The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 864

Bai Shanshui smiled faintly.

She is at ease and complacent and no longer thinks about Su Qin’s ending. She is just curious. The brothers of Baiyang Cave naturally occupy a great position in Ding Ning’s heart. However, in addition to Zhang Yi, Baiyang Cave also has a young teacher Shen Yi .

As far as she knows, Shen Yi is a child of Guan Zhong's family. In theory, he can help Xie Changsheng do many things, but Shen Yi does not seem to be by Xie Changsheng's side.

Where did this young teacher from Baiyangdong go?

She knew that Ding Ning had his own arrangements.

And when she was out of the situation and looked at the battle between Bashan Jianchang and Yuanwu as a bystander, she would find these interesting.

She looked up at Changling.

As far as the eye can see, the sky in Changling is clear, without wind and rain.

It was just that she knew that there was a storm in the heart of Emperor Yuanwu now, because at this time a letterhead that Ding Ning requested should be delivered to Yuanwu.


Yuan Wu is in the palace.

He was dressed in casual clothes and was still in the quiet room where he practiced.

Two letterheads were placed on the case in front of him.

He rarely handles political affairs on weekdays. Even after the death of both ministers, most of the political affairs are still handled by the ministers. Only some particularly important matters will be passed on to him.

One of the two letterheads is from Ding Ning, and the other is from Yan Dynasty, Emperor Yan.

The contents of the two letterheads are also simple.

Ding Ning only mentioned one condition. If Xu Fu's boy and girl sword array were handed over to Ding Ning, he could return Zheng Xiu to Yuan Wu.

The letterhead from Yandi is a summation.

If Qin Jun no longer continues to attack Yan Realm, Yan Di will cut the ground and seek peace.

Looking at the two different letterheads, Yuan Wu's face was extremely quiet.

He slowly dropped the letterhead from Ding Ning into the brazier on one side, and then said four words to an official standing still at the door waiting for his reply: "The widow refused."

Then he threw the summation letter from Yan Di into the brazier, and said, "To ask for peace, first to kill Prince Yan and the coach to show sincerity. To kill Prince Yan, my Qin army retired from the army, kill the coach, and my Qin army quit Yan territory."

The official standing at the door led away.

When the official left the quiet room dozens of feet away, his body began to tremble slightly, and sweat on his back kept pouring out.

Before that, he felt that this palace was very cold.

He felt that the coldness came from the omnipresent gaze of the mistress of the palace.

Now, however, the hostess in the palace will never return.

However, the palace that lost the hostess seemed colder and colder.



"He refused."

Shen Xuan looked at the reply from the Changling Palace and said to Zheng Xiu.

He and Zheng Xiu were on a boat above the Weihe River outside Changling.

At this time there was a man in the bow of the ship who was also wearing an ordinary denim shirt standing quietly. He was the head of Chen Jian.

Hearing such a sound from Shen Xuan, he sighed softly.

Zheng Xiu's eyes were bleak.

But hearing Shen Xuan's words, a ray of fire ignited deep in her eyes, and she asked faintly, "What conditions did Ding Ning mention?"

"Xu Fu's sword array." Shen Xuan answered very simply.

Zheng Xiudao said: "The boys and girls sword array?"

Shen Xuan nodded.

"Just asked for such a condition?" Zheng Xiu laughed, her smile was very weird, full of indescribable taste.

However, this smile, Shen Xuan has seen on the faces of many prisoners.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and responded politely: "Too many demands, and Yuan Wu is even less likely to agree."

"I want to see Ding Ning." Zheng Xiu didn't look at his face. Her eyes were a little empty, and she couldn't even see the sky in front of her, but her tone instead asked with an undoubted question: "Tell Ding Ning that I want to see him."


"Do you think Yuan Wuhui promised your terms?"

In Jiaodong County, Chang Sun Qingxue looked at Ding Ning and asked.

"I hope he will." Ding Ning looked at her and said: "This condition is not really harsh."

"But I don't think he will." Chang Sun Qianxue shook his head. "Essentially, Yuan Wu and Su Qin are actually no different. As long as they can achieve the purpose he wants, anyone can sacrifice."

"And I hope he refuses."

The elder Sun Qingxue spoke lightly the truest feelings in his heart, "In this way, the whole world will know that he does not care about Zheng Xiu. As a woman, Zheng Xiu doesn't even have the last face. They were such a pair of dogs and men. , I hope she is more painful."

"The virgin and virgin sword array will be very troublesome, and the power will be second, the key is the real young children." Ding Ning said slowly: "Even on the battle array, killing these people will always lead to criticism. I am not afraid of criticism. , But the final result will slow down the war and cause more people to die."

"That Yuan Wu wouldn't think about this, so he wouldn't agree to your terms." Chang Sun Qianxue smiled and then quickly took it seriously, "It's just that I can't understand why he still has confidence until this time?"

"He doesn't have any confidence, he just has the last move. In his view, even if he finally fails all calculations, as long as he throws that move, I will take it." Ding Ning looked at her calmly and said .

The elder Sun Qingxue stunned slightly, "What?"

"When he finally feels that everything cannot be reversed, he will openly challenge me. After all, the fair duel was originally the spirit of Bashan Jianchang, and it was carried out by me in the Great Qin Dynasty. He knew that if he had reached that step, I would not refuse to talk to him. A fair duel." Ding Ning smiled slightly, "but before that, he will do what he wants to do as much as possible. He will destroy Yan Qi as much as possible, when that time In his opinion, as long as he can kill me in a fair showdown, everything will be done as he wants."

Chang Sun Qianxue has never been stupid, but when she was in Changling, she felt that everything was not important for her practice. But at the end of this dispute, she also understood that she, like Bai Shanshui and others, was gradually becoming a spectator in this big show.

Especially now, when she heard these words from Ding Ning.

"Then why didn't he challenge you at this time?" Chang Sun Qianxue frowned, "He has an advantage in Zhenyuan cultivation."

"Even so, he still has no absolute confidence, so he will try to make himself stronger." Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously, "He has been a little afraid of me. Many of my friends back then, including our Bashan Jianchang Many people have compared swords with me, and I usually have many skills against me, but he did not do it once."