which these flying swords harvest life will exceed any weapon on the battlefield and any weapon in the hands of ordinary sergeants.

When any army confronts the Qin army, it is impossible to fail to guard against the Qin army's sword master.

When these hundreds of flying swords swarmed out from all the buoyant fleets on the coast, some of the practitioners of the Yan army and the army of the surrogate finally shot.

The number of the Yan Army and the Allied Forces itself occupies an absolute advantage. At this moment, the number of flying swords flying out of the Yan Army and the Allied Forces is not less than that of the Qin Army.

There are hundreds of sword lights, which also bring horrible cyclones and vortices to the flying swords.

In an instant, numerous gold-iron symphony sounded in the air, the sound of vitality clashing.

Some flying swords do not know how many times they collide in one breath, and countless golden flower-like flames are scattered in the air.

The wind of death roared above the army.

Any sword energy may cause a good head to escape from the body and fly into the air.

However, on both sides of the battle, one side has no fear, or does not know what is fear at all, but the other side is the real flesh and blood.

There are more symbols to stimulate.

The devastating Guanghua exploded in the air, and some iron nets, flying blades, and iron ropes that restricted the flying sword's flight continued to fly and fall in the air.

However, even those blood-yan generals who had killed their red eyes, began to understand that this battle was very different from all the battles they experienced.

In the past, these equally lethal things threatened the armies of both sides. Falling from the sky and beheading them in the army would make the two forces fear and restrict both sides.

However, even though these things can pose some threats to the flying swords of Qin Jun’s sword masters, more of them can only cause fear and threats to their own army.

Because what is rushing at this time is simply the battlefields piled up by some gold iron, leather armor, charms, and inexplicable big means, and it is not a flesh and blood body with a fluctuating state of mind!

Even if it is an advantage in the number of practitioners, the hundreds of flying swords of Qin Jun’s sword master can roam freely on the battlefield and attack any place. Sword, but can only be forced to intercept, can not kill Qin Jianshi in the UFO giant ship!

This UFO ship is itself a mysterious and powerful fortress.

The first batch of flying swords that Yan Army and the Allied Forces flew into these UFO ships directly lost contact with their masters, just like helpless lambs, which were swallowed in an instant!

The flying swords of the Yan Army and the Allied Forces could not directly threaten the swordsmen of the Qin Army.

But the flying swords of Qin Jun’s sword masters were the sword masters who could directly attack them. The close guards of Yan Jun and the Allied Forces who guarded the sword masters, in order to stop Qin Jun’s flying swords, had every death and injury.

In the constant roar and collision of hundreds of death sword winds on both sides, in the breath of the swordsmen of the Yan army and the coalition of the generations, blood was splashing in every breath, and some people fell.

The chariots of the Qin army are still rushing to kill. The arrows shot by the "arrows" on the chariot are also looking for swordsmen in the army of the Yan Army and the Allied Forces.

Withdrawing and pulling the distance apart, the sword masters of the Qin Army UFO are also forced to leave the ship and leave the chilling iron turtle shell, otherwise their flying swords are not enough for the sword, which seems to be the time The most correct response.

However, fleeing is inherently dangerous. When it is the most critical and impossible to adopt this tactic, it is equally exhausting to escape and retreat, but the Qin army they faced has no energy to pursue!

As long as the retreat begins, I am afraid that this battle will directly become a one-sided beheading!

How can a siege that has been gathering momentum for a long time, even using the power of the country, become such a situation?

At this time on the battlefield, the mouth of all the senior generals of the Yan Army was cold and bitter. Their hearts seemed to be sinking and sinking in their bodies, falling into boundless darkness and falling into utter fate. place.