The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 866 Fainting

When the Jiaodong County was peaceful, and even some small gates that were originally part of the Zheng family of Jiaodong County were used to the rule of Bashan Jianchang and the Chu army, within the Yan realm, the Yan army and Yan people were ushering in the darkest dynasty Time.

Within a hundred miles of Qin Yan's border, Yan Jun dropped a total of more than 300,000 soldiers' bodies.

Compared with the total number of Yanqi coalition forces before, the loss of 300,000 Yan Army does not seem to be alarming.

However, from the defeat of Guanzhong to the present, the Yan Army of the former Yanqi Allied Forces has left a total of less than 400,000 after throwing away the bodies of more than 300,000 colleagues.

The most important thing is that a Qin army has quietly separated Qi and Yan.

What makes Yan people cry is that, from beginning to end, Qin Jun used the absolute main force on chasing and killing Yan Jun.

The troops of the Qi dynasty did not encounter strong resistance from the Qin army during the retreat.

At this time, Qi Jun’s purpose was also obvious—Qi Jun’s reinforcements were reunited in several border cities along the Qi Jun’s border.

In fact, the Yan people also know that if the roles of the two sides are reversed, the Yan people's ideas must be the same as the Qi people, throw as few cities as possible, and save their troops as much as possible.

The strength of Qin Jun is not unlimited. When Qin Jun abuses in Yan Realm and consumes all of his strength, it is impossible to enter Qi Realm again, so that Da Qi Dynasty will have a chance to breathe.

Cup Earth City is one of the fortresses of the border town of Yanjing. In the past, there were 50,000 Yan troops stationed here, as well as tens of thousands of prisoners and hard labor.

However, at this time, the Cup Tucheng was barely vocal, that is, it didn't even bark at the dogs, and occasionally there were some crows crying, which made people feel uneasy.

There was a thin layer of floating soil in the whole Cup Earth City. Many courtyards just concealed the door, and even some of the courtyards did not even have the clothes to dry.

All the sergeants in the Cup Earth City, including those prisoners and hard labor, set off as early as more than ten days ago to meet the defeat of Yan.

It's just that none of these people can come back.

All the reinforcements starting here died in Kushuidu.

It was during that battle that the Yan Army and the Qi Army were completely separated, and the general who led the Qin Army was Bai Qi, the commander-in-chief of the Qin Army.

Prince Dan Yan's figure appeared in front of a courtyard.

He looked at this master only for a short time out, but in fact the master has never returned to the courtyard, his eyes are full of sadness.

This is the home of a general in Cup Tucheng.

And this general, when he was in the capital of Yan, used to be his classmate and studied with him under the same teacher.

There were more rapid footsteps and horseshoes in the dead streets.

The sound of horseshoes finally stopped around the courtyard.

A few dusty generals took the horse off the armor, and walked silently into the courtyard.

"His Royal Highness."

A general who even covered his face under the armor mask performed a cold salute with a cold voice: "You should not leave the army alone here."

Ji Dan smiled bleakly and said, "Is it worried about my safety, or is it that I will run away?"

The general was slightly stiff and there was no response at the moment.

"I just got here to hang my old friend."

Ji Dan took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, shook his head, and said with a very complicated emotion: "Father or the Emperor finally asked Yuan Wu for peace?"

The general was silent for a moment, nodded and said, "Yes."

"What's the price?" Ji Dan also calmed down, looking at the general he was familiar with, but now he was not even willing to remove the mask in front of him.

The general also controlled his mood and said slowly, "Your Highness Prince."

"I was the person who walked closest to Zhang Yi before, and before the start of this war, I tried my best to oppose the people who attacked Qin regardless of the meaning of Bashan Jianchang. From Yuan Wu's point of view, if something changed in Yanjing If I replaced the father emperor, the power of Yan would be thrown at Bashan Jianchang." Ji Dan looked at the general with a bitter smile and said, "So he will definitely miss me."

"Just as my general, now I come back to see, do you think my objection makes sense?" After a pause, Ji Dan took a deep breath and looked at the general with pleading, "You think about it again Now, in the situation of my Yan Dynasty, is it more useful to kill me and ask Yuanwu for peace? Is it better to directly plead with Bashan Jianchang for assistance? Keep me and let me go to Zhang Yi and Ding Ning, regardless of my Yan Dynasty How many people will die in the end, but the ending will not be as bleak as Han Zhaowei."

The general was silent for a long time, shook his head, and said, "But the Emperor's Fate, these are not things I considered."

Ji Dan laughed.

His smile is not only full of bitterness, but also an indescribable tragedy: "So the General Pan is also dead, otherwise he will be there, will not let you come to kill me, the father emperor is really a true faint monarch."

"Shut up!" the general said sharply: "Junchen is different. Your thoughts are just your wishful thinking. In the eyes of others, what we need most now is the time of the Yan Dynasty."

"Do you think that after this breath, the Qin dynasty will be exhausted, and then Yuanwu and Bashan sword field will fight, maybe you can sit back and watch the fisherman's benefit?" Ji Dan also laughed sharply, "You are so stupid. Idiot, if you do this, it will only make Ding Ning and Zhang Yi more disappointed with you. They will never interfere with Yan again. They will naturally watch Yuanwu kill Yan."

"And the most important thing is not this." Ji Dan said sharply before the general could not help but say: "A dynasty does not lie in how much wealth, how many practitioners and how many troops. It depends on whether you have your own strength. For the sake of peace, even I have been killed. Then this dynasty has lost everything, lost its own spirit, and even impossible to turn over."

The general's chest undulated violently.

The chests of several generals on his side were the same, even under the thick armor.

"Not foolish."

However, looking at their eyes, Ji Dan knew that their minds would not change.



"A good emperor for half a lifetime, but his name is ruined!"

"See what you are afraid of."

"I will kill myself and hang my head on the upper city tower to show me how the Yan dynasty perished."

In the repeated mourning, Jian Guang flew up in Ji Dan's hands, his head detached from his body, and jumped up with the blood.

Although he died, his eyes widened, glaring.

These generals bowed their heads, daring not to look at his eyes, but wrapped his head in a roll of cloth.