The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 882

Yuan Wu has always been a very contradictory person.

He has been very low-key, or very forbearing, and very plain.

When the people in the Bashan Jianchang were in a state of turmoil, he did not reveal much of his cultivation at all.

Many of those people are talked about by swords, many are blood-burning, and many young practitioners yearn for the story, there is little him, or only his faint shadow.

Therefore, it is a pity that many story books of that year and many classics in the world of practitioners were ordered to be burned after he was enthroned.

But he is undoubtedly desperate for success, eager to make achievements, and become a unique sage in history.

He has many proud moments.

For example, the destruction of the Bashan Sword Field allowed the strongest Zongmen to disappear quickly, suppressing the army with powerful means, and successfully ascended the throne.

For example, after the Jianshan Mountain of Lushan Huimeng, he began to call himself a widow.

In his view at the time, there was no one in the world comparable to him.

In all of his past, even if he didn’t say it, many people can figure out in private that his most proud thing is naturally to kill Wang Jingmeng, and pry the corner of Wang Jingmeng, and get Wang Jingmeng Woman Zheng Xiu.

No matter how Zheng Xiu and him end up fighting each other, and even by this time, it's a non-scoring life and death, but at least in those years when he was initially enthroned, he will feel that Zheng Xiu's choice of him naturally has emotional factors other than mutual utilization.

The last disgust over these years, in his view, was only because Zheng Xiu's ambitions were never satisfied and always inflated, and he increasingly disappointed Zheng Xiu.

But what is the reality?

Zheng Xiu felt at the beginning that he was just a tool for accomplishing her ambitions.

Or in any way, in Zheng Xiu's heart, he is actually no match for Wang Jingmeng.

Maybe he didn't get any real sentiment from Zheng Xiu from the beginning, or Zheng Xiu had been regretting and annoying all these years, so he became more and more disgusted with him and more and more disappointed with reality.

Some things don't ask, some don't say, there will never be an answer.

But at the moment of Yuan Wu's view, those spirit lotions bathed under the stars from the beginning can be the answer to the question.

This answer, like the stars that are burning in his body now, is like a million ants to his heart.

Zheng Xiu didn't go to see his sad smile.

Because she can no longer see.

She herself relied on poison and mysterious methods to return to the light. At this time, all the power in the body rushed out, and she had truly reached the state of exhausted lights, her eyes lost her spirit, and even the water in her eyes was covered by her sword. The scorching breath was evaporated.

At this time, she had no love but no hate.

For her own life, she has no answer.

By the end of this, she had stopped thinking.

All thoughts are empty.

She was so focused, it was like putting her life in this sword.

She took the last step of her life.

This sword is like a path of no return.

Zhao Jianlu, Zhao Yi, who was not far away from her and Yuan Wu, moved stunned.

Zhao Jianlu's sword intention was originally a desperate sword.

Give me away, forget myself, never return.

But even he couldn't show the sword intention of Zheng Xiu at this time.

Zheng Xiu's sword intention at this time is perfectly matched with Zhao Jianlu's sword intention, and is perfectly perfect.

Yuan Wu smiled sadly, and he looked at Zheng Xiu fiercely.

But he also had trouble seeing Zheng Xiu's face.

The world before him seemed to be completely ignited by this sword.

The huge furnace came down, making his eyes crimson.

The stars' vitality passing through him like an unsolvable poisonous toxin slowed his reaction.

He slashed his sword and blocked this sword towards Zheng Xiu.

His unprecedented anger could not control the surge of power in his body.

However, Ka's sound was crisp.

The wrist bone of his sword couldn't withstand the collision of the sword intentions of both sides, and directly broke.

He was in pain, Li Xiao, and the real elements in his body forcibly tied his wrists, so that his entire arm was integrated with the natal sword in his hand, and the sword continued.


The blazing real fire separated like a wave in front of him, and the surging waves flew over the top of his head and the soles of his feet.

Zheng Xiuli even brought a sword, and he was cut off by this extremely arrogant sword.

But at the same time, Ka's crunch sounded from his right shoulder.

He had a huge pain in his right shoulder, and it was painful.

His right shoulder bones were all broken, and some broken bones even pierced his flesh and drilled out.


He made a more intense cry.

This cry is like the roar of the beast, containing countless emotions, most of which is unbelievable.

His body was trembling continually because of the pain and the intense excitement of his mood.

The air outside him was fiery red.

However, his face was pale and bloodless.

He was stained with blood on half of his body, and his right hand could no longer hold his own natal sword. The bright yellow sword light fell from his hands.

I don’t know if it’s hot sweat or cold sweat.

His hair was soaked in sweat, and the messy hair was sticking together, sticking to his forehead and cheeks.

In Yuan Wu's life, there has never been such pain, nor has he been so embarrassed.

Zheng Xiu's body is flying backwards.

Her body is empty.

Because it is empty, so easy.

Never in her life has she been so relaxed at this time...if you will soon.

She used all her emotions and her life in this sword, and she was inexplicably happy.

Her consciousness began to disappear.

But there was a smile on her lips.

The hot flames around her made her feel warm in the end.

She felt like she closed her eyes in the warm spring sun of Jiaodong County, fell on the hillside covered with golden flowers, and fell asleep in the warm fragrance.

In Yuan Wu's cry of pain, there was stillness inside and outside the port and even on the far surface of the Weihe River.

Everyone's eyes did not look at Yuan Wu, but it fell on her, on the sword in her hand.

Everyone feels strange.

Zheng Xiu at this time was completely different from the indifference she had always given to anyone, and was extremely warm.

However, her figure quickly faded out of everyone's field of vision, except that the red sword was still spitting chaotic flames.

Her body began to crack, dissolve ashes, and turned into red flames dancing with the flames.

Several cracks appeared in the golden phoenix clothing, which did not completely disappear, and slowly fell to the river below.

The crimson sword hovered in the air for a moment.

On the broken boat, Zhao bowed to the place where Zheng Xiu disappeared.

He could not judge Zheng Xiu's life, but at least the last battle, this sword, made him pay enough respect.

The crimson sword flew back towards him and was retracted by his sleeve.