The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 846 There is no real longevity

Zheng Xiu's eyelashes twitched slightly.

Even she knows what a terrible feeling that consciousness is trapped in boundless darkness, and it lasts for several years.

"When I got the nine dead silkworms in the past, You Di has long been a legend. There is no biography, no examples to follow, everything is unknown, but now I have an example, and today I have told you what I have learned. Thing, but if I tell you carefully the cultivation method of the Nine Dead Silkworm, will you choose to practice?" Ding Ning looked at her and asked calmly: "Even if there is a good Nine Nether Hades sword for you, you dare to change the law Rebuild, dare you die once like me?"

Zheng Xiu said nothing in silence.

Ding Ning did not speak, just looked at her.

Zheng Xiu was silent for another moment, shook his head, and said, "No, because I will not control my life and death in the hands of others."

"So you won’t worry about letting anyone keep the Nine Nether Hades Sword, you won’t give the Nine Nether Hades Sword to anyone for custody, because when it’s really time, the person holding the Nine Nether Hades Sword is like holding you Ding Ning said sarcastically: "So I will tell you what about the Nine Dead Silkworm, not to mention the year, it is the same now."

"At least I know the secret of the Nine Dead Silkworm." Zheng Xiu looked at Ding Ning indifferently, and said, "At least I know that the Nine Nether King Sword has been destroyed. The Nine Dead Silkworm can no longer bring anyone back to life."

Ding Ning also said indifferently: "You can try to kill me this time."

"There has never been a real longevity in the world. The legendary Nine Dead Silkworm is the same, the same is true of Zu Mountain's immortal medicine, and the same is the same with my spirit vein immortal lotus." Zheng Xiu raised his head and smiled mockingly.

Ding Ning sneered and said, "I never seek longevity, I just want no regrets."

Zheng Xiu shook his head: "Can you really have no regrets?"

Ding Ning calmly said: "I can feel at ease."

Zheng Xiu took a sip of the soup that had been re-cooled, and her fingertips had a crystal lotus seed.

While she wiped the corners of her mouth with her head, she put this crystal lotus seed in her mouth.

This is her last spirit lotus seed and the last spirit lotus seed her body can contain and accept.

Her movements are very elegant, because she knows that Ding Ning will not stop.

He will watch her exhaust all cards today.

The extremely pure aura in her body melted at an alarming rate, such as gentle spring water scouring the lesions of her meridians and smoothing those lesions quickly.

This is a wonderful healing sensation for practitioners, but after this wonderful healing sensation, these meridians washed by gentle spring water, and those injured areas that are quickly smoothed are like dehydrated skin. The same withered, and even hardened scab.

When she looked up again, the aura transformed by this last spirit lotus had completely disappeared in her body.

The jade palace in her deep sea became more crystallized, but it was no longer soft like the hardest gemstone.

An inexplicably powerful breath of silence fell from the very high void.

The strength of this breath even made those hibernating creatures underground in this side of the world recover and feel the threat of death.

Many snakes and worms dormant in the ground rushed out of the mud holes, burning their vitality as much as possible.

Even those cold-blooded snakes and fish, their qi and blood flow insanely, allowing them to swim in the ice water and walk through the snow, although they don’t take much time, they are still completely frozen, really Died.

"Chong Zhi still does not want to die, let alone me." Zheng Xiu smiled indifferently and proudly, said: "I want to try again to kill you."

"If you can fight like a true practitioner, this is a happy enmity." Ding Ning smiled faintly. "Of course, when I entered Changling, I wanted to fight you and Yuanwu fairly. If you were killed by you, There is no regret about dying, but unfortunately it wasn’t until this moment that this moment finally arrived?"

Zheng Xiu stopped talking.

There are countless stars shining on the surface of her body skin.

It was like there were countless crystal diamonds, which showed through her body skin.

At this moment, many practitioners in the world are aware of it.

In Guanzhong and Changluo City, Xu Fu raised his head, and he saw many bright stars in the sky.

Yuan Wu in the Silent Palace also raised his head.

He had never had a face with severe emotional fluctuations, and there was real shock at the moment, even some fear.

He guessed what was happening. He just had no idea that Zheng Xiu would not be able to escape Ding Ning's pursuit.

He knew that after tonight, I am afraid that the whole world will change completely again.

The entire Great Qin Dynasty, I am afraid will usher in a new world without queens.

However, such a change, he is completely unprepared, he is not ready at all.

"it has started."

In Jiaodong County, far away from Guanzhong, Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shiwu were more certain than Yuanwu what happened.

Zhang Fifteen looked at the stars that became bright and dazzling, but he felt another meaning in the high altitude. He sighed with emotion to Lin Zhuojiu: "His sword is very clear."

"I never doubted him." Lin Zhuojiu laughed. "I never thought his mind would change because of his old feelings."

Compared with Zhang Shishi, his smile has countless emotions.

Because he was trapped in the big floating water cell for many years, just living for a glimmer of hope.

He even knew very well that the reason why Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu kept him alive was because he wanted to elicit the remnants of Bashan Jianchang.

Whether it is Xu Fu, Yuan Wu, Zhang Shiwu, Lin Zhuojiu, are people who have a deep relationship with Ding Ning and Zheng Xiu and have great connections. However, among all the practitioners in the world, the fluctuations in perception are the most dramatic. It is Mr. Zhao Si of Zhao Jianlu.

Like the nameless Master Yan in Yuyang County, she retreated in a nameless mountain forest.

However, at this moment, she was red.

She raised her head and determined that the small sword in the sky was about to be launched.

She laughed.

The smile is brighter and prouder than when Ding Ning was fairer than Sword.

The spark swords that the world recognizes come from the fall from high altitude, like the starlight diarrhea, with the terrifying power of this world.

However, in this farmhouse, the power of the Sparkblade did not come from the sky, but first came from Zheng Xiu's body.

Zheng Xiu's figure faded in the air and twisted.

This distortion of light and shadow comes from the distortion of air throughout the space.

The diamond-like brilliances revealed in her turned into a ray of real pale sparks.

This farmhouse turned into fly ash in a flash, disappearing without a trace.

Each wisp of sparks turned into a small sword, rushing towards the still standing Ding Ning.