The Sword Dynasty

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This is a trick for Aries.

Aries picks a horn and intends to hold on.

Su Qin did not know what Zhang Yi was doing with such a sword move.

He doesn't want to use a sword, how can he hold on?

Suddenly screaming like crazy, Su Qin did not go backwards and backwards, and immediately swept back.

He has an overwhelming advantage in pure power, and he firmly believes that the true yuan accumulated in his body is far beyond Zhang Yi.

There is no time limit for this duel.

In addition, among the many yin gods and ghosts he obtained from the Qis, there is a means to suppress the injury itself.

As long as he no longer counts on Zhang Yi's small means, even if he can't kill Zhang Yi immediately, but as time goes by, Zhang Yi's injury will naturally become more and more serious.

However, all this was just what he thought.

Just as his body turned into a residual image of Dao Dao and backed away, there was a boom in the sky.

The sky is much brighter.

There are a lot of heaven and earth walking in the sky like mountains.

The heaven and earth vitality that came suddenly, under the traction of Huang Tiandao's power, instantly became more cohesive.

The transparent light that had been sprinkled down the ground formed white powder visible to the naked eye, as if it was snowing.

Su Qin looked up at this scene, his eyes were full of incredible looks.

He is not really the Seven Realms himself, but because of the special power of the twelve witch gods, his power itself is far beyond the ordinary Seven Realms.

However, what made him unbelievable at the moment is that Zhang Yi's number of traction in the world has far exceeded the ordinary seven realms.

And the most difficult thing for him to understand is that Zhang Yi's traction in these worlds is even faster than him.

These condensed heaven and earth energies like white dust converged in the light path brought out by Zhang Yi's sword at an alarming speed, and then disappeared instantly.

Jianguang continued to stir up.

There was another muffled noise in the sky, and then there were countless empty echoes.

Le Yi and Murong looked up at the sky.

They saw clouds forming a huge ring in the upper air, spreading out.

The center that Jianguang pointed to was the blue sky beyond, and it shone with a crystal and deep luster that they had never seen before.

At this moment, the feelings in their hearts were the same. It seemed that Zhang Yi's sword had opened a channel of endless void.

Su Qin's figure is still going backwards.

He also looked up at this scene.

At this point he had already reacted to what had happened.

In Xian Fuzong, he created a unique means of astrology with crippled hands, but Zhang Yi also created a sword rune in Xian Fuzong.

At this time, Zhang Yi only used the sword style of Aries to pick a horn, and carved a symbol.

It was just such a symbol, which gathered such awe-inspiring power of heaven and earth, what kind of power would be produced, he did not know, not even Zhang Yi himself.

Because he has never used such a method.

He usually has a gentle temperament. Even when he was at the Minshan Jianhui, many people thought he would not fight.

Today's battle with Su Qin, however, reflects another characteristic of him.

Honest people's patience and temper.

In the face of the powerful Su Qin, he did not fear, but his fighting intentions became more and more fierce.

Just like epiphany in wartime.

He wanted to use the sword symbol, and of all what he learned, Huang Tiandao symbol was the best method to help him to pull an amazing amount of heaven and earth, and Aries' picking angle was the most stable and lasting sword trick of Jianguang. .

The more stable and enduring the sword path, the better it will be able to carry the symbols.

So he naturally used such a sword to engrave symbols.

At this time, his rune had already been completed, and his vitality was even mobilized far beyond his perception. He was drawn towards Su Qin by his killing intention, but when this killing intention really came, even he did not know the real What kind of power is attracted.


Su Qin's feet landed.

Two tornado-like black smoke rose from his feet.

Numerous crystal marks suddenly appeared on his already dark face, and it seemed that the whole face was torn apart.

A terrible amount of real elements rushed out of the sea of ​​air inside him.

Behind him was a dazzling red light, generating hundreds of arms.

Time is like freezing.

The extremely blue sky suddenly became dark.

Many blurred silver rays appeared suddenly, converging into a beam of light.

These beams are like pure silver, with a special texture.

However, in the air, there is an instant smell of silence.

This is the vitality of the stars.

Zhang Yi looked at this picture in shock.

His sword symbol just wanted to draw more power to hit Su Qin, but he didn't expect to be able to pull the star power outside of this world like Zheng Xiu.

In the next moment, he finally began to understand.

This stems from the practice on the head of the twelve witches.

That practice was originally what Zheng Xiu wanted.

Although in his previous understanding, this is just a practice that constantly hone and enhance his perception, but now he began to understand that if Zheng Xiu had this practice, she could naturally rely on the means she would know. Control and gather the star power that she could not perceive and call.

Her Sparkblade will be more powerful.


The sterling silver beam twisted strangely in the air, forming a silver sword.

If you don't see the previously formed process, I am afraid many people will think it is a flying sword falling from the sky.

However, at this moment, Zhang Yi's palm was slightly hot.

Zhang Yi was even more shocked to find that the fateful sword held tightly in his hand was hot.

The meaning of the sword on this natal little sword has dispersed.

However, the remaining Jian Qi did not disappear.

At this time, these sword spirits still swimming, and this silver sword seems to have a unique connection.

Many tiny flames formed in the sword gas.


In the next moment, the air between him and Su Qin was completely ignited, a sea of ​​fire!

The hot flame went toward the silver sword, and all went to Su Qin!

Su Qin snapped loudly.

The reconstructed Wushen arm behind him shot towards the sword as much as possible, and the true elements he squeezed from the sea of ​​qi burst out!

The silver long sword gathers flames and strikes hundreds of arms!

There was a loud noise.

Hundreds of arms shattered and the fragments of blood samples turned black suddenly, turned into black air, swept outwards, and the black air filled the sky, it seemed to drown the whole world!

In the terrifying air, Su Qin's figure was not visible, but a beast-like howl sounded from an injured beast.

In this loud howl, Zhang Yi held the sword in his hand harder, his eyes full of caution and emotion.

This may be God's will.

The key to his great strength lies in the witchcraft.

However, that skill was actually obtained by Su Qin in the Temple of the Twelve Witches and sent to him.