The Sword Dynasty

892 Sword Test

Ding Ning laughed.

"I have thought about countless ways and possibilities about vengeance, but no matter what kind of methods and possibilities, I did not expect it to become so simple in the end." His smile was initially brilliant, but at the end, there were The unclear taste, "I actually want to understand, maybe I don’t do anything. I will wait another ten years to put the sheep here. Like the ascetics, they hunt and fish in the mountains, maybe Yuanwu and Zheng Xiu. It will become like this."

Everyone present was stunned.

A moment of silence.

Bai Shanshui seriously thought, but could not help but smile bitterly, said: "Maybe this is really possible."

The rest of the people thought so.

The reason why Wang Jingmeng and Bashan Jianchang were defeated was that Wang Jingmeng couldn't see through people's hearts.

And many years later, if Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu no longer have enemies in their eyes that make them fearful, then their enemies will only be left with each other.

Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu are the same people in a certain sense, and there is no possibility of permanent accommodation and tolerance.

"I really touched the door of the Eight Realms." Ding Ning looked at the Bai Shanshui without saying the layout of the palace's magic circle, but suddenly said this softly.

This sentence is a real thunder for the real masters in the world.

Under the turmoil of the state of mind, there are countless strange roars on this hillside, the various glows of the sky are flashing, and the clouds are flying.

"How could it be so fast?"

Even though Ye Celian was glad that her hands were shaking slightly, she still felt a little weird.

Even though Ding Ning had practice experience that no one was present, it was once the closest to the Eight Realms, but from the breaking of the Jiaodong County floating island to the present, after all, the time is too short.


Ding Ning narrowed his smile and looked at Ye Ce-Leng lightly, just like when he was teaching her many years ago, he slowly said, "Check all the scriptures, there is basically no description of the method of breaking from seven to eight. It is because there are very few masters of the Seven Realms, and those who can cultivate from the Seven Realms to the Eight Realms are among the first generation of practitioners. It is difficult to produce one or two. Another important point is that the Seven Realms arrive The breakthrough of the Eight Realms is really difficult to describe."

When he spoke slowly, it seemed that there was a strange breath flowing, and there was a wonderful glow in the air, but when he really held his breath, he felt nothing, all illusions.

All the guru present stood upright.

Bai Shanshui sighed, and she began to understand that Ding Ning must ask them to come over today. In fact, it is more important to share this moment and let them experience the process.

"Six realms to seven realms, to a great extent, have not accumulated to a certain extent, and are related to the state of mind. A breakthrough epiphany, suddenly bright, is already difficult to describe in words." Ding Ning raised his head and crossed the eyes The palace looked at the Changling Mausoleum farther away, and said softly: "The Changling Mausoleum in the past, I have felt infinitely close to the Eight Realms, and even felt that I could use some means to move the Eight Realms. After meeting Donghu Saint Monk, I Think more clearly, the key to the seven to eight realms is not the ingestion of heaven and earth, but the release."

Bai Shanshui nodded, indicating that he could continue.

"It is not fixed on one's own body, not broken, not standing. When all the cultivation practices are broken, the spiritual will and body are infinitely empty. Naturally, new worlds can be attracted. But if it is really completely empty, it is scattered work, so I think that if it is true Yuanhe's spiritual will is all condensed into the body, which is the key to breaking through the seven realms."

Ding quietly looked at the Changling Mausoleum, which was a little strange because of the addition of the city walls, and then said: "In the past I also said this to Donghu Shengmon. He later really broke the eight realms, and I thought about it. It’s the real avenue. But now, I know I’m still wrong.”

"Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu's duel was her last wish. When she and Yuan Wu divided their lives, Yuan Wu was seriously injured, and when the news reached me, I suddenly felt like I was empty." Ding Ning turned his head. Looking at everyone, "As many things in the past dissipated in an instant, as you originally planned, something extremely difficult, you found that suddenly became very simple, and no difficulties existed, when everything became so simple, When my mood was empty and there was nowhere to put it, I really touched the threshold of the eight realms, and felt the influx of heaven and earth that many seven realms could never touch."

"Later, I figured out the eight realms, and how the holy monks of Donghu broke through."

Ding Ning laughed with emotion.

"He only really touched the eight realms after he met me. I thought my words played a role in him, even he thought that way, but now, I only know that I am him The key to breaking the border."

"The deeper you practice, the higher your practice, the more victorious you are, and the more you want to defeat the stronger adversary. After seeing me, Donghu Shengmon thinks that this life cannot surpass me, and just wants to follow me I look forward to seeing a higher state in me."

"It was my reappearance that made him put aside these and became empty."

"So Yuanwu's breakthrough might be because of me. He wanted to kill me in his life. Then he really killed Wang Jingmeng and got Zheng Xiu. All his wishes were fulfilled. I think that year When he did, his mood might suddenly be empty and nowhere to be placed."

After Ding Ning finished speaking, the hillside remained silent for a long time.

"It's really boring."

Bai Shanshui couldn't help but shook his head, slightly mocking, "When we first practiced, we were fighting with people and fighting with the sky. When the cultivation became a great success, we would kill the beasts on the mountain, and the evil caterpillars on the sea. If you can do anything, you want to compete with the heroes of the world, but in the end, you have to think that everything is empty and the victory and defeat are meaningless before you can break through the eight realms?"

"Just looking for the deepest obsession, and then waiting for the obsession to disappear suddenly, then completely loosen and empty time?" Ye Ce cold is not as casual as Bai Shanshui, asking more seriously.

"So these thoughts are interesting." Ding Ning also said slightly mockingly, "So after killing Wang Jingmeng, Yuan Wu naturally didn't put the world's people in the eyes anymore, even when Lushan Huimeng, he just acted Low-key and stable, he did not think of others as what he thought. In his opinion, Daqin’s princes were naturally nothing, and Zheng Xiu was naturally not a rival that could compete with him. So when dealing with many things later, he was mentally This will naturally make Zheng Xiu unbearable."

"So it's true, you don't show up. If we don't have the possibility of touching the eight realms, Zheng Xiu's fight is just a game of passing time, which naturally makes the proud heart of Zheng Xiu even more unable. Accept." Zhao Si shook his head. "But wait, it's not as good as revenge yourself. I still don't feel the opportunity to break through the eight realms. It must be because Yuan Wu is not dead yet."

Bai Shan was stunned, and suddenly felt that Zhao Si's words made sense, and could not help laughing out loud, "It's always said that it has become a spectator, and it's boring, but it's always a big deal, maybe Yuanwu died, we really touched at the same time. Meet the threshold of the eight realms."

"It's not without this possibility."

Ding Ning laughed.

His eyes fell on the Afang Palace under the mountain.

He also couldn't see what kind of layout the palace had made.

But now, he can use the simplest method.

And it can make Yuan Wu more uneasy.

His eyes fell on the moment of the palace where Yuanwu was located. A cloud of clouds above the top of the mountain produced a wonderful twist, turning into a faint sword light, and fell directly to the palace.