The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 904: The Last Meeting

The remaining fire in the Afang Palace has not been extinguished.

Yuan Wu seems to be deliberately forgotten in this world, but deliberately means that he is not really completely forgotten, but deliberately turned a blind eye.

At this time he moved, he was noticed by the whole world.

In the Changling City, Houshan Xuhou, who was as fat as a mountain, heard the news. He took a few breaths and pushed open the huge window that seemed to ordinary people, but he still felt a little sullen.

He drank a pot of herbal tea, looked at a sycamore tree in the mansion, and sighed for a long time.

The sycamore tree was born in the yard one spring many years ago. I don't know where the tree seeds were blown by the wind, or the earth that was transported to fill the garden was mixed with roots.

It was also that spring when a very young practitioner walked into Changling for the first time with a sword on his back, and was stopped by a city gate guard general, deliberately making things difficult.

And that general became the first challenge for the very young practitioner.

The young cultivator who was unknown at the time was Wang Jingmeng.

Every year, every season, Changling has many young practitioners of his age who come to find food and opportunities for fame. However, who would have thought that such a foreigner would have swept the world. ?

Like Hengshan Xuhou, there are many Changling nobles with such emotions in their hearts.

They knew that when Zheng Xiu died, when Xu Fu and Bai Qi both abandoned Yuanwu, the ending was already doomed, but when this moment came, their mood was like a cold cup of cold tea in the cold weather, full of emotions It's hard to say for yourself.

No one deliberately concealed the news that Yuan Wu was returning to Changling.

So soon the whole city knew.

Of course, everyone still wants to watch the excitement and want to see the battle between Yuanwu and Ding Ning, but compared with the duel between Zheng Xiu and Yuanwu, Changling does not have that kind of hustle and bustle, and most people and Hengshan Xu Like Hou, some inexplicable sigh and emotion.

The true story cannot be concealed even if the history books are burned.

When Dang Yuanwu said that Ding Ning was the rebirth of that person, the story of that person and Bashan Jianchang was flooded among the streets with the disappearance of Shendujian and Jiantiansi.

So even the young people who have not experienced that time, or the Qin people who later moved to Changling, have completely cleared the story of the year.

The more stories, the clearer the image of those who have disappeared.

Right and wrong everyone has judgments in their hearts, but no matter what, in the past more than ten years, the Great Qin Dynasty is the most powerful dynasty in the world, and Yuanwu is the strongest emperor in the world.

And such a person's cultivation is exhausted, and one person is returning to his original king city, giving the impression that the wind in the early winter blows through the body.

The whole city waited quietly.

The wind suddenly rolled in Changling City.

The wind came from Wutongluo.

When many people who were close to the phoenix tree turned to look at the alley, they saw a gentle wind burst from the alley with some starlight visible to the naked eye.

Everyone guessed the answer and was shocked.

Ding Ning is emptying the true element in the body.

He said that he would give Yuan Wu an absolutely fair chance of a duel, and he would not go back on his word.

For him, this meeting with Yuan Wu also waited for many years.

The total amount of true elements in his body is much more than that of ordinary practitioners, so the wind from here has blown all over the city, even flying the plane leaves of Hengshanhou.

A sword light emerged from his hands.

Dajianjian is the strongest and best sword he can find in this world, but after forcing Yuanwu to this step, he naturally doesn't want to rely on this sword to take advantage of Yuanwu's advantage in such a duel.

He was not too careless and deliberate, nor did he use the final sword.

The final sword is too short, and the characteristics of the final sword cannot be used without the use of true yuan.

Among those practitioners in the former Bashan Sword Field, there are also swords that are almost the same as the swords in the hands of Yuan Wu.

A long sword, also made of diamond wood, was sent to his courtyard.

Yuan Wu's sword is now called "Xuanmu", and his sword is called "Broken Gold".

When all the real elements flowed out of the meridian, the sea of ​​air became empty, and Ding Ning drank a bowl of water and went out with the sword.

The convoy waiting for him in Wutong Falls is long.

No one wants to have another accident, so in these teams, almost all the masters of Bashan Jianchang and Minshan Jianzong, or the strongest masters in the world, are waiting in these teams, including Jingliu and Bai Shanshui, Zhao Si, Zhao Yi.

Compared with many years ago, the world's powerful people came to Changling to kill Wang Jingmeng, now these people are all protecting Ding Ning. Unless there is a duel in the duel, Yuan Wu can kill Ding Ning, otherwise there is no one in the world, any army can make Ding Ning. Die.

The breath of these strong men in the convoy has more or less changed the flow of energy between the world and the air. When this convoy is traveling, there are strange crystal lights everywhere in the air, and the indefinite light and shadow appear somewhat unreal.

More and more people flooded the streets and all followed the train, but they were not too close, fearing to disturb the team's movement.

The convoy went all the way to the Weihe River.

Some of these are open spaces, and the terrain is low. On the surrounding river posts, you can clearly see the match.

In Changling, many years ago, the duel of the vast majority of practitioners was also here, so that it would neither damage the houses nor the fields.

Far away, on the official road facing the train, a man walked over with a sword alone.

Countless people who had set a position on Hegang saw this scene clearly, and they immediately aroused countless memories and stirred up countless winds and rains.

Yuan Wu is here.

The caravan dispersed.

Ding Ning stood alone in the wild grass on the beach.

The areas on the Hegang that are closest to the carriage are naturally the important figures of some Changling tombs, and some of them have experienced the events of that year.

Just like Hengshan Xuhou these princes, for some reason, when they saw Yuanwu coming and saw the final meeting of Yuanwu and Ding Ning, they suddenly gave birth to a little fatigue and a little relaxation in their bodies, and felt that this kind of ending grudge perfect.

Ding Ning looked at Yuan Wu who was getting closer.

There was some coldness in his eyes, but in the end he tended to be indifferent.

Looking at Yuan Wu who had finally come to himself, he spoke softly, a little disgusted, "You can take a break, start whenever you want."

Yuan Wu’s hair is soaked in sweat and sticks to his forehead. He certainly looks more embarrassed than ever, especially when he is watched by countless people, but he looks at the people who should hate the most, but instead Laughed.

"According to the habit of Changling, shouldn't the two sides of the duel say something?"

He looked at Ding Ning's eyes, with a hint of madness, "Even if you don't want to talk to me more, but there are some words I don't vomit."

Ding Ning also looked into his eyes and said, "What do you want to say?"

Yuan Wu said slowly: "I want to understand when I really hate you."