The Ultimate Fruit of Pirates.

1 Get the fruit of surgery

Pirate World

Minion Island, North Sea

The north wind was blowing loudly, scumming the biting cold snow.See ◎ Mao ◎ thread ◎ small ◎ said

One big and one small figure walked hard to the castle above the mountain peaks in the island.

"Luo, rest assured, the fruit of the operation will definitely be able to treat your illness, definitely." Corazon, dressed in a black feather coat, with clown-like make-up on his right eye socket and mouth, comforted Luo all the way.

"I know."

Luo didn't worry about this at all.

Luo, who was replaced by Chu Qi of the earth, knew the plot afterwards and considered not if he would get the fruit of the operation, but the way forward.

Chu Qi was born in the earth and grew up in an orphanage. After the orphanage was ruined, he was twelve years old and fell into the street. Finally, he became a blackhead in a certain city. The domestic market finally made Chuqi come to the US with a lot of money and opened a family. weapon shop.

Chu Qi's interest is to love firearms, more like old-fashioned firearms. He knows all kinds of classic firearms during World War II.

Three days ago.

The shooting range was accidentally hit by a stray bullet, and inexplicably crossed into the Pirate World to become Trafalgar Roo.

It's a pity that Luo was already ill, and he was helpless.

At this time, Corazon had already brought Luo to Minion Island and could not arrive earlier than the original.

"What should I do to get the fruit of surgery?"

This is the focus of Luo thinking and worry.

Was caught by Doflamingo?This is absolutely unacceptable.

"Even if I get the fruit of the operation, is it difficult for one person to be in the sea? And there are many flamencoes looking around. They can't hide like the original for many years before they dare to enter the great route?" Luo couldn't help looking at Corazon: "Need A safer environment is more conducive to improving strength, so he is the key."

Corazon's strength is good, but he is not a strong man. Luo valued not his strength but his undercover identity.

The Naval Headquarters seems to be a good place, and the safety is guaranteed.

The strong are like clouds, which is naturally more helpful for improving strength.

As for naval status?

navy?Pirate?In Luo's eyes, it was just identity. He never thought of surrendering an organization to surrender to someone, nor did he have the great idea of ​​dedicating his life for whom.

"Can't let Corazon die like the original, then only get the fruit of the operation faster than the original, leave the island faster, and never meet Do flamenco." Luo gritted his teeth to crush the overwhelming disease The body is only a step faster.

I can already see the castle.

After a few minutes

Finally came to the foot of the snow-covered peak, and the castle stood on the hill.

"Luo, you are here to wait, rest assured, I will definitely help you get the fruit of the operation, and it can certainly treat your disease." Corazon rarely took it seriously: "You hide it first."


Luo climbed to the back of the snow pack not far away, and at the same time took out the spear wrapped in bandages behind him, crawling to the ground, and his eyes were always closely following Corazon who ran quickly to the mountain castle in the distance.

This spear-like spear is roughly the same as the ordinary spear of the sea, but many details are different.

Since he is the owner of a weapon shop, Luo is familiar with all kinds of firearms, especially those in the early nineteenth century.

However, ordinary guns in the Pirate World can only be compared with the guns of the eighteenth century. The range of power accuracy is too inferior, and the range is only tens of meters.

Let Luo make the 21st century guns of the earth, he can't make them.

But in this kind of inferior lances to transform guns and improve a certain accuracy range, Luo can still do it. At this time, the guns in his hands are to transform the guns. The change is not big, but the range can reach 200 meters.

Even the rifles of the World War II are incomparable, but in the world of pirates is already a good gun.

As for marksmanship.

Weapon shop owner, still lack the opportunity to practice marksmanship?Long time already entered the room.

"It's the same as the original for the time being, but the fool of Corazon must have been seriously injured because of one less rib, and he can only rely on me." Luo's sight always followed Corazon's left and right. The only thing that can work is the gun at the moment.

"Go in."

Corazon finally rushed into the castle, Luo couldn't help but his heart beat faster.


Half a blast, there was an explosion sound from the castle, and the black shadow diffused from the window, waiting nervously. Two minutes later, in a fierce explosion gunshot, a black shadow jumped down from the window and hurried down the mountain, yes Corazon.


Excited but kept calm. Robbing on the streets in the past gave Robbie an extra calm.

In the snow, he always maintains absolute attention, even if the pain has made him unbearable, he dare not carelessly

"Damn it, get me the damn thief back, that's the fruit of surgery, that's a five billion deal." Dozens of pirates rushed out of the broken castle, led by the pirate head to Kola Song chased away.

But Corazon had already ran far, not slow, and could not catch up.


The rushing Corazon did not accidentally fall to the ground, and not far away were several pirates.

"That idiot, it really will be like this." Luo whispered, this nerved guy must be wrong.

"kill him"

The pirates surrounded, and the guns had been raised.

"Not good." Cora loosely held the fruit of the surgery in his arms. When he stood up, he was surrounded by several pirates. According to the situation, when he solved these pirates, the chaser behind him was close. .

Then everything was the same as the original, and Corathon finally rushed out with a serious injury.

"kill him"

"Bang" a bullet came from a distance and instantly penetrated the shouting pirate head.

"Bang" was another shot, and a pirate beside Colathon fell to the ground.

"Not good, the enemy has a companion." The pirate crawled around in panic and panicked.

"Bang" another pirate.

"Companion?" Corazon looked around curiously. He knew that he and Luo were the only one. Was it Luo's kid?

"Why did that idiot stand still, run?" Luo, who kept aiming at the shooting, scolded Corazon who was standing on the spot like a fool, should he have a big nerve?

"Kill him and take back the fruit of the operation." Barrerus roared, once the major general officer, now the pirate head.

His roar finally made Corazon understand that it was time to run.

He hurried towards Luo's hiding place, but now the pirate is close to Corazon, and he is already in range of the pirate.

"Meditate, the most taboo when you shoot." Luo keeps breathing deeply, it is impossible to solve dozens of pirates at once, then now is the test of grasping the timing.


The bullet shot at Barrerus, the head of the pirate, running through his head.

The pirates' head fell to the ground, causing the pirates to panic and fear, but under the temptation of 5 billion, the pirates chased down to Corazon.

A pirate raised his gun and aimed at Corazon, but a bullet was faster than him and instantly penetrated his head.

Once any pirate raises his gun and prepares to shoot, the result is that he is killed by a bullet from a distance.

Death finally made the pirates wake up from greed, only deep fear, fled around in screams.

Corazon, who had not pursued his soldiers, quickly rushed to Luo's hiding place.

"Luo, did you do a good job." Corazon stared at Luo, who stood up and showed off the fruit of the surgery in his hand.

"give me"