The Sword Dynasty

#894 refers to the deer

The young official was numb as he walked out of Wutong with the world's most famous sword.

But what he thinks the most in his mind is not Ding Ning today, Wang Jingmeng's cultivation practice and the purpose of returning to Changling, but Ding Ning said a few words to him.

He stopped to look at the Changling Mausoleum, which already had walls.

The shadow of the huge wall covered the houses near the wall like dark clouds.

I don't know why. Compared with Changling, which was completely open without walls, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and unaccustomed.

Close the door, who is this Changling?

In the minds of those at Bashan Jianchang, the Changling was originally not a monopoly, but by all Changlings.

The young official understood something. He smiled bitterly, clenched the sword in his hand, and strode toward the mansion of Bingmasi.

The young official had no concealment about Ding Ning's appearance, including every sentence he met with Ding Ning, who made it very clear.

The young official was very reassuring.

In his view, the safety of Ding Ning next has nothing to do with him.

However, he did not pay attention to the faces of several senior officials of the field.

The reaction of these high-ranking officials was not intense.

Among them, the thought of a deputy chief with the highest rank is not even in the sword decree in front of him.

This young official could not have known that he could never have seen this nobleman whose status was much higher than him. What he thought in his mind at that time was the palace under Lishan.

What the deputy chief thought at this time was whether the news of the sword commander and Ding Ningtang returning to Changling and walking through the streets could be passed to the emperor Yuanwu in the palace.

Since the battle between Emperor Yuanwu and Empress Zheng Xiu broke apart, none of them could see Yuanwu.

However, the carriage carrying Zhao Gao traveled between Changling and the palace more frequently.

During this time, the Emperor Yuanwu showed absolute trust in Zhao Gao more than once, and even several shadow guards around Yuanwu began to protect Zhao Gao's safety.

If the princes in the palace can express different opinions, these officials still have the power to fight.

However, Fusu had been banned from the deep palace for a long time and was unable to participate in political affairs.

As for Hu Hai, he relies more on Zhao Gao than Yuan Wu.


"Can the medicine be heavier, and can it work faster?"

In the black palace, Emperor Yuanwu bowed his head and asked Zhao Gao who leaned over.

Zhao Gaodao: "I try as much as possible, but if more medicine is added, I am afraid that many officials in the DPRK and China will object."

Emperor Yuanwu's voice froze: "No one dares to object."

Zhao Gao nodded and saluted to exit.

The carriage carrying Zhao Gao left Afang Palace and returned to Changling.

When the new Danfang herbal medicine was prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, dozens of officials came to Hu Hai's palace.

Zhao Gao and Hu Hai spoke in the study.

When these officials arrived at the entrance of the study, Zhao Gao and Hu Hai still sat relative to each other. I didn't know what interesting things were being said. Hu Hai smiled, but when he saw these officials, he was impatient.

One of the oldest officials stepped forward and expressed fierce opposition, arguing that several drugs in Natan's side may have extremely adverse effects on Yuanwu in the future.

Zhao Gao listened quietly.

He did not express any opinion, and did not get up, just clicked the garden outside the study.

In the garden, there is a deer garden.

In the deer garden, there are two sika deer.

Zhao Gao looked at the aged official and all the officials behind him, and pointed at one of the sika deer lightly, saying, "What is that?"

The elderly official was taken aback, "Naturally it is a deer."

Zhao Gao smiled coldly and said, "It's obviously a horse."

The elderly official and all the officials behind him were dumbfounded, but they could not react for a while.

Zhao Gao turned his head back and no longer looked at these officials, "I said Ma is Ma... As for your opinion, is it important?"

The aged official's lips trembled for a long time, unable to speak, but a spit of blood spurted out.


When these officials again recognized that some things had left, Ding Ningfa issued the world sword first order about the battle of Yuanwu, and as soon as a gust of wind, the center of Changling was quickly swept toward the world.

Since the battle between Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu, Changling streets and lanes, which seem to have become somewhat boring, have become warm again.

Everyone knows that Yuan Wu has been seriously injured.

However, Ding Ning said today that he can choose any absolutely fair way to fight.

Even many people who do not know how to practice can think of many ways to make a duel fair.

Everyone is looking forward to the battle between Yuanwu and Ding Ning.

Especially the vast majority of people in Changling have witnessed the battle where Wang Jingmeng entered Changling more than ten years ago.

Now that Yuan Wudu has broken through the eight realms, and Ding Ning can propose an absolutely fair battle, everyone starts to feel that Yuan Wu owes and Ding Ning a fair showdown.

Just like the grievances of Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu, they were settled with one battle.

The old grudge between Bashan Jianchang and Yuanwu was resolved with such a battle.

Especially when the news of Bai Qilian's continuous assault on the battlefield of Qin Qi came, all Qin people began to feel that the world's major events could already be resolved with this battle.

What are you waiting for?

It's like watching a play, watching a popular play that you want to watch but being late.

Everyone is expecting more and more and more and more eagerly.

"This Yuanwu is really not a thing..."

With the passage of time, a certain drinker in a pub in Changling on a certain day couldn't help but curse Yuan Wu.

Openly insulting the Holy Spirit in Changling, this was absolutely unthinkable in the past.

However, this curse seems to be Mars igniting the dry grass.

In just a few days, the voice of insulting Yuan Wu in the streets of Changling became more and more.


There was another rain in Changling.

It's raining heavily.

In the pouring rain, Zhao Gao's carriage went out of the palace.

However, this time Zhao Gao did not have a warm medicine soup in the carriage.

Zhao Gao's carriage slowly disappeared into the rain curtain and disappeared on the road from Changling to Afang Palace.

Also in this heavy rain.

A girl holding an umbrella appeared on the slope of Lishan where she let go of the sheep.

The girl looked at the shed that had been completely destroyed, and countless complex emotions filled her eyes.

She put down her umbrella and began to clean the shed in the rain.

It took her a long time to finally restore the collapsed and ruined shed to the appearance that she lived in.

She was very content to report that her knees were curled up on the bed in the shed. The vitality on her body surged away the moisture in the shed.

However, there is still a lack of tableware and chopsticks, as well as those that cook rice and soup.

She was a little dazed, but she couldn't help but sigh.