The Sword Dynasty

858 Opportunity

From the beginning of the Lushan Alliance to the present, this period is the most turbulent year, as it was during the rise of Bashan Jianchang.

In these few years, this generation of talented young practitioners has changed a lot.

Zhang Yi from Baiyangdong to Xianfu Zong, in fact has become the Sect Master of Xianfu Zong. However, no matter when he served Xue Wangxu in Changling's Alley, he still has the same humility as the sword in his hand. , Unpretentious.

The unpretentious rock is the most determined.

This life sword is very similar to his own breath, and now it is just so simple to hold. In Su Qin's perception, there is a rock standing still between heaven and earth.

The breath of the sword alone is enough to show that Zhang Yi is different than before.

However, this does not allow Su Qin to change his mind.

"Waste is waste."

Su Qin looked indifferently at Zhang Yi holding the sword, "You will hide behind Xue Wangxu or Ding Ning all this life, all yours are nothing but gifts from others, people like you, even real Have never experienced a battle."

Zhang Yi became more and more angry.

In his view, courtesy, justice, and shame are the most natural rules in the world. The most important purpose of practice is to help others, punish the strong and weak, rather than bullying the weak.But now he doesn't want to say anything to Su Qinduo.

If you want to say it, you won.

So in the face of Su Qin's sarcasm, he just looked a little dull, raised his sword across his chest, and nodded slightly.

Su Qin sneered.

A black air emerged from his sea of ​​qi, like a black belt, around his waist, gradually expanding.

The flow of this black gas seemed very calm, but in the air around him, a cold wind began to roar.

A cold light flashed in Su Qin's eyes.

There was a muffled noise.

There was a sudden burst of air in the air between the two.

The battle begins instantly.

Dangerous gas machine is coming, Zhang Yi without hesitation.

A clumsy sword light appeared in front of his body, but it brought a strong rune.

The violent vitality was called from between heaven and earth, but suddenly calm in front of him, but contracted sharply.

In front of him, it seems like there are countless stone steps, which overlap and overlap, blocking in front of him.

The black energy surrounding Su Qin's waist has disappeared.

It was replaced by countless black flames pouring out of the ground.

Scarlet Mars flutters among these black flames, impacting on these newly formed invisible stone steps.

A loud noise rang in this room.

All the trees and flowers in the courtyard, including the rockery, were shaken into powder.

Zhang Yi groaned and shook back several feet.

Su Qin frowned slightly.

To his surprise, Zhang Yi's intention was before him.

Zhang Yiming didn't rush to shoot, but he seemed to have foreseen how much power this blow generated. This sword seemed to attack and defend, completely blocking his way.

But he still can't stand Zhang Yi, including this round of confrontation, and still his power has the absolute upper hand.

What's more, this is just his most common tentative method.

Such a move comes from the inheritance of the Qis. It is a far cry from Suqin's cultivation to perform such a move, compared to the Qis.

However, Zhang Yi can be retreated only by such a single blow. For the entire world of practitioners, the power shown by Zhang Yi is really nothing.

Su Qin did not retreat.

His crippled hand moved slightly.

Countless twisted air currents spiraled out of his fingers, bringing up countless scarlet notes in his sleeves.

Each rune is made of a very thin bone, but the rune above is drawn with several kinds of blood.

Hundreds and thousands of bones at the moment filled the sky in the courtyard with a disordered attitude, like the falling leaves flying in countless winds.

At the moment of falling, each symbol has burned violently.

The blood-red runes burned with a cold fire, exuding a terrible rotten taste.

This is an instant deflagration.

The bone rune disappeared instantly, but the blood-red ghost fire turned into the shape of a moth.

These ghost fire moths, like life, walked bizarre trajectories in the air and fell towards Zhang Yi.

This is the unique rune that Su Qin realized in the practice of Xian Fu Zong. However, it also combined with the exercises he obtained on the head of the witch god and the means of ghosts and ghosts of the Qis.

So when these blood-red ghost fire moths formed and fluttered all over the sky, Su Qin's brows were loosened and his face was full of pride.

This is his pride.

Zhang Yi practiced for a long time among Xian Fuzong, much longer than him.

In the eyes of all people, Zhang Yixiu's practice is hard and never gives up.

But he is the same.

He knew that in this small town, just outside the courtyard, there must be many practitioners watching this battle.

He just wanted to tell these bystanders that even if it was not a special adventure, he could do better than Zhang Yi.

When these moments of fire ignited, he seemed to have countless qi and blood ignited.

This feels good, and reminds him that he is already looking forward to it, and is eager to have such a battle with Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yi couldn't breathe in an instant.

These ghost fires burned all the air between the heavens and the earth around him, and exuded a highly toxic breath, which has a strong corrosive effect even on the true element, it seems that in addition to the spirit of the Yin God The strength of the stars outside the world.

His chest and lungs began to swell violently.

In the next moment, his chest and lungs would suddenly burst because of the different air pressure inside and outside his body.

Without any hesitation, his left hand was also extended.

This is just Zhang Yi's own feelings. In fact, in Su Qin's perception, his shot is still very fast this time, and it is still almost the same speed as Su Qin cast those bone charms.

A purple light appeared in his left hand.

The true element that had already bulged out of his sea of ​​qi was suddenly compressed by his palm.

He just shook his palm slightly, and the slight change of his palm naturally formed a unique rune on the palm pattern of his palm.

A bang.

A force erupted in his left palm.

This is also a sign.

Numerous bright purple rays emanated from his left palm.

There is no impact.

Just solidified.

All the blood-red ghost fire moths flying towards him were fixed in the air.

This is a fixed character.

It is the most important true symbol of the Xian Fu Zong, and it is also the true symbol of only passing the suzerain.

Before following Li Dingning and leaving the Zhongshuhou Mansion, the head of the Xianfu Zong handed over the master's true rune to his hands.

Su Qin's face was slightly stiff and his brow furrowed deeply.

All blood-red ghost fire moths are fixed in the air, burning only in place, like a weird floating candlelight.