The Sword Dynasty

865 Falling Water Dog

"Fear" is actually a very special emotion.

Clearly tell yourself that you don't have to be afraid, but you still can't stop being afraid.

Just as some people are afraid of darkness, they know that there is nothing in the darkness, but they are afraid.

Chang Sun Qianxue slowly discovered a fact.

Yuan Wu has been living in the shadow of Wang Jingmeng.

Before he ascended the throne, he was always afraid of Wang Xiumeng's cultivation behavior, and feared that Bashan Jianchang would directly take the throne.

After he launched the mutiny, he was still afraid of Wang Jingmeng's rebirth.

I am afraid that this kind of thought has been lingering in his mind, so he will be affirmed faster than anyone, Ding Ning is the rebirth of Wang Jingmeng's dead silkworm.

"In fact, since occupying the real Jiaodong County, after I broke through the seven realms, I have never been afraid of a formal fair showdown with him." Ding Ning smiled faintly, "It is actually very simple to force him to the last step. . As long as Donghu Shengmon’s cultivation is complete, or I will break through the eight realms."

Changsun Qianxue nodded.

She understood what Ding Ning said.

Whether it is the repair of the old monk of Donghu, or Ding Ning's breakthrough in the Eight Realms, Yuan Wujiang cannot have the power to prevent Ding Ning from returning to Changling.

Ding Ning and Donghu Old Monk teamed up, even if they entered the Changling Mausoleum directly, it was enough to kill Yuan Wu.


Every day, Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning will have one or two such conversations, but in addition to such conversations, more and more are already peaceful and comfortable life.

It seems that on the battlefields of Qin, Yan, and Qi, which are far away from Jiaodong County, the more violent the fighting between the three dynasties, the final victory will become more and more unrelated to them.

Instead, they are becoming more and more watchers.

"I know Shen Yi, Ye Frame Nan and Wang Taixu's whereabouts." In the early morning of the second day, when Chang Sun Qianxue and Ding Ning had breakfast and walked slowly along a coast in Jiaodong County, Chang Sun Qianxue watched Looking at the red sun on the sea in the distance, he smiled slightly and said slightly.

Ding Ning was a little surprised. "Are you listening to Baili Suxue?"

"I heard some of Lin Zhuojiu's arrangements about going out to sea, and the rest was guessed." Chang Sun Qianxue said cunningly: "Do you think they can find some elixir to help Donghu Shengmon?"

"It's not just him, but Baili Suxue and Fangxiu Curtain. It's just that the injuries of Baili Suxue and Fangxiu Curtain are harder to deal with. Even in the records of the classics, there is no record that can recover their injuries. However, it is not difficult to find some medicines to prolong life. Although Jiaodong County has more charts than our Bashan Jianchang, we do not have some charts in Bashan Jianchang, nor do they." Ding Ning smiled slightly and said, "Shen Yi He and Ye frame Nan had gone to sea long ago, and they brought the old man next to Ye Celen. As for Wang Taixu, they went to the sea later, but many Chu people helped, and Xie Changsheng contributed, so Progress is also going smoothly."

Long Sun Qianxue said: "Is there a discovery?"

Ding Ning shook his head, "but brought back a lot of elixir, but the elixir that would allow them to repair it has not yet been discovered."

The grandson Qianxue was silent for a moment.

"Why?" Ding Ning was a little strange.

"I was thinking of killing Yuanwu in Changling, but I never thought of a fair duel with him. One is that I am not as good as him. The fair duel is hard to be his opponent. The second is that I feel like him. People, why should I have a fair showdown with him?" Chang Sun Qianxue looked up at Ding Ning, without concealing his aversion to Yuan Wu: "People like him don't cooperate with you in fair showdown. I don't want to give him a showdown with you. Opportunity for a fair duel. Especially now, I think that the best way to die for someone like him is to kill him like a water dog, so that he has been beaten to death in an uncomfortable way, instead of giving him a glory It's a fair enough showdown in history."

Ding Ning's expression did not change much, his brows were raised slightly, but he didn't speak.

Because he knew Chang Sun Qianxue too well, he knew that since Chang Sun Qianxue had said so, naturally he had already thought about a lot of things and would continue to talk about it.

Chang Sun Qianxue's expression was also very calm. She and Ding Ning had long been accustomed to such peaceful conversations. Compared with the time when Changling Wutong Luojiu was shopped, it was only a little cold.

"You haven't found the elixir that can make Donghu Shengseng repair, but now there may be a turnaround." Chang Sun Qingxue turned to look at Ding Ning and said softly: "The news of Changling today has passed. , Yuan Wu really did not agree to your terms, and Zheng Xiu proposed to meet you."

"It's too tiresome to meet each other, it's better not to see you." Ding Ning could not help shaking his head and asked: "Listening to you, there may be a turnaround soon, she wants to see me. Is it to deal with me?"

The elder Sun Qingxue frowned slightly: "Shen Xuan asked her, she wanted to see you say she wanted to ask a few words, and she hoped you would give her a chance to fight with Yuan Wu."

Ding Ning frowned deeply, mockingly: "I gave her a chance to fight with Yuan Wu, her injury was heavier than Su Xiu curtain and Baili Suxue, how can I give her such a chance?"

"Your heart is still a little messy." Chang Sun Qianxue looked at Ding Ning, but she was not annoyed, but instead smiled rarely. "Since she said that, of course, it is certain that there is a way to fight against Yuan Wu. It just depends on whether you want it or not."

Ding Ning stunned slightly, he found that Chang Sun Qingxue said well, and he was a little confused.

"Whether you want it or not." Chang Sun Qianxue no longer put pressure on him, turned his head and looked at some seabirds flying on the vast sea, and the sound passed through the wind: "I really want to see Yuanwu fighting with her... In my opinion, the best thing is that she and Yuan Wu fight each other to death. Yuan Wu has become a falling water dog, and then you go to Changling to fight this falling water dog. This is fair."

Ding Ning thought about it very seriously.

Then he laughed: "What you think is what I think, if it can, then it is the best."

The elder Sun Qingxue laughed, not even as beautiful as her flowers when they were in full bloom: "I'm just afraid that you're dead."

Ding Ning sighed deliberately and smiled: "You're not worried about my dead brains, you're worried that if I lose, or even win the Yuanwu, you will be seriously injured. You are distressed."

A light blush flew from Chang Sun Qianxue's face.

Ding Ning took it seriously, "If that is the case, I still have to trouble them to go to Mr. Zhao Si. Zheng Xiu had always wanted to borrow Mr. Zhao Si's sword, but he was accepted by Mr. Zhao Si without his permission. Go back, now if she wants to go to Huiyuan Wu, Mr. Zhao Si should be happy to lend her."