The world is filled with light.That's literally sparkly.Sometimes, the light above the sun can shine in front of you... too dazzling!My eyes are crushing!!

◇ ◆ ◇

My name is Lina Randall.Lady Earl. She is a very ordinary girl with black eyes on her black hair given by her deceased great-grandmother.

I turned 17 this spring without debating at a social gathering.Why is that? That is because my Earl's family is so poor.It seems to have its origins.Then my stomach won't swell.

Every day, I use the motto of not eating the unemployed as a detail.

Instead of putting on a new daughter's dress, we don't have a carriage for dinner.Yeah, no horses.I have goats and chickens.

"Sister, my father is calling.Unusual in the study. "

Two younger brothers called.I hope the shaking oranges and green look delicious today.

Ah, my brother has sweet maroon hair and dark brown eyes.By the way, the clothes came out of a colored shirt and blue trousers.Great combination with no noticeable stains.

"Yes, well, Al.Instead of weeding around here. "

"Hey, I was just about to eradicate weeds from the farmland.Shit. "

Having said that, Al pulls out the weeds as soon as he takes care of them.Yes, it's a boulder that doesn't leave a rootstock when you pull it out.

Well, here we go.


Al, who wipes out the weeds in a confused manner, replies without raising his face.

I took the skirt and rushed from the garden on the corner of the lush Earl's house to the study where your father was waiting.How long has it been since you've been in the study?

As I walked towards the study, I ran into a well-dressed merchant-style man.I'm starving. Gluten and gluten.

"This is this!Is that your daughter? Healthy... retro outfits are fascinating!Well then, good luck. "

"... how are you?"

After seeing people from top to bottom, the man left.Don't betray me. Excuse me.

The skin burned on my day is a medal!Rough hands are synonymous with outdated designs and faded clothes!

I knocked on the door of the study and entered without waiting for a reply.

"Father! Now it's out!!

Hmm... It was a good story. "

The breathtaking father is an adorable wooden color that washes his mind.It looks like a gently shaking tree leakage day and calms down whenever you see it.Well, it's not.

"It was drooling!What kind of story was that?You didn't do it right away!?

Somewhat rebounded against my momentum, but without changing his usual fluffy attitude and expression, his father waved his hands vigorously to claim his innocence.

"I didn't.No deals or contracts without consulting Lina!I won't be a witness! Because I swore!!

I take a deep breath at your father's remarks.

"... we were talking about investment.I knew it... no?

"Damn it! So!Su! "

What a punitive father.I admit that people are good.But I've been ducked too much.

My Earl's family was not so wealthy in the first place because of its borders and lack of specialities.It was agriculture, so I basically lived on self-sufficiency.My father, who is the lord during the pruning, of course, asked my mother to help me with my brother and the whole family.

I can't afford luxury, but I really liked this life.We had a good relationship with our family and our people, and we lived an endless smile.

That was five years ago.Randolph territory, which is supposed to benefit from relatively good weather conditions, was hit this year by the cold damage caused by the uncommon weather irregularities seen in recent years, as well as the chasing sun.It has already taken a heavy toll.

My territory, which had no means of acquiring currency other than agriculture, quickly stopped going.

In the meantime, I sold out the golden items in the building, relied on my acquaintances to pay the debts, and managed to survive the winter without leaving the dead.

Spring comes next to winter.After the worst, I just crawled up, and I thought so, and my family came together to work even harder.

But our winter was not over.My father was ducked.

Initially to the bourgeoisie who brought in the investment story.Next, a merchant with a real job.Stop is a poor young man.

I love your father, I love him... but I can only sigh.If your father had been a little more steadfast...

Nevertheless, it is also true that your father, who is gentle and has passed away somewhere, does not want to see himself full of suspicions and darkness.So what should I do?I have no choice but to be suspicious.

Then I started watching a lot of things.Originally, I was short-sighted, but I couldn't afford to buy glasses. When I saw something, I had the habit of watching, but I started to look at it with a circle and a hole.Changes in the other person's expression, tone of voice, breathing speed, or even casual signs.

And there was a change.You can see the aura in the flow of mind surrounding people.Whether or not it is the price, it has progressed shortly.

But what do you mean by a close eye?It's an extraordinary ability to pay the price.

Even if you can't tell the face of a distant opponent in the near eye, the aura is unique and there is no shortage of people to identify.And above all, you can instantly spot bad feelings and personalities!I'm done with this.

Incidentally, only families know this ability.If you find out, it will be less effective, and I don't like it being used by anyone.

And then, as a favor to you, I'm keeping the breadth at home.

"Father, is that all you have to say?The vegetable garden grass is on its way..... "

"No, no, no! This is the real deal!

When I tried to leave, my father hurried to remove a seal from the drawer and put it on his desk.

"To me?

Sometimes it's strange.Never lived 17 years and never received a letter, never even sent it.

"It's from the King...."

"... hah!?

Is it a new scam?