The Sword Dynasty

896 Weaving a Net

There is a mansion in the Changling Mausoleum with heavy rain.

All the doors and windows in this house are exceptionally large, not because the owner particularly likes ventilation, but because the owner of this house is really huge.

Hengshan Xuhou sat like a hill-like figure in front of a window, his eyes through the rain curtain, and was looking in the direction of Lishan.

Next to the tea case beside him, it was Ding Ning who was drinking tea slowly.

"I didn't think that the old house was in disrepair during the rainstorm, and the house collapsed, and everything came so fast, just as I couldn't think of the fall of the Bashan sword field." Houshan Xuhou's eyes had an unspeakable emotion.

There have been many dynasty changes in history, but he has not experienced it personally, and the dynasty changes are rarely so fast, so his mood is difficult to describe with words.

But Ding Ning could understand his feelings.

"Since it's all the same, I just want you to make the same choices as you did and let this thing end more quickly." Ding Ning calmly drank the tea and said.

Xu Hou slowly turned his huge body, even if he was only wearing ordinary clothes, it seemed a little difficult: "You don't remember the things you hated?"

Ding Ning did not answer Xu Hou’s question positively, but smiled lightly, saying: “You should understand that no matter whether it was then or now, I never wanted to be an emperor, and had no interest in being an emperor. Especially in that year, I It’s just Changling, and it’s just the soldiers who were born and died with us in the Great Qin Dynasty. If you feel that the ending can’t be changed, and you can end a lot faster, you can die a lot less. Your choice is understandable.”

Xu Hou was silent for a long time before he said: "I can't represent them all."

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "You can."

Xu Hou was somewhat stunned.

Ding Ning looked at him and said, "Because only you don't know, you are already the deciding person they recommended... Because in their view, you are the closest to Bashan Jianchang, so they think you are a middleman and When I meet, it will be easier to hide my hatred, so that I can accept you better."

Xu Hou lowered his head.

His facial muscles twitched slightly.

He was a little ashamed.

What did he do for the Bashan Sword Field in the past few years? At most, he secretly expressed some kindness to those practitioners who had sympathy for the Bashan Sword Stadium and dissatisfaction with Zheng Xiuyuanwu, and resolved some of the troubles of those practitioners.

For example, although he played with Ye Celen once, he secretly kept Ye Celang secretly.

Is it just good enough?

He bowed his head and went down a bit.

This is nodding.

Ding Ning also nodded and turned his head to look at the rain curtain outside the window, "All this will end soon. A dynasty that has never existed in the world will appear. Even if there will be a stormy battle for power in the future, when After this dynasty is unified, at least whether it is Qin, whether it is Han Zhaowei in the past, or Chu Yanqi now, people in these places will soon have no concept of dynasty. There are only people in the world, and no dynasty. People. This is the beginning of a new era."

"Goodwill is important."

Ding Ning smiled. "Only people who feel that this world has a reason and exist in good faith in this world can get the goodwill of this world."


The carriage was walking in the rain, and the rain column hammered the ceiling, making a dull noise.

In the empty streets, galloping horses and horses kept passing by.

When Ding Ning walked out of Xuhou's mansion, the carriage where he was was invisible and became a restricted area in Changling, and no one was in charge.

Just like when Yuan Wu finally launched many years ago, the real dignitaries of Changling have quietly completed the standing team.

Compared with the bloody turmoil in Changling, this time these dignitaries have to do simpler.

They just do nothing.

Nothing needs to be done.

Most of those galloping troops immediately carried were low-level officials of various divisions.

The purpose of these low-level officials to leave the city quickly is only one, that is to trace the disappearance of Zhao Gao.

The world of true dignitaries only talks about the overall interests and conforming to the general trend. As for those at the bottom, those who really support the operation of the huge dynasty, they need some wonderful ideas for the future, and some hope for a better life. .

For most ordinary people, their choices are based on more direct emotions.

In other words, emotions dominated by dominated dreams, lies and thoughts instilled in others.

Facilitating these people to make decisions is even more troublesome and requires some confusing means.

The former Yuan Wu was actually very good at this method.

In order to temporarily quell the powerful rebound of the old powerful government, Yuanwu used this method when he let the merchants act as a substitute for the ghost.

At one place in the Weihe River, the current reversed and a gold man was rushed out.

The counts of crimes on the back of the gold man are all related to the business.

So the merchant was destroyed, leaving only one orphan girl.

This method is clumsy, but surprisingly effective.

Many things have been spread for a long time, and if they are spread more, they will look like real ones.

Carry Ding Ning's carriage to the north of the city.

He wants to solve the problem of ordinary people's choices, and at the same time solve the problem of Gushan Jianzang.

If the city of Changling will become the center of the world and become a male city with long-term stability, he will not leave any force that could easily destroy the city.

As the carriage moved forward, the true elements within him quietly circulated between heaven and earth.

While being pulled by his true element, many of the water flows under the wagon, but secretly and lifelike, converged into thin beams, which penetrated into the gaps of the Changling Stone Road and into the ground below.

The carriage moved north quietly, but Ding Ning in the carriage was pulling more and more power, like a spider, weaving a huge net, and it was still weaving, and the silk thread was pulling the city. More and more places, slowly, like walking with half of the city.

Some of the power between heaven and earth deep in the ground began to be attracted.

Those forces that were originally balanced, and a little break, can cause the unimaginable power to vent.

However, those forces were suppressed by the giant net dragged by Ding Ning.

The record of Gushan Jianzang itself is a means to inspire this power.

Now, this devastating force is only slowing down.

The ground in Changling began to oscillate slowly.

All the buildings on the ground began to shake slightly.

Tables, chairs and beds in all the houses began to shake, and the pots and pans in the windows began to collide, making a heart-wrenching sound.

Although the rain continued, everyone started to leave the house and began to feel fear.