The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 830: Give You Eternal Life

It was not until this time that Huang Zhenwei, who had been called from Changling and listened silently, raised his head slightly, welcoming Yuan Wu's gentle and expectant gaze, and said, "What can I do?"

Yuan Wu looked at him and did not answer this question. Instead, he said something that seemed irrelevant to the question at this time: "The widow is very diligent, some of the exercises that Master Xu Fu and Xu will learn, and the exercises that your teacher can learn, the few also learn Yes, it will. And since Daqin, Daqin's thickest accumulation is naturally not the Zheng's gate valve in Jiaodong County, nor the old and powerful gate valves in Changling, not the Gongsun clan, but the royal family."

"The emperor's family is not new. After so many years of accumulation, how can the widows have less good things than those old gatekeepers, and how can they be less than Jiaodong County? However, everyone subconsciously feels that Jiaodong County is stronger than the royal family. The widow has always been mediocre, so people think so."

When Yuan Wu said this sentence, the tone was still very gentle, but somehow, Huang Zhenwei heard the strong and fierce meaning.

"The widow takes you to Lushan, because you only have to stand with the widow, and no one in the world can kill the widow. Now I am more advanced, and you are the same, so I stand here with you, and I don’t worry at all. You will be assassinated like Master Xu."

"The widow is the first practitioner of the Eight Realms in this world. Even though there are many Seven Realm masters in the Yanqi coalition forces, but less than the Eight Realms, they are not in the eyes of the widows. So in this battle, my Daqin's most powerful force is not Lord Xu's sword array is still a widow."

"The widows also worried that you would turn to the Goba Mountain sword field side, but the situation dictates that you do not help the widows. Today Changluo will be broken, hundreds of thousands of Qin troops and millions of people in the city will be slaughtered."

Huang Zhenwei heard clearly.

He looked at the three increasingly clear armies, and he completely understood the way he was going.

"You have repaired everything in the Holy Ghost. Presumably you will send the UFO army to the Queen, and she will also give you the lotus seeds for healing."

"In the Holy Word, you bluntly say that Master Xu will also practice the exercises, that is, you can also turn me into your puppet. In this way, whether you are calling Zhenyuan, or when you are in some dangerous situation, you will have an extra layer. Guarantee."

He said these two words slowly.

"More than that." Emperor Yuanwu shook his head with emotion. "The previous queen set up, and finally captured the business lady, trying to force Ding Ning, but I accepted his conditions and let the business lady. This condition is the immortality medicine of Zu Mountain. It is precisely because of this transaction that the queen was completely disappointed with the widow, and she has refused to hand over the healing Saint Lotus seeds to the widow."

Huang Zhenwei already understood his ending, but he still felt a little shocked when he heard this sentence, "Wu Zushan immortal medicine?"

"This ancestral mountain immortal medicine is a real thing that transcends the boundaries of life and death, but it also has a level that the practitioners can't touch. With one use, it will be swallowed by the mind, and it will not be itself from now on." Emperor Yuanwu's mouth raised. Some bitterness means, "When the widow receives the immortal medicine, he has understood that Ding Ning wants to use the immortal medicine to make the queen and the widow completely break up. What he wants to see is that the queen and the widow turn their backs, but the widow has no choice. At this time, you must be helped in general. Without this medicine, the widow cannot win in the battle with Bashan Jianchang. The widow has been looking for ways to use this medicine. I thought that Bashan Jianchang is only in Jiaodong County. Before there are enough troops or Ding Ning to break through the Eight Realms, they will not be able to kill Changling, so they think that there is still time, but who can think that Jing Liuli can actually break the Starfire Sword and actually kill Li Si, causing Yan Qi Did the coalition kill here?"

"Does Sheng know what is the most annoying thing about you?" Huang Zhenwei said suddenly, and his tone was very gentle, but this sentence itself made Yuan Wu inexplicably stagnant.

Some of Yuan Wu’s reactions were overwhelming and hesitated: "What?"

"Santa Supreme would find excuses." Huang Zhenwei looked at him and said, "There are some obvious things, or things that will happen, everyone can see clearly, and then make excuses, it is easy to be annoying."

Yuan Wu's expression remained unchanged, but his eyebrows were slightly picked.

Huang Zhenwei went on to say: "The queen is tired of the holy ascension, because some things even if the holy are done in the holy are just emperor's domineering, but if it is done and feels inappropriate, it needs to find an excuse to cover up, but it is superfluous."

Yuan Wu's lips moved slightly, but there was still no sound. Huang Zhenwei said again, "That's when I was called, and the Holy One naturally understood my intentions. If I go to death, I won't be the Holy One, but the hundred in this city. Everyone. So because of the current situation, I was born in Qindi, and I am the teacher of my kind. My life mission is to protect Qindi people. I will naturally accept the conditions of the Holy, and why should the Holy Spirit whitewash myself and use it in vain? Does the personal affection in the Holy Spirit make me feel sympathetic?"

Yuan Wu closed his lips and was silent for a moment, saying, "You see very well."

Huang Zhenwei thought of the teacher in the corner tower at that time, and said lightly, "It just stands tall, and naturally looks far away."

Yuan Wu was silent for a moment, and said: "The widow will give you eternal life, and will make your merits recorded in the annals of history, extolling all ages."

"History is not for a while, and in Qianqiu, countless years later, the dynasty ceased to exist, and what is left in the annals is the truth. Everything is only in the hearts of the people, not the words of the official of the dynasty." Huang Zhenwei shook his head and said .

Then he stopped talking and closed his eyes quietly.

Yuan Wu bowed slightly to salute.

A holy light that did not belong to the Seven Realms came out of him and fell on Huang Zhenwei.

There is another one suppressed by this holy light, which does not belong to the medicine light of this world, and enters Huang Zhenwei's body.

Huang Zhenwei's body quivered slightly, but he didn't resist.

He was just like the Lushan Association, he completely let go of his heart, let go of his qi sea, let Yuanwu’s Zhenyuan communicate with his body’s Zhenyuan, merge into one, and handed him out without reservation. .


Yan Qi's three-way vanguard is closer to Changluo.

The sound of horseshoes shakes the world.

Suddenly, however, these three-way vanguards were lagging at the same time.

The mountain top outside the Changluo city on the big river rang with a loud bang.

There are countless dazzling beams of light, like countless gods throwing glowing chains, dancing in the air.

The true element in all the practitioners has been shaken by the fluctuation of heaven and earth.

Those beams did not disappear, but became denser.

In the end the holy light was flowing on the top of the mountain. There were two black spots, which clearly appeared in the light flowing like water.


At the same time, the gate of Changluo City opened, killing the sky.

A Qin army cavalry rushed out and rushed towards these three-way vanguard.