The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 837 Never Replace

The middle-aged hunter in the small courtyard has also walked into the courtyard, looking at Ye Xinhe's sword, this master Yan Jing is very emotional.

He didn't agree with Ye Xinhe's story that Wang Jingmeng replaced him.

But the appearance of this sword completely changed his view.

Because this sword is too powerful.

And it's very special.

There is a feeling of apostasy and self-consistency.

Such a person is very likely to be detached from the definition of a practitioner, and even create a completely different cultivation system from the current practitioners, which is naturally not comparable to those of Changling swordsmen at that time.

So even above the Lushan League, Ye Xinhe still hides his true strength.

His true strength has always been above the imagination of all practitioners in the world.

Ding Ning looked very calmly at Ye Xinhe's sword of despair.

This sword light repels all the breath of the world and cuts off all the rules of vitality, then naturally it can also break any vitality he called.

However, he stood still, but didn't even move.

A small sword flew up on his waist.

This is the end of the sword.

Innumerable small broken flowers flew out on the sword, and then was cut and shredded by this ruthless sword light.

However, the sword body of the end sword of the end of the flower is spreading, and countless sword filaments fly out. Every sword filament thinner than the hairline has stabbed a snowflake above and is connected to this snowflake.

At the end of the battle, Suehua's sword dragged the entire snow array, and decided to meet this ruthless sword light.

A boom.

There was an unimaginable dull loud noise between heaven and earth. Wanshan responded. Numerous snow fell from the mountain peaks and branches. Numerous plants and trees were lightly pressed and suddenly straightened from the stooped posture.

All the grass and trees between these ten thousand mountains were suddenly relaxed because of this shock, and it seemed to be like a life of joy and joy.

The looming thunder fire floated on the thin peach god sword piece and paused in the air.

A shocked look appeared in Ye Xinhe's eyes.

His merciless sword can cut everything in the world, but Ding Ning is involved in his own power.

He couldn't cut himself off.

At this moment he could not explain his mood.

He looked at Ding Ning's calm eyebrows, but thought Ding Ning mocked him wantonly.

Unless he can be mercilessly beheaded, this is truly merciless in the world.

He has been preparing for many years, and the sword that was originally intended to deal with Wang Jingmeng's dream was easily broken.

However, he had no time to think about it, because Ding Ning's counterattack had begun.

The world seemed to suddenly become brighter.

A cheerful and inexplicable atmosphere filled the whole world.

The strength of all the grass and trees stooped and straightened, and the cheerful and relaxed breath came from between the mountains, and became the sword of Ding Ning.

Countless winds that flowed as these plants bounced, wrapped in the world's vitality, were all attracted by Ding Ning and collected in his hands.

A matchless sword light spawned in Ding Ning's hands.

This is the first time Ding Ning has used the big sword after breaking through the seven realms.

The tremendous vitality forces between Wanshan gathered together and instantly broke Ye Xinhe's snow formation. At the same time, Ding Ning's surging real element, which is different from ordinary practitioners, also madly poured out into the hands of the big Penal sword.

The whole mountain is shaking.

Including the lake in the distance.

It seems that this mountain, this lake, should be swept away by Ding Ning's sword and blown away.

Ye Xinhe's body cracked with fine cracks.

Unbelievably clear in his heart. In his perception, his flesh and bones seemed to be like burnt charcoal fire, turning into pieces and flying away.

He can already be sure that Ding Ning is now stronger than Wang Jingmeng.

When he had the opportunity to practice again, Ding Ning has corrected all the defects in the previous practice, and even the true Yuan exercises and the sword in his hand have infinitely tended to be the strongest in the world.

However, his confidence and fighting intentions have not completely disappeared.

The thin peach sword blade in front of him burned.

This legendary sword with his many years of hard work and real life, turned into a ray of smoke, and each ray of smoke was a merciless sword gas, cutting through the air in the air, temporarily blocking like two The terrifying spirit of a huge mountain.

At the same time, he touched a plume of Qi in the deep Qihai.

This gas machine connected to the starry sky, to the hostess in Changling.

Jing Liuli killed Li Si, making Jing Liuli's whereabouts unremarkable, and Zheng Xiu dared not use that kind of Sparkling Sword again.

However, Ye Xinhe knew that Zheng Xiu's Spark Sword would definitely come this time.

Because Zheng Xiu is very clear, if Ye Xinhe sees Jing Liuli, Jing Liuli definitely has no means to display this opportunity.

Ding Ning looked up.

There was already a pale starlight in the bright sky.

Ye Xinhe's Qihai is now empty.

With a cry of sternness, all the real elements in his body broke out from the sea of ​​Qi, and the burning peach god sword gathered, and turned into a golden thunder fire.

He no longer considered his own cultivation, nor the existence of Master Yan, he just wanted to kill the enemy in his life.

Ding Ning moved.

He took a step forward.

With this step forward, the forces gathered from Wanshan perfectly merged with his sword.

In this sword and sword momentum, Wanshan Xuehan was still being pulled, and he apparently carried the ice-cold strength that he had learned with Shuangxiu and his elder Sun Qingxue.

However, what is even more shocking is that the blade of the sparkblade that fell from the sky began to disintegrate.

More precisely, the closer to Ding Ning, the more pale flash of fire on the sword left the sword body, converging in this sword light of Ding Ning.

The light of Ding Ning's sword, with extreme chill, storm, and power from the starry sky, is completely like the tail of a comet.

This sword light swept across.

Whether it is Ye Xinhe's thunder fire or the star fire sword falling from the sky, all of them are wiped out by this sword!

Numerous fine fragments of ice and snow poured on Ye Xinhe's body with a little bit of pale fire.

At this moment, Ye Xinhe's body became translucent, and countless silver lights poured out of him.

The clothes and flesh on Ye Xinhe's body turned into tiny flying debris, spreading out like countless fireflies into the surrounding world.

He was speechless.

He looked at Ding Ning, his mind was full of unbelief, and thought it was too absurd.Even if he was to be killed in the end, he could never imagine that he would be beheaded by Ding Ning like a chicken and a dog.

"The continuation of God's tactics was also deliberately delivered to her."

Ding Ning came to him, looked at him quietly, and said softly: "You are always a little wrong... You think you are very close to me, but actually far away from me. Even if you go to Changling before me, Even if you fly to the sky first, but when I reach Changling, you are still only one of the swordsmen I defeated. You are you and can never replace my story."

Ye Xinhe heard the sentence clearly.

He couldn't understand how he felt.

He couldn't think about it anymore.

Because at this moment, when the air flowing in front of Ding Ning touched him, he completely dispersed.

His figure completely disappeared into some ashes still shining with fluorescence, fluttering into the world with the flakes of snow.

Ding Ning stretched out a breath, he looked to a position in the distance.

In this unprecedented battle of cutting Qin, he waited for a long time, and finally waited for the opportunity to kill Ye Xinhe.

However, for him, this is still just the beginning.

Zheng Xiu is also in Yanjing, not far from him.

By killing Ye Xinhe and drawing the Sparkblade by Ye Xinhe, he has already sensed the specific position of Zheng Xiu.