The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 843

At this time she finally wanted to understand a little.

The former Wang Jingmeng, today's Ding Ning, could not fully understand her before the change of Changling.

Before that, she knew him better.

And after the change of Changling, when he became Ding Ning in that humble alley, when he and Changsun Qianxue were engaged in double cultivation, he finally became more aware of her.

The rain did not expose her to traces.

Ye Ce-Leng exhausted the true elements in her body and left with such a rain, just to shower her with rain, which seemed meaningless, but it was deliberately humiliating.

Let her eat insects, let her catch the wind, let her rain, let her walk like a bereavement dog in the middle of this mountain forest to avoid chasing soldiers, or even dare to deal with any one, but the other party deliberately beat her back to its original form, will From the position of Queen Qin, she called back the female survivor who survived in Jiaodong County.

All this stems from Ding Ning's understanding of her.

It was this understanding that he calculated that Ye Xinhe was likely to be ordered by her to kill the Yan Master in Yuyang County.

Then he killed Ye Xinhe, and then found his place.

At the same time, these means against her are also reminding her that she treated him the same way.

Today, there is no mercy between him and her, just to return all the hatred and humiliation that year.

A mood different from anger rose in her body with the cold.

She can look directly at her inner existence, so she knows clearly what kind of emotion it is.

Over the years, Yuan Wu has become more and more disappointed, and even completely disappointed. She can't have no regrets.

From the Changling Mausoleum to the present day, apart from she caring about Wang Jingmeng, the rest of the owls and the powerful men in the world are all a raccoon dog in her eyes. There is nothing to care about.

So she is really cold.

Many times people just look forward, and only when she walks to the position she saw that year, she will look back.

After looking back, she felt regretful, and she had thought about it. Maybe there was a chance to return to the past, so she and Wang Jingmeng together.

However, this occasional regret is pierced by reality and cold rain.

Unrealistic childishness was ruthlessly destroyed, this is where her emotions are now.

Zheng Xiu stood in this cold rain for a long time.

Then she went deeper into the snow in the forest.

She managed to bury herself in the snow without leaving any traces, and then closed her eyes.

This is not to bury herself, just because in the upcoming snow and snow night, such a snowdrift can allow her to maintain some body heat, and it will be colder outside.

When the rainstorm triggered by Ye Chaizhen's True Elemental landed, Ding Ning's head held a large oil-paper umbrella.

Helping him to hold the umbrella is Chen Qingqing, the son of Chen Guo.

When it comes to hatred, the hatred between her and Zheng Xiu is no less than the hatred between Ding Ning and Zheng Xiu.

In a sense, the sword marks on her face caused by Zheng Xiu ruined her life.

Ding Ning's eyes fell through the rain curtain and fell into the snowy forest in front of him.

His eyes were calm.

When the past was completely cut off, his pace became more and more relaxed and firm.

He didn't bloom any qi, and his body also came from time to time. However, the real breath between the air and the sea in his body was becoming more and more perfect, reaching a situation he had never had before.

No matter how subtle the knot is, it is also a knot.

Every unraveling of the heart knot, for his cultivation behavior, also cut off a shackle.

This pursuit is also a practice for him.

A very special practice.

There are no obvious traces along the way. It is indeed not the game of Changling, and finding her trace is not so simple.

However, one's habits, preferences, and skills are often a brand that one cannot change.

When the rain fell, he knew that Zheng Xiu was likely to find a sheltered place with a slightly higher temperature to stay.

Among the mountains and forests hundreds of miles away, there are many such places.

But Zheng Xiu doesn't use real yuan, there are many blockades, she won't go far.

Ding Ning also stopped.

He waited patiently for the rain to stop.

The true indulgence of Ye Celen attracted water vapor within hundreds of miles, making this world not only without snow, but even the clouds became extremely scarce.

Ji Qing, the daughter-in-law of Chen Guo, closed her umbrella and waited silently behind Ding Ning.

A Minshan Jianzong practitioner wearing a sapphire-colored robe appeared in her sight.

This Minshan Jianzong practitioner who wore a sapphire-colored robe was not a sword watcher in Dantai, but Qingyao Yin.

Many people followed him and helped him bring some wooden boxes that seemed to be closed.

When these wooden boxes were opened, countless subtle wings fluttered between heaven and earth.

Zheng Xiu woke up in a deep sleep and awakened from his dream.

Her physical function has been reduced to the level of hibernating snakes, her breathing is extremely weak, and even her heart beats occasionally.

It's just that the sound is not enough to wake her up in this sleepy sleep.

The snow outside her has moved.

In her perception, there are many worms flying in the air, and then looking for a relatively warm place, falling, drilling into the snow, and into the warmer depths of the snow.

Qianshan Xuefeng has long been free of flying insects.

And the unique medicine on these insects also made her skin naturally feel numb, which made her instantly react to who this is from.

Her heart contracted violently and then beat violently.

The almost frozen qi and blood in her body recovered instantly and madly flowed.

Dozens of strangely colored insects have passed through the snow accumulated on her and fell on her.

At the moment of contact with her skin, a layer of crystal vitality surged on her skin.

The worms died silently, but in the next moment, the worms were wrapped in a faint green flame and burned, turning into an air mass.

The snowdrift lifted up and turned into a blood mist.

Zheng Xiu's figure rushed out of it like ghosts and ghosts, and disappeared instantly in this mountain forest.

Her perfect face chilled like porcelain.

She no longer hides her tracks because she has been exposed.

It was also at this moment that there was a roar of war drums blasting in the sky, and dozens of huge fire pillars spewed out at the same time in the silent mountain forest, illuminating the upper part of the valley like the day.

Ding Ning walked out of a camp camp.

Zheng Xiu's figure was very fast, so fast that the snakes hovering in the sky could not be seen at all, but in his perception, the flowing wind clearly appeared.

His figure also disappeared in an instant in front of the camp tent.

At the same time, the roar of countless blue wolves in the forest sounded as if cheering him on.