The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 888 Thoughts

Black was originally the most common color of the Qin people. Black clothes and black armor, including the standard swords used by the army, are all black.

However, the black of this boy in black shirt is different, especially deep, exuding an unimaginable death.

Even for Xu Fu, the appearance of this boy in black shirt is very abrupt.

It seemed that he suddenly appeared in the sight of everyone, and then the black dead air on his body slid down the corner of his clothes like flowing water, flowing out along the ground.

Not only Xu Fu, all the practitioners in the barracks knew who the black-shirt boy was.

Under the sky, among all the practitioners who practice Yinyin ghosts, only Yan Ying's disciple can be so young and so powerful.

It was just that Xu Fu didn't understand what it meant to appear in this black shirt.

"Do you think he can deal with the sword array alone?"

His brow furrowed deeply, and asked at Dantai Guanjian: "Use such a practitioner of similar age to deal with the entire sword array. Is this what you want me to see?"

Dantai Guanjian looked at him quietly and asked, "Why not?"

Xu Fu was a little angry.

Many old people in Changling are very self-cultivated, he and Mo Shoucheng are of this kind.

He didn't understand why he was angry, but he was inexplicably angry.

"It's just because my sword array is all children, so Bashan Jianchang is not dealing with it, neither is it." He couldn't help sneering, "If Bashan Jianchang kills these children, then pass it to kill So many children are always unpleasant. If you don’t kill, this sword array is powerful, and it is invincible in the battle array, which is enough to become the key to the battle. But Ding Ning and Lin Bojiu think that as long as they use a similarly young one There is no such problem for the practitioners to deal with this sword formation? Just a practitioner is enough to deal with this sword formation for me?"

Dantai Guanjian can understand the emotion of the old man at this time.

This sword array not only consumed the precious ten years of the old man, but also consumed the precious practice resources of the entire Great Qin Dynasty in the past ten years.

These ten-year-olds were originally geniuses who were selected in various places.

Even if Yan Ying's disciples are extremely talented, and they still get the wealth left by Yan Ying, even if they are personally taught by Ding Ning and others, can they be compared with the gifts of the entire dynasty?

Moreover, he has only one person.

"I understand why you are angry."

The practitioners at the level of Dantai Guanjian don't need to hide their emotions at all. He looked at Xu Fu and shook his head calmly, "But things are not as simple as you think, and the ones you say are also you What I thought. Since Ding Ning wants you to come, there is naturally his reason."

Xu Fu took a deep breath.

He also awakened, and he shouldn't have such a gaze in front of his younger generation.

He shook his head and didn't want to say anything, just watched.

The city of Tong, not far away, has also been alarmed by the dark clouds brought by Teng Jiao's arrival, and a lot of smoke and dust has risen in the city. I think some troops are also gathering quickly.

However, around this barracks, it became more and more quiet.

As the black air flowed from the black tomb on the school floor, even the slight sound of the insects disappeared.

But I don't know why. As the world is getting quieter and quieter, and even the sound of falling leaves is audible, the sound of the piano comes from nowhere.

This piano sound is very low, if there is nothing, it seems to disappear at any time, without any energy fluctuations.

However, Xu Fu's face changed suddenly when he heard this sound.


Sand dust suddenly rose on the school ground.

A grain of sand does not fly apart, but it floats straight up.

The black gas that had flowed on Qian Qian's body was like heavy water, overflowing on the ground. However, at this time, a trace of black gas was seeping from the hard mud and flying straight up.

The ground began to shake.

The entire barracks began to shake.

The horses in the barracks began to panic, and there were countless stern restraints.

It was at this moment that the air above the barracks was split into countless pieces by a dazzling sword light, and then turned into countless disorderly rotating wind currents!

The boys and girls in the barracks have already felt the hostility of Qian Tomb, and they have also felt that Qian Tomb has shot.

The ground of the school ground was cracked, and then it was pushed open by more black gas and turned upside down.

The flying sword flying above the barracks quickly responded to the spirit of the Yin God, the ghost, and the spirit. The flying sword brought out a flash of sword road, which was constantly gathering sunlight.

The upper part of the entire barracks became brighter and brighter, dazzling to the light, and so bright that it was just a bright ball, and the flying sword inside could not be seen.

The blazing sunlight was originally the nemesis of the spirits of the Yin and Gods, but the Thousand Tombs seemed unmoved at all.

The black gas on his arms became stronger and stronger, and he could not see his palms. The two black gases went deep into the ground. With the slight movement of his arm, the ground instantly boiled completely, and the hard soil weighing more than a thousand pounds rose upward. Lightly fluttering feathers.

In an instant, a black mountain rose underground.

On the black mountain, there are countless tombstones, like a forest.

This is Qian Tomb Hill, Yan Ying's natal creature, and also the mortal creature of Qian Tomb's life.

When the sound of the piano sounded unrelated and unrelated to this battle, Xu Fu's face had changed greatly, and when Qian Tomb rose at this time, Xu Fu's eyes suddenly shrank violently!

Qian Tomb Mountain is not strange and mysterious to the entire world of practitioners.

However, Qianqianshan at this time is very different from Qianqianshan in previous records.

At the moment when the black shirt rises, the black rocks and mud beneath the tombstones also loosen instantly.

Pieces of tombstones floated like mud on the school ground.

Below the tombstone, a figure appeared.

This Taoist figure is dead, and has a unique taste of decay and filth. For practitioners, it is like the mold stains on the decayed food that is least willing to touch.

But what makes people extremely palpitated is that the energy fluctuations in these dead objects are very powerful and terrifying.

Thousand tombs disappeared in Montenegro.

Many "cultivators" exuding decayed flavors left Montenegro and proceeded to the barracks ahead.

Unstoppable exclamations came from the barracks.

These voices are very naive.

The extremely young practitioners who formed the military camp never encountered such an enemy.

The vitality inside these "cultivators" surged out, and the sound of countless giant mountains moving in the sky.

What followed was a storm.

Countless days of storms caused by the drop of vitality

Xu Fu's face was very pale.

These "cultivators" are obviously all puppets, but they also have the power of seven realms.