The Tanaka Family Reincarnates

King, please don't be insane.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! It's fun! It's fun!"

The king smiled and slashed the group of monsters that were coming towards him.

"Hey, Your Majesty! Please wait!" The monster became stiff and cut. "



Ignoring Wolfgang, the monstrosity teacher, the king dives under the belly of the last one and stabs his sword against the hard skin with force.

Both the knights who were supposed to protect the king and the hunters in the Sky Territory were not given a place to play.

”Hey... we don't need this, do we?”

The King, who was bathed in blood, wiped his wet forehead with satisfaction, not knowing whether it was sweat or monster blood, and took a breath.

”Phew. It feels good to move your body as much as you can for the first time in a long time!”

"Heh, Your Majesty. I don't want to move on my own!" You don't have to slash anything! ”

After entering the forest where the monster appeared for a few hours, I proceeded with caution and prudence.

If the nosey hound reported the danger, the Stewart family would go first to see how things were, eliminate the danger, and then meet and move on. Until now, everything was fine...

"Haha... Your Majesty. As always, it's too strong"

"There was no time to stop anyone..." If anything happens, I'll let you know first that the responsibility lies with His Majesty. "

Arthur hides behind Prince Edward and shakes his shoes and shoulders unbearably.

The prince promised that he would not punish Wolfgang, a demonology teacher, or the lord of the Sky Realm later.

The king jumped out on his own, got hurt on his own, and told his majesty not to let him take responsibility for the situation.

Before entering the forest, the king told me that he wanted me to follow the instructions of those who were used to hunting, without moving even if I found a monster many times.

However, the king who was training in vain was the first to react to the unexpected monster attack.

The Stewart men were ahead and away from the group for safety, as reported by the hounds.

Who could have predicted that a swarm of monsters would appear as if they were targeting them?

Moreover, the monster was clearly targeted and attacked by a herd.

The monstrosity teacher ran towards the monsters before the hunter and the guard knight moved to protect the king.

Those who know how to hunt monsters first concentrate on figuring out the number and type of monsters that appeared.

There were many knights who saw monsters for the first time, and there was no choice but to be frightened by their grotesque appearance.

The king, who followed them for a moment, said, "Haha!" I was shouting at the monster and waved down my sword.

"But, well, you didn't have to worry about it, did you?" Isn't that what you said earlier about monsters that can't be slaughtered! "

After swinging his blood-stained sword, the King checks for blade spills.

The teacher's advice that the monster was stiff was well heard.

He stopped aiming at his head with his judgment and dived right into his belly...... and the king had a refreshing smile without getting worse.

A dozen monster carcasses were rolling around, and before the hunters could catch up with the king, and before the knights could catch up with the king, the king took care of them all by himself.

From day to day, I leave the administration to Queen Victoria to encourage her to practice swordsmanship.

And there it is.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting." I was able to secure the route... so... did I...? "

Georg, Stewart's eldest son, William's second son, and the hunter's teacher appear separately.

It was their role to pick you up when the previous safety was secured.

"Wow... what the hell is this...?"

William breathes as he sees a large number of monster carcasses rolling around the king.

"What happened!?" Are you all right!? "

The hunter's teacher was also surprised.

However, the king does not break his smile while wiping the blood on his cheeks.

"Suddenly, a group of monsters appeared." But don't worry! I defeated every last one of them. "

The blood that was showering all over his body was returned to him, and he said that he would be relieved that he was not injured.

Where in the world are the hunters and knights, but only the king is going to be bloody.

Your Majesty?

Georg asks with a trembling voice, "I can't believe it."

"Hmm? Oh, it's the quality of your body that moves rather than thinking." There were some things that were a little hard, but I don't have a problem with that. "

Even though he is used to hunting, Georg is still a 16-year-old young man.

Have you shown your adult powers? I hope I don't lose my confidence... but the king's arrowhead, William, who understood everything, shouted unbearably.

"W-w-what did you do to me!?"


William holds his head as he checks the monster's corpses one by one, avoiding stepping on the blood-stained ground.

"Ahh... this is terrible."

Georg looked up to the sky as if he was doing something for me.

"Your Majesty, how sad it is to see such a thing...!"

William dropped his shoulder slowly, as opposed to the king, who was delighted to defeat the monster.

"What a waste..."

Among the monster carcasses, I could see horny rabbits, hypopotamals, armor bores, and more.

All of them are ruined by being defeated by an amateur (king).

More expensive materials and more delicious monsters.

I didn't see such a nice monster the day before or the day before. More than anything... why is this timing...?

The hair of the rabbit horn has fallen off without a trace, it is stained with blood, and there is no part that may be left in the fur.

Even the meat of the Hippopotamus is delicious, and the skin is a monster that can be used on the wheels of the carriage for a bargain... why do you persist in chopping it like this?

When the monster meat touches the air, its freshness drops and it can't be eaten immediately. The epidermis needs to be some size. Now, it can't be used for meat or ingredients anymore.

And Armor Boar is steamed, right?

Why are you cutting me out of my stomach?

"You can't cut the ventral side until you've drained blood..."

I can't do this with meat. Wow, it's made of shield material, and it's got a dented nose... it doesn't dent normally. "Here..."

William looked for parts that could be used as materials, but they were all in a state of hopelessness.

"Um, um, this is gonna cry even if it's not Emma?" I'm glad Emma wasn't here... "

Georg looks back and notices the blood-soaked emperor.

If the hunting amateur emperor returns unharmed and bloody, Emma will never find out.

This is a pain in the ass.

Emma may preach to His Majesty.

"Emma-chan... is sad? Crying?... What's that?... hah!"

Unfortunately, the King didn't think that Emma would be angry with the monster meat and materials.

Emma in the king's eyes is still a beautiful girl.

"Emma has a trauma of being attacked by a monster." Do you love going there (?) If the King returns from the monster hunt in bloody blood, I'm sure he'll be shocked...? William? "

People are creatures who interpret themselves in a way that is convenient for them.

"Eh!? Shock is a shock, but..."

"Even though you're weak, you want to say that if you show up like this, your food won't go through your throat, and you won't be able to walk anymore." Georg-kun? "

"No, I thought I'd eat my rice..."

"...! Isn't that right?" If you don't worry about anyone, Emma won't force you to eat... uuuu... Emma's in good spirits. "

Uncle Hoi Hoi was in excellent shape.




Then, like a tear from the king, Skyland lords could hear the huntsmen and knights sobbing.

Huh? What is it?

"Emma, haha! I'll protect you!"

"Huh? What happened to you so suddenly?!"


"Whoa! So is Lord Arthur!?" What's wrong, guys!? "

Even the calm prince and Arthur, who always had room, were in a strange state.

"Ah... wow... niisama..."

William picks up the tail of a small monster, about the size of a palm, from among the dead monsters.

It was a kind of monster that had never appeared in the Palace, and William had never seen the real thing before.

“William, what does that have to do with anything?”

Georg, who was a pity for his knowledge of monsters, hadn't arrived.

"It's a rampaging rat... It has the nasty trait of chewing on other large monsters and rampaging them..."

"Do you want to ram the monster?" Is it true that this monster that your Majesty defeated was manipulated by this monster? "

I remembered my father telling me that there were many monsters in the Sky Realm that were psychic attack monsters.

Well, I could only recall that Georg's head was small enough not to eat.

"I thought it was strange." There are so many different kinds of monsters in the horde... that species that are not related to coexistence will not attack in the horde, right? Normally... "

A cold sweat spreads over William's cheeks.

Something's not right with you, is it?

As far as my brother's complexion was concerned, I had a bad feeling.

"This rampant rat itself isn't that strong... but the monster's blood that he bit and ran off was written in the book to temporarily drive people mad."

Do you want me to go crazy?

Yes, it's like a game abnormality.

What? Berserk, charm, hypnosis, confusion?


Game knowledge from a previous life is of some use.

”If I were to get into such a rampage, how would I deal with it... the king wouldn't be able to kill me?”

I don't want to hurt anyone, not just the king, but the prince, Arthur, the teacher, the hunter, the knight.

”Hmm... there's not enough movement yet...”

Behind Georg, the king, who had been crying until just now, raised his head and grabbed his sword again.

"Georg, would you mind hanging out with me for a moment on the training of your sword?"

The king's eyes are out of focus.

There was no way I could practice my sword in this place, but neither the knights nor the hunters around me would stop it.


Yes, there is nothing more dangerous than the presence of amateurs in the hunting grounds.