The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 898: Fresh True Elements

Why does this happen?

Obviously for many years in the past, he has been the most powerful emperor in the world, with the highest power.

But now, apart from hiding, he can't even escape.

It takes courage to let go of everything, and more important is cultivation and strength.

With the weakening of the flesh and will, there is a sharp deterioration, and his strength.

Even in this black dormitory, even if there are countless whispering whispers constantly noisy in his ears, making him unable to sleep, making him unable to calm thinking, and causing him to appear trance, but he is very clear, if not Beyond the power of the vast majority of the Seven Realm Grandmasters in this world, it is impossible for him to escape the pursuit of Bashan Sword Field, let alone become a character like Bai Shanshui.

A letter of military sentiment and admonishment is still sent to his palace with the replacement of day and night.

With the passage of time, all these documents from the initial request for his will became purely to inform him of something that is already happening, or just indifferently state some facts, urging him to make a decision.

The Dayan Dynasty has officially died out.

Qin Jun led by Bai Qi has officially defeated Qidu.

All the princes in Daqin, who had previously prepared to prepare for the use of Bai Qi's troops, are now silent.

The big ship in Jiaodong County has unimpeded the restoration of trade with Changling.

Fresh and cheap sea fish have reappeared on the dining tables of ordinary people in Changling.

All public opinion felt that the root of the problem was his own, and he was waiting and urging him to personally resolve the grievances left over many years ago.

He can even feel the change in the minds of these people clearly.

He knew that most people now want him to be killed by Ding Ning and put an end to it all.

Over time, his hiding has made more and more people with this kind of thinking.

More and more people feel that he is timid and shameless, and then feel that he is extremely mean and despicable many years ago.

This is undoubtedly a humiliation that he never thought would fall on him.

Eventually even such humiliation became numb.

All physical and mental unbearable, and at the end there was only a strong desire to wait for a person to appear.

Net glaze.

Why didn't Jingliu come?

Another late night.

A lot of dog barks suddenly sounded in the streets of Changling.

All the barks of the dogs were very disturbed, frightened, and seemed to see something terrible.

However, all the people who were awakened by the barking of these dogs rubbed their eyes at home and went out to check, but they found nothing.

In the Palace of Lishan.

Yuan Wu, who was hanging his head and wondering whether he was asleep or not at all, raised his head.

His bloodshot eyes gave a terrifying red light, and a beast growled in his throat.

The person he was waiting for came.

A woman in Tsing Yi seemed to fall from the moonlight and appeared in his perception.

Yuan Wu shouted several times, and the entire Lishan Palace was alarmed and quickly became dead again.

In the darkness, staring at the petite voice that fell in front of Yuanwu's palace was also full of uneasiness and panic.

The door of the palace opened.

An unpleasant medicinal gas was rushed on Jingliu with the black wind like tide, and Yuanwu sounded like a voice from another world. "The widow has been waiting for you for a long time."

The voice was still majestic, and it was like the thousands of steel needles nailed into Jing Liuli's auricle, but Jing Liuli frowned slightly, but there was no response, just walked into this black bedroom peacefully.

A powerful force was slowly and orderly pushed out from her body, pushing away the unpleasant breath of the palace from her body.

In the depths of the palace, Yuan Wu, who sat straight like a javelin, suddenly discovered something incredible, and gave a soft drink, "Your cultivation base has reached this point."

Listening to Yuan Wu's words, Jing Liuli smiled: "The higher my cultivation level, shouldn't you be happier?"

Yuan Wu did not immediately answer.

Because he saw a lot of unexpected messages from Jing Liuli's smile.

The violent and doubtful emotions naturally sprang up in the depths of his eyes, and the flesh and blood on the back of the body became trembling and twitching again because of the instability of the true elements in his body.

"A Huang Zhenwei is simply not enough for you. If you want to kill Ding Ning, you need a stronger puppet than Huang Zhenwei, like me."

Jing Liuli looked at Yuan Wu calmly and indifferently and said, "It's a pity that Zheng Xiu is missing, your mind is too easy to figure out, if Zheng Xiu is a conspirator who can play with people's hearts, then you can only be long at most Ling wore open crotch pants and played with every kid."

Yuan Wu's body began to exude chill, and his pupils shrank violently. Uncontrollable violence, disappointment, and anger made him directly hysterical.

He laughed loudly, and the sharp waves slammed against the walls of the hall like a tangible giant hand, making a loud echo.

"You are very smart, and it is really difficult to use you, but you are still too proud, you are still here. Do you think I am waiting for you, just for this possibility?"

Jing Liuli looked at him lightly, "Is there anything else I can't think of?"

"For example, I don't necessarily have to turn you into a puppet that I can control at will. For example, I can borrow a lot of real elements in your body that are fresh enough and pure enough to help me completely dispel the imprint of the vigor left by that bitch. After all, I can perceive it. After all, you still practiced the exercises I told you. Your true element still changes in the direction I want."

Thinking of what was going to happen next, Yuan Wu's whole body shivered with excitement, and every muscle on his face seemed to be twitching. In the old days, the Lonely Mountain was completely different from all the dharma gates of the present day. In such a circle, I can use my power at will, but other practitioners cannot!"

He and Jing Liuli are very similar in some respects. When certain things are destined to happen, they will no longer cover up and waste time.

When his voice sounded in this dormitory, a black storm suddenly rose from the ground.

In the black storm, there was a golden light.

The golden light flowed like some kind of wonderful slurry at a speed beyond the perception of the Seven Realm practitioners.

Around Jinglioli's body, there appeared eight ghost figures.

The power radiated by the eight giant golden men standing in this temple was connected with the whole earth, terrifyingly suppressing all the movements of Jingliu, including the flow of true yuan in her body.

Yuan Wu's throat made a terrible noise.

His eyes are full of endless greedy eyes, like two terrible black holes.

As his mind pulled, the real element in the unmovable Jingliu was squeezed out strangely, following the black air flow diffused in the air, and continually poured into his body as Yuan Wu breathed.

Jing Liuli's Zhenyuan was suddenly drawn by Yuanwu and poured into his sea of ​​qi.

When the true element cannot be controlled, this practitioner has no difference from the real dead thing and can't resist at all.

However, for some reason, Jing Liuli's eyes still had no fear in his face, but instead a ridiculous look was ignited.