The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 831

This cavalry is a Qin Jun Qingqi wearing black leather armor. It has never appeared on the battlefield against the Yan and Qi coalition forces. Whether it is a rider on a horse or a horse, they are full of energy and full of energy. .

However, the speed of this cavalry's impact is not very fast.

Because they are not the main characters.

The protagonist comes from the mountain top, and hundreds of chariots after this cavalry.

When the power at the top of the mountain that did not belong to the Seven Realms began to fluctuate, and the unique Holy Light generated by the wave of vitality beyond the Seven Realms began to shine, all the practitioners in the Three-Way Vanguard understood what happened.

The blood on their faces began to fade, and their faces became pale.

Such a strong fluctuation of vitality can only show that Yuan Wu's injury has recovered.

The two figures in the Holy Light are almost connected.

It is not difficult for the practitioners in these three-way vanguards to guess that another figure should be Huang Zhenwei summoned by the Emperor Yuanwu from Changling. They did not know that Yuan Wu used Huang Zhenwei to take over the power of the immortal medicine of Zu Mountain at this time, but for them Speaking of it, just Yuan Wu, who was completely injured, plus a seven-sector practitioner who can make him add true yuan, and the sharp posture displayed at this time, it is enough to show that the emperor Yuan Wu will take action in person soon. .

These three-way vanguards are going to face this terrible emperor directly...or to use their lives to kill each other's strength.

However, this is not all.

Hundreds of chariots behind this Qin army cavalry rushed out of Changluo City are not like murderous chariots in appearance.

Because the roof was erected in the center of the tank, and the edge of the roof was draped with white yarn that blocked the smoke brought by the cavalry in front.

Inside the white gauze, there are boys and girls dressed in white.

If such a scene appeared on the battlefield before Xu Fu's assassination, everyone would think it was a certain kind of special sacrifice, some kind of unique ritual. However, after the assassination of many of Xu Fu's practitioners that night was almost completely destroyed, all Everyone knows that these virgins and virgins are the strength that Yuan Wu used all his resources to build up over the years, and he is the last card he will not reveal until the end.

For the Yanqi Three-road Vanguard, perhaps this large Qin Jingqi and Yuanwu Emperor alone are difficult to cope with, let alone add such power.

However, in this situation, the situation is the same, as they did when Huang Zhenwei made the final decision, do they still have a choice?

When the cavalry rushing out of Changluo City rushed across the field below the palace, the Holy Light on the top of the mountain began to converge.

As the water spreads across the mountaintop, the light begins to shrink and eventually becomes a light cluster of several feet, reunited around the two figures in the middle.

The light group flew up, like a falling sun, fell from the top of the mountain, directly over the galloping cavalry and chariots behind the cavalry, and rushed to the vanguard of Yanqi Three Road.

The holy light and terrifying pressure approach the ground, and there is no real sun heat, but it is so powerful that the unimaginable power turns everything on the ground into ashes and dust waves spreading towards both sides.

The shouting of the trembling sound rang out, and as the emperor of his own made the first shock, all the cavalry of the Qin army struck the breastplate with their long swords, and accompanied by a roar, they burst into thunderous roars.

In contrast to the Yanqi three-way vanguard, all the sergeants made a terrible killing noise.The sky above them was instantly flooded with countless vitality fluctuations.

It was only for a moment that countless violent sounds of breaking the sky covered their shouts.

After the flying sword and light, the brilliance generated by countless instruments, the dense arrows like rain, and the heavy objects ejected from the heavy instruments, a dark cloud formed instantly above the Yanqi three-way coalition.

The whole world suddenly dimmed.

Not because of the formation of this dark cloud, but because the Holy Light surrounding Yuanwu and Huang Zhenwei suddenly disappeared for a few minutes and became dim.

A sword light flew out of the light group.

This sword light is like some kind of monster, swallowing the light in the air.

No words can describe the speed and power of this sword.

From the moment of the appearance of this sword light, the practitioners among the pioneers of Yan and Qisan Road felt only the feeling of numbness and the breath of death.


There was a clear sound of cutting in the air.

The dark cloud facing Jianguang was easily cut from it.

Just like the sword flat mountain of the former Deer Mountain Alliance, all flying swords, arrows, smoothness formed by the energies of all kinds of heaven and earth, all kinds of heavy objects thrown out by flying symbols, and even heavy objects that were blocked before this sword light Some amazing gold giant blades with amazing thickness were cut without exception and fluttered.

Jianguang didn't lose much power and reached the end of Jianyi.

Jianguang swept all the way to the first third of the three-way vanguard.

All the sergeants, war horses, and even practitioners were all cut off by this sword!

Whether it is a low-level practitioner in the second realm and the third realm, or a practitioner in the five realms and the sixth realm, or even the guru of the seven realms, there is no first choice to avoid it but choose to pick up this sword in front of this sword. There is no difference.

A seven-level master from Yanjing also maintained the sword posture.

When the bodies of some sergeants and low-level practitioners around him slowly separated and fell into two sections, the natal sword in his hand was still shining with a unique glow, but in the next moment, his natal sword was dull Loud, slightly curved, and flew out towards the rear.

At the same time, his entire seemingly intact body also shattered like shattered glaze, turning into pieces of glowing crystals.

Nearly 20,000 sergeants and practitioners in the forefront of the three-way vanguard, Yan Qi, fell under the sword and turned into corpses.

No words can describe such a scene.

Even the Great Qin Jingqi at the back of Yuanwu was suddenly stagnation, and was stunned by the oncoming bloody breath.

More than ten breaths of breath flew out of the three-way vanguard with the dazzling brilliance.

This is all the seven realm masters in the remaining vanguard.

These Qiqi masters of Yanqi knew that they would not be able to kill Yuan Wu at this time, but in their view, this was their only chance.

Before the 600 boys and girls on the rear chariot joined the battlefield, they must kill Yuan Wu's power as much as possible, or hit Yuan Wu as much as possible.

However, the eyes of these masters contracted sharply.

Because they saw Yuan Wu staying in place.

Huang Zhenwei in front of Yuanwu had already flew out and came towards them.

What made them palpitate most was that Huang Zhenwei's body was as strong as Yuan Wu's vitality fluctuations, and there was even a weird taste that they could not understand at all.