The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 884

People inside and outside the port have left.

For the world of practitioners, the dead is Zheng Xiu, the best practitioner in Jiaodong County's history, and one of the most powerful people in the world.

But for ordinary Changling people, it is the mistress of Changling who died, and it is the person who has truly controlled Changling for more than ten years.

In fact, almost everyone knew it well. In the ten years after the throne, Yuan Wu practiced most of the time.

Before today, all Changling people had only cold and betrayed images of Zheng Xiu.

But when they really lost the hostess, when they began to ponder their heads, they felt some inexplicable feelings in their hearts.

The stories on the temple that infuriated them are far less true than the battle that happened before them today.

All of them have been accustomed to how ruthless she is towards her opponents and how ruthless they are when they concentrate their power in their hands over the years. But in the past decade or so, have people in Changling really lived badly?

The vast majority of people eat alcohol and meat, and live a prosperous and stable life.

All of them have adapted to the way the hostess governed Changling, and they are used to this kind of life.

But starting today, they must start adapting to Changling without this hostess.

What will be the difference?

All these ordinary people who can't see too far are confused and messy.

The news of the death of Empress Zheng Xiu of the Great Qin spread along the wilderness like the wind.


A secret letter conveying the news of her death soon arrived in Jiaodong County.

Ding Ning opened the letterhead, and when it was put down, the letterhead also turned into dust.

He walked up to the top of the cliff, looking at the sea, and looking across Jiaodong County.

The grandson Qianxue appeared behind him, not speaking.

"Although I don't care anymore, and I had expected this to be the case, but when I really heard the news, I still couldn't help but feel a little sad." Ding Ning said nothing softly.

The elder Sun Qingxue knew his mood well.

As in those days, she hated Wang Jingmeng, but when she heard that Wang Jingmeng died in Changling, she would also be sad.

She said nothing, but took Ding Ning's hand.

Ding Ning smiled faintly.

He took a breath.

Life is really strange.

Some people are also very strange.

Since the emergence of practitioners in this world, many people seem to pursue a longer life, and the ultimate is longevity.

But no matter how others do, in his view now, is longevity really interesting?

A period of time is an eternal mood.

Growing experiences and memories are often irreplaceable.

When there are fewer and fewer friends, even the enemy is becoming fewer.

If you can live forever, your old friends and enemies will pass away one by one. Even if there are new friends and enemies, the past years will no longer be there, and the new people will be descendants after all. You can only keep reminding yourself that you are very old.

Is it too old to go back, really not tired?

The news spread outside the Yinshan Mountains and into the deep grasslands.

In the pasture where the grass is long flying, the old woman of Wu's looked at the detailed report on this battle, and there was no joy.

Ding Ning has experienced too many things, from a talented young swordsman to the leader of the strongest practice area, and then embarked on such a road of revenge. Things you want to accomplish.

Regardless of whether Ding Ning looks young or not, he is no longer the immense young swordsman of that year.

He began to love the old, which means that his mentality has begun to grow old.

This is like Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui.

But the old woman is really old.

It’s even more terrifying when you are so old that many things begin to be forgotten.

So for this old lady, many major events in the world brought her surprises. It was far less than she found a bunch of flowers she loved in full bloom when walking, and it was far less than the two dogs she raised had a litter of cubs .

The news spread to Yan Jing.

Or Qin Jing.

Because the Yan Dynasty no longer exists.

There was a silence in the Yanjing Qin Army Chinese Army Camp.

All the generals looked at their commander Bai Qi in a heavy mood.

Bai Qineng's status to today is largely due to Zheng Xiu's exceptional promotion.

What impact will Zheng Xiu's death have on him?

"Concern in advance whether there is any problem with the supply of military food."

However, what they did not expect was that Bai Qi just confessed this sentence and walked out of the discussion camp.

He walked into the camp where Jing Liuli was, and told Jing Liuli this news.

"Much stronger than I thought."

Jing Liuli is the most peaceful person, she just said: "I didn't expect that she even used this kind of spirit lotus seed, this is the real natal animal she has been raising for so many years. But this becomes simpler, she let Yuan Wu suffered such a serious injury, and Yuan Wu was probably hiding in the large array of palaces built by Li Si for him. He could not go anywhere. The next step is to hinder and use you and me."

"I guess you just want me to direct the division into full force, regardless of his military orders." Bai Qi looked at Jing Liuli and said, "When I saw this news and discussed with my subordinates, I thought you would think so. ."

"You guessed it right. I think so. I guess Yuanwu's military order should arrive very soon. He should let you take troops back to Changling." Jing Liuli sneered. "After all, you are also his current help. straw."

Bai Qi didn't question this sentence, but just shook his head and said, "It's not so simple to cast the division into Qi. Although Qi's combat effectiveness is not good, there will be problems with the supply, especially when I lead the army completely regardless of Yuanwu's order. Speaking of military food, even military horses and chariots will have problems. Without enough military horses and chariots, my army is now exhausted without contact with the Qi army, and it has no combat power or intention at all."

"You don't have a way, but I know someone has a way." Jing Liuli smiled faintly. "Chen Sheng, who is now at the border of Yanqin, is not the so-called prodigal Xie Changsheng of the Xie family?"

Such words did not cause much shock to Bai Qi.

He just frowned slightly, and said quietly, "As long as you can ensure the supply, I will complete this battle with you."

Jing Liuli also nodded calmly, "You can start preparing."

Bai Qi nodded, no longer talking, and left the camp.

Jing Liuli is very rare to spread out the pen and ink, and began to write letterhead.

She seldom writes, so it's not pretty, but the swordwork is in her strokes, and she looks unique.

She wrote very carefully and wrote all her ideas, including what she is going to do and what she is going to do, on this letterhead.