The Sword Dynasty

857 Teach You

A bitter meaning spread across Su Qin's mouth.

In the next moment, he took a deep breath and grinned hard, all of which was ridiculous.

There is a mockery of Zhang Yi and a mockery of himself.

"So this is a trap from beginning to end?" He looked at Zhang Yi and asked slowly.

Zhang Yi nodded, rubbing her hands at a loss. "It's also a coincidence. When Zheng Xiu sent a message here, he was caught, but she didn't expect that she wrote to you and let you come."

"It's not too early to die. I'm dragging here to hurt people. If I had seen her personal letterhead before and confirmed that her notes were correct, how could I come here." Su Qin looked at him indifferently and said.

Zhang Yi did not know how to respond to his sentence, so he did not answer.

Su Qin's voice quenched: "Why didn't Ding Ning come?"

Zhang Yi shook his head.

He did not know why Ding Ning did not come in person.

When he wanted to come, the most likely reason was that Su Qin did not deserve Ding Ning to come in person.

Because the guru waiting here is enough.

It's just that his temperament is too gentle. He thinks this kind of statement is too hurtful, so he doesn't want to say what he thinks is most likely.

"You don't know anything." Su Qin sneered heavily, "Since this is the case, I will tell you why."

Zhang Yi stunned.

Su Qin sneered and said, "Because he wants me to lose heart, if he shoots, I am naturally not his opponent, but his true identity is Wang Jingmeng, for us, he is a true practitioner of the previous generation, He shot lessons for juniors, even if he won, it is not uncommon, but you are different, you and my peers, he naturally thought, I lost in your hands, there is nothing to say, it is a real defeat."

Zhang Yi still did not reply.

This is Su Qin's guess, and it does not make sense for him to argue.

Even though Su Qin's tone was full of true sarcasm, he was already used to it, so he was not angry at all.

After the hand with the sword was abolished by Ding Ning, Su Qin's temperament became lonely and cold, especially after turning to Xian Fuzong, his temperament became even more eccentric. Coupled with today's complacency, he found that it was a dead end. This gap made it difficult for him to control the evil fire in his heart.

"From the time of Aries Cave, you are a good old man, and everyone is a good person, but I might as well tell you that from the time of Aries Cave, I have never looked up to you. I always think that people like you are best I just want to be a bookmaker, teach people to read and read, and talk about filial piety and justice. Where can I be a murderous swordsman?" Su Qin's eyes burned with a fire, and he said in a cold voice: "I think he is a good thing about Ding Ning If even you can deal with me, then I really have nothing to say, convinced by mouth."

Zhang Yi was not a grass, watching Su Qin's brutal face, listening to such direct words, he also frowned slowly.

Thinking of Su Qin's attitude towards himself all the time, he finally became a little angry. He looked at Su Qin and asked two questions, "Is it true that anyone who can afford to practice? Is it necessary to practice murderous swordsman?"

Su Qin sarcastically said: "Cultivation is not to get ahead, not to get credit for killing people, is it to cultivate virtue?"

"All you are talking about is your own thoughts." Zhang Yi looked at the brutal teacher with a face full of violence and said slowly: "At least for me, Baiyangdong accepts me as a disciple and teaches me to practice. I just want to I respected the teacher and respected the teachers and brothers under the door, and won glory for the door. Even if I wanted to kill, I also protected my Aries Cave. As early as in Changling, I can at least don’t make a name for Xue Dong, and can accompany Minshan Jianzong Fighting with the younger brother to the end, even if you really want to give your life, it is also willing... But you, besides thinking about yourself, what have you done for Baiyangdong? In your eyes, the teacher started Brothers are just fighting objects, are you just a stepping stone to climb up?"

Su Qin stunned.

He was famous for being smart and eloquent when he was in Baiyangdong, but he was somewhat difficult to respond to Zhang Yi's words at this time, especially before that, he had never seen Zhang Yi have such an attitude and such intense words.

"It seems that you are out of breath." After counting the interest, he snorted.

Zhang Yi looked at him with a chuckle, and his heart was even more unpleasant. However, before he spoke, Su Qin had already said, "No matter what I did in the Qi Dynasty, I did not kill the Qin people head-on, nor did I fight with Ba Shanjian. The field is the enemy, why does Ding Ning control me? He let you come because you are my former brother, but I have been out of Aries Cave, and why do you discipline me?"

"Baiyang Cave has the grace of inheritance and teaching to you. Many teachers are also eager to teach you. I look forward to it. I also think about your friendship with you, but you have a sense of love for Baiyang Cave. Didn't it?" Zhang Yi felt the pain. His face was stiff and he closed his eyes and said.

Su Qin did not respond, but sneered.

Zhang Yi slowly raised his head, he thought of Changling Baiyang Cave, and thought of the old man who died before the start of Minshan Jianhui.

"I want to discipline you now."

He slowly lowered his eyelids to hide his hatred, "but not because I am your brother at Baiyangdong, but because I really hate you now. I really want to beat you up now. "

"What a coincidence?" Su Qin laughed. "Since I was in Baiyang Cave, I have always hated you and wanted to beat you up."

Zhang Yi stopped talking.

"Actually, I still care about it. Is this a fair duel?" Su Qin said indifferently. "I don't want to beat you, and then come out of a Bashan Jianchang or Minshan Jianzong, one sword to me killed."

"You are a real villain, this is what you care about the most." Zhang Yi let himself no longer be angry, and then promised his terms, "This is a fair duel, if I win, I will take back the Aries Cave to Yours, I will abolish your practice. Because even if you betray the Aries Cave yourself, you cannot deny that everything you have today is based on the Aries Cave to make you a practitioner who has the opportunity to contact the outside world Based on."

"I promised you, but I'm curious, why do you think you can beat me." Su Qin really smiled happily, in his opinion, what he wanted to achieve has been achieved.

Zhang Yi did not say anything, but he responded.

A strong breath of life was born in his hand to his heart.

A short sword appeared in his hand.

An unpretentious, short sword like an ordinary stone.

This is Xue Wangxu's natal sword.