The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 889

Xu Fu's sword array is a foreign body for the entire cultivation world and an unprecedented beginning.

In the history of the whole cultivation world, there has never been such a huge number of sword arrays.

The large number of people means complexity, which means that the number of worlds and energies drawn is increased.

What's more, although every swordsman in this sword formation is young, they have reached the point where they can fly the sword.

The rapid flying sword, can bring countless vortices in the air in every breath, and bring the turbulence of countless vitality. When these forces can condense, it is undoubtedly terrible.

But this black mountain of the Thousand Tombs is undoubtedly an unprecedented foreign body for the entire cultivation world.

Xu Fu's sword array can be said to be the most important reliance of the army of the Great Qin Dynasty at this time, even more important than the UFO fleet itself, it can deal with many seven realm masters at the same time, and it is completely easy to kill.

But to deal with dozens, or even a hundred of Seven Realm Grand Masters, and these Seven Realm Grand Masters are all dead creatures who have no life, know no pain and fear, and completely obey the will of one person?

No one knew the result before.

But now everyone will see the results soon.

The power brought by countless sword gas vortices forcibly converged on dozens of sword lights. These sword lights were bright as stars in the daytime, and easily shattered the strong Yin Yuan breath outside these "cultivators". Crush the gray-black vitality into a powerful flame, and then collide with the weapons in the hands of these "cultivators" or the strength of the vitality they have gathered.

In an instant there were sounds of violent impacts from countless mountains.

The wall surrounded by the hard wood piles outside the barracks was easily shaken into countless wood chips.

These flying swords flying out of the sword array obviously dominated. Several corpse practitioners were directly penetrated, and then were ripped into pieces by more rushing sword lights.

In addition to the several corpse practitioners who were directly crushed, when these flying swords were withdrawn, at least half of the corpse practitioners rushing from the Montenegrin clock had wounds of various sizes.

Some of them have torn scary, perforated sword holes, some have incomplete hands and feet, and some have even cut off half of their faces.

But even so, the masters of these flying swords in the barracks were still shaking with fear, and some even cried in fear.

The vitality of these devastated corpses practitioners is also dissipating.

Dark and ink-like vitality was left from the wound like blood, but they were still moving forward.

But the flying swords that just flew from their bodies were quickly dimmed. When the sword boys who controlled these flying swords injected the real elements in their bodies into the runes of these flying swords, the strange vibration even affected their anger. sea.

The vitality of Yinshen ghosts and creatures has inherently the dirty effect of flying swords and damaging the runes, not to mention the vitality of Qiantou Mountain.

When a flying sword is like an eagle falcon with injured wings, how can it draw the sword way perfectly?

Xu Fu's face was extremely white.

He would like to remind his disciples that the only chance to defeat this time is to concentrate all his strength and kill the young boy in black shirt who controls Qian Tomb Hill.

However, even if he makes a noise, it may be too late.

A deep drink came from the depths of Montenegro.

With this loud drink, Montenegro swelled violently, giving the impression that it would almost explode!


That one was not badly wounded, and the body's vitality was mad|The corpse practitioner who bleeds out directly from the depths of his body.

Terrors of black energy raged in the air with unimaginable violent violence.

There was a throbbing impact from behind the violent black energy.

Those remaining corpse practitioners devoured fresh food like hungry ghosts, their strength rose again, and then they poured out all the power in their bodies.

In front of the barracks, there was a picture unimaginable.

The energy generated by the bursts of self-detonation was not completely dispersed, but was twisted into a strand by the back force, just like a huge magic palm formed in the air, instantly traversing a distance of hundreds of feet, smashing hard on the sword array Among.

Before these ghosts and ghosts fell down, more tender crying sounded in the sword array. Hundreds of flying swords frantically traveled in the air, forming a sword net.

The black gas like the troll's arm pressed like a mountain. These flying swords fell slightly, and Jianguang even held it for a while.

The constant popping sound in the air feels like a wall of city is cracking and the mountain is shaking.

It's just that the sword light on these flying swords is constantly dimming, and the shaking of the flying sword inside the sword light is beginning to gradually become fierce.

Xu Fu's complexion turned from Xuebai to gray.

He is the practitioner who is most familiar with this sword array, so he knows that the victory has been divided.

If, if the cultivation of these sword boys is stronger, the true Yuan power on the flying sword is more stable, and the traction of the heaven and earth is stronger, it may be able to exhaust the strength of Montenegro and these corpse practitioners.

But now these sword boys cannot.

When there are some breaks in the sword array, it will bring death and injury.

The biggest difference between the sword array and the individual practitioners is such a huge sword array, even if only one person dies, it cannot be formed.

Now this sword formation is in the process of slow death.

When the spirit of Yin God Ghosts penetrated into one of the flying swords and could not be controlled, the battle ended.

At this time Xu Fu finally understood the significance of Ding Ning letting him see this battle.

Because he possessed this sword array, he was naturally very proud. Before such a thing happened, he should not promise Ding Ning any conditions.

Qin whimpered.

After the slow death of the sword formation, Xu Fu didn't know what kind of mood and how to speak, but on the other side of the barracks, a piece of black bamboo spawned out of thin air.A woman in a red shirt hugs the piano and walks out of the black air. When she walked in front of him for fifty steps, she saluted him far away, first of all thanks.

"Thank you, Master Xu, for taking care of me over the years. The little girl knows that if you don't take care of Mrs. Xu, I wouldn't be safe in Changling Fish Market."

The red shirt woman is naturally the business lady.

After she thanked her, she asked again softly, "But Mr. Xu, have you ever thought about it, is it worth the business?"

Numerous past incidents followed the emergence of the business lady. Xu Fu's mind was completely blank. After this question, his body became stiff and he couldn't even breathe.

"Wang Tubaye really doesn't have to worry about right or wrong. Does anyone worthy of this?"

The business lady still has a faint tone, "You are my father's friend and one of my father's most trusted people. Even if you don't know when Changling made my business a scapegoat, you still are Allegiance to destroy the people of my business. Is it to achieve the purpose, do not even need any personal emotions, then your personal thoughts, what do you want to do in the future, it does not matter?"

"Yuanwu will be defeated, you should wake up. Take these sword boys to leave Changling, if you can't do without Wangtu Baye, give you a sea, is it not good for you to build a Wangtu Baye?" Dantai Guanjian said to him, and then explained softly, "This is what Ding Ning said to you."

"Yuanwu will be defeated, you should wake up. Take these sword boys to leave Changling, if you can't do without Wangtu Baye, give you a sea, is it not good for you to build a Wangtu Baye?" Dantai Guanjian said to him, and then explained softly, "This is what Ding Ning said to you."