The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 885

The news of Zheng Xiu's death is still spreading farther and further away.

Even in the Barbaric Kingdom outside the Yan Dynasty frontier, many tribal kings heard that the hostess of Daqin was very close.

Whether it is the great Qin dynasty or Yanqi dynasties, the remote kingdoms or tribes that live on animal husbandry, hunting and fishing are all called the Central Plains dynasty.

The Central Plains dynasty means prosperity and culture. Most of these remote kingdoms or tribes actually want to lead their troops to break through the territory, take a slice of the soup from these Central Plains dynasties, or become a part of them.

In a sense, Jiaodong County has always been looked down upon by the old powers of the Daqin dynasty, because Jiaodong County is no different from those fishermen's tribes in their eyes.

Jiaodong County and Zheng Xiu, in fact, are vaguely the targets of the successful counterattack in the hearts of these Barbarians.

Especially when Zheng Xiu became the hostess of Changling, and many of the battles between them came from her hands, Zheng Xiu was a god-like existence in the hearts of many barbarian tribe leaders.

Fear, respect, worship.

Many leaders of the Barbarian tribes who are enemies with Zheng Xiu are actually looking forward to seeing this legendary queen who is beautiful and powerful.

Many people are in a bad mood because of this.

In particular, some barbarian kings who lent troops to the Yan dynasty in the past often knew that it was impossible, but they kept saying that they would break into Changling and capture Zheng Xiu as their concubine.

Now that Zheng Xiu is dead, he has no talk about imagining and having fun on weekdays. It is like an important program in the past, and there will be no more in the future.

An tribe king broke his favorite wine glass in exasperation.

A tribe king burned a set of brocade clothes that he was going to wear when he entered Changling.


The atmosphere in many palaces is very cold and very strange.

However, the coldest and strangest nature is the palace of Changling.

Emperor Yuanwu left the port after being injured, but did not return to the Qin Palace in Changling, but went directly to the newly built Afang Palace under Lishan.

The palace there is indeed very new, spectacular and larger.

Some official residences are also moving towards that side.

However, at least until then, there was no intention to say that the Changling Palace should be abolished.

The vast majority of palace people are still in the Changling Palace.

So this is deserted on both sides.

There are very few people in the palaces on both sides.

It's all like a dead city.

Among the kings of the world, the most intriguing thing is naturally the mood of Yuan Wu at this time.

But apart from Yuan Wu, who can know his emotions at this time?


Yuan Wu is in the deepest bedroom in the Afang Palace.

All the utensils in his bedroom are made of a strange black jade. Even if the bed is covered with the softest cushion in the world, it is still too hard for Yuan Wu at this time.

He was very tired at this time, fighting against evenly matched opponents, too much consumption of spirit, this battle was more depleting of his mind than that of Lushan Association.

What he needs most is rest, but he cannot sleep.

You cannot sleep in any position.

His injured arm rested on the cushion of the bed, and he dared not make any movements, but even so.The pain still kept his body trembling.

The bones shatter and the meridians shatter, making it difficult to support

For a long time, he could only lie still.

But in his perception, the most painful thing comes from the truth flowing in him.

For practitioners like him, the true element is to provide the vital energy of his body. In the course of countless years of practice, the essence of the heaven and earth aura is blended, the impurities are continuously removed, the continual cultivation, the constant change, the truth flowing in his body Yuan is already the best elixir in the world, and the most suitable elixir for him.

These elixir promotes the continuous enhancement of his bodily functions, gives him more vigorous energy, and even constantly stimulates his potential.

However, the true element flowing in him now is not like this.

When Zheng Xiu fought with him, he suddenly aroused the vitality of the stars that he could not even perceive. Even to the outsider, he pushed all the stars out of the body at once.

However, the strength of vitality is essentially different from the actual impurities.

Just like the countless bovine steel needles pierced into the body can be easily removed, but during the practice of many practitioners, the medicinal properties of some medicines used to quickly increase the aura have already merged with the blood, and they cannot be separated from each other and are difficult to remove.

The true element and the qi sea in his body have become completely different from all the places where the stars walk and shine and penetrate.

In his current perception, his truth makes him feel a little strange.

Unfamiliarity is disadvantageous.

Even though the true yuan's power is not reduced, the true yuan flowing in his body is like a chronic poison.

This is a real lotus root, and it is entangled... Although Zheng Xiu is dead, her unique strength, her vitality, is still eroding his body and will, including his confidence.

Even stripping Zheng Xiu's shadow from his mind is impossible.

"Too bad!"

He was annoyed hysterically unjustly, his face twisted, and in the dormitory of no one else, he whispered whispered and sternly.

He couldn't remember how many times this was.

In the depths of his mind, there seemed to be a Zheng Xiu standing vividly, smiling at him contemptuously, and mocking him. Those spirit lotus seeds belonged to her originally, and he wanted to take it himself.

In Zheng Xiu's mocking voice, there is also the clearest and most loud sentence: "Your cultivation plan will only be low but not going up from today."

"Does the widow really want to lose in your hands like the Wang Jingmeng in those days?"

Yuan Wu’s face changed from distorted to mulan, he finally temporarily removed Zheng Xiu’s shadow and Zheng Xiu’s voice from his mind, and then issued two orders, “Call Bai Qi to return to Changling” “Let Zhao Gao reach Afang Palace ".

An old man heard Yuan Wu's voice in Afang Palace.

He is Xu Fu.

He couldn't help sighing softly.

At this moment, he suddenly thought that Yuan Wu had always seemed to be a lonely man, and he never seemed to have friends around him.

At this moment, footsteps sounded outside his door.

An official sent a letterhead.

To his great shock, the first time he received the letter, he knew it came from Bashan Jianchang and from Ding Ning.

He was very familiar with the handwriting on the letterhead, exactly the same as the handwriting of the former King Jingmeng.

The content itself, however, made his body tremble slightly.

The letter asked only one sentence. Does he care about the life and death of the hundreds of boys and girls?