"The Queen of zombie driving to the end of the world" Author: Dan bloody


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Sleeping for millennium waking up, the world has ended

The zombie is rampant, morally corrupted, and she is awkward, she is very embarrassed.

She, the famous scorpion country in history, 'Su Yong', in fact, the flower gods Gonghua Yao, Shang Yi State break, she was suppressed by Jiangzi's teeth, the sword of the soul is suppressed in the blindfold, until the archeology Students have found ...

After the millennium, Hua Yao woke up again, but the end of the year, then, the reborn male returned to women, Hua Yao still worked hard to carry things with their own space ...

One year later, my small world construction is almost the same, so I have appeared in the rebirth ...

Scenario 1:

"Ah, every reborn person, the last world is a big fool!" Hua Yao looked at a relatives who were desperately desperately protected into the zombie in the twemer, once again The so-called companion is lamented in the zombie.

Women's typical snake nature, this article abuse, abuse white lotus, abuse of the mother, in short, everything you can't see is abuse, just don't abuse the woman.

The goddess selfishness, sinister and poisonous, despicable, wood has the lower limit ...

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, wake up after the millennium

The sky is dark, the city is dark, the ground is a wolf, occasionally, a few slow shadows walk back and forth, the whole world seems to have lost color, turned black and white two colors.

The blood on the ground has become black. Some white residues on the street are more shocking. This seems to be a world of death ...

Ah, dreaming again.

Hua Yao sighed, then the thoughts woke up, why do you want to say thoughts, that is because Hua Yao is imprisoned in this body, except for thinking.

This is a large scientific research base. Here is a medium-sized island, there is no other islands within Bailee around the square. It should be an international research base. The people are all in the people, and the places where Hua Yao is this research base. The guard is the most strict place.

A variety of precision instruments, a variety of catheters that can't say names, full of all kinds of colorful liquids on white, the whole room is white, the room is about more than two hundred square meters, and the east is a huge The glassware, inside the deep blue liquid is connected to various or small, color different pipes, floating a person who can't see the face. The other side is a high-precision instrument, and a bunch of piles that do not understand the top of the top.

A step of footsteps gradually, and then a burst of data checked, it took a while, the door opened, a man wearing a white dress came in -

Men's height is about one meter or five, the slender body, the cover is in the wide white laboratory service, the five senses are deep, the outline is clear, the outline is unable, and it is not allowed to stay in the laboratory. Therefore, the skin seems to be pale, and the eyes are very tired. At this time, it is standing in front of that a bunch of instruments, watching the rows of various rollers, hands and white test bench, double Powered with fanatic light.

"Fast, fast, there is a reaction ..." Lin Xiu doubled excitedly, the teeth were tight, and occasionally looked at the u.The dish, and the eyes were crossed in the eyes.

Three years ago, the base was run from Huazhong, not, or just a sleeping woman, a woman who could make any man crazy, she is very beautiful, as if any of this world The adjectives are difficult to describe, she is quietly closed, as if she is sleeping, her face is ruddy, not like a general body, except for the body temperature.

It is said that this is found in a large mausoleum, which is strange, this female corpse limbs are spapped into the ground, and the pipe is used for the thousand-year peach, one side. It is a male coffin, the arrangement of the entire mausoleum is even more luxurious, the inside of the organ is heavy, and the national archaeological team has used a large amount of human material financial resources to open.

According to archaeologists, the mausoleum is very likely that the Yin Shang period is, but the arrangement in the mausoleum is nothing, the male corpse is already a bone, but the female corpse is still saved, and after special channels It is shipped here.

Why is this female body to save intact in the millennium, there is still no corruption after unearthed, and each researcher has a very strong interest.

Lin Xiu, a genius, or a madman, yes, he is not only a scientific research madman, but also a ... madman, one, fall in love with a female corpse.

Lin Xiu is a genius, in the field of scientific research, no one, and therefore, he has great privilege here. For three years, he has given up all other research, and a one-minded research ... how to resurrect, three years Before, he didn't care about the opposition. He was a great pressure, and the female corpse that was originally sent to the anatomy would be, and then it was a laboratory. He constantly encompasses all kinds of knowledge into her brain, constantly stimulating the brain ...

Three years, there have been no improvement, other researchers in countries and research bases, it is extremely dissatisfied, and he is even more exhausted, but these are not crushing him, but he is even more crazy, recently, the above Come, next month, this

The female body will give it to the three laboratory to take anatomy, the forest repair is the day, and it is still not enough in front of the absolute power.

Therefore, he did a crazy decision, yes, this experimental base is extremely strong, from outside, even if the bomb bomb is also difficult to hurt, however, each base has internal self-destruction devices ...

"I will protect you, how can I let them dissect you ... I will be with them to do it ..." Lin Xiu crazy stared at the double-eyed woman, and the scarlet was born, and it was mad.


Hua Yao didn't know how to appear here. He often saved into a variety of knowledge, although it was very uncomfortable, but let her understand this world now.

'Look at the outside of the outside, it is already crazy into a magic man, Hua Yao looks complicated, accurately, she can "wake up' really thanks to him, the blue liquid outside is even more She has a very comfortable, a few wants to sleep, her brain is connected to various lines, and the knowledge is constantly coming, so her most of the time is coma, every time I wake up, she They will spread the spirit far away. She really wants to look at this world, this world, there is no war, no king, no Jiwu ...

She feels some sleepy, she will be asleep every time, she will do the same dream. Wake up from wake up, almost a year, she doesn't know how it is now, but it is certainly not Will be a person, yes, she remembers that the Yin Shang defeated, the king is self-careful, and the ginger teeth will be siege from the soldiers. Because she is a flower god, he killed her, so she will not die. The heart is pierced with the sword of the soul, and it is more in the peach, and the bone nail is nailing the limbs. It is suppressed in the blink of the blind, and she wants to use the evil corrosion of this time. Aura.

As if there is a dream, Hua Yao began to dream, dreams are getting clearer, as if she knows the same person, she has received modern knowledge, this is the end of the dream, this is a world, Hua Yao slowly walks in one by one In the zombie, I look at it, I have to push my good friend into the zombie group. I have the wife to pull my husband to do the blockman. There is a son to throw my parents behind him and only take care of themselves. Suddenly, her eyes were, she saw that one person was abandoned by the teammates, and the people were all - Lin Xiu!

Hua Yao is awake, feel the strength of the limbs, she knows that she is really awake, and she is still the constant mutter of Lin Xiu, or talk to her, or It is natural to know how attractive people in this picture, the original king, Ji Zi ... Well, there is one of the Bozi, which makes her maded, and the Su Wei in history. A woman who cruel and vicious, but she is Huayao, um, a woman in a peach!

"Well, what is your name? Today, the archaeologists of Hua Guo have just studied it. The man with you with you is said to be Zhou Wuwang, huh, huh, you said that it is very funny, Wu Wang Tomb is not already found before Have you? Who is the man, they say that you are the man's wife, then who you are, I think you should not ... "Lin Xiu's darkness is as dark, the mouth is a cold smile, the one Men, it is still not a bone.

When Hua Yao, Hua Yao scored in the distance, listening to his chatter, heard him say Zhou Wuwang, slightly, the warmth of the jade is a man ...

Recently, Lin Xiu is getting more and more violent, and the spirit is getting more unstable. He looked at Hua Yao more time, Mo Luo, the No. 3 laboratory, found him several times during this period, and today, Lin Xiu has already After a long time in this laboratory, even the dining time did not go out. In the morning, he increased the transmission of knowledge, it seems to put all the knowledge in the world to her brain.

In the afternoon, Lin Xiu simply sat on the ground, the clothes were some messy, the blood in the eyes, Hua Yao guess, maybe he has already arrived at the edge of the collapse, but Hua Yao can't do anything, because she is going to wake up .

This day, the sky is dark, as if the storm is coming, even a few days of good weather, suddenly changed, no one cares, starting from the morning, the sky is like being pressed, the entire island is even more Silence.

"The above command has been down, Dr. Lin, you have no progress in the past three years, I feel that you are no longer suitable for this, your research office is taking over, as for the female corpse, you can rest assured, let's No. 3 The laboratory will study! "Dr. Mo's eyes have a smooth light, a smile, and Lin Xiu are the youngest, and the most talented one, has been pressed on his head. He is very resentful, but there is no choice but to, after all, he is really the strength, but who makes him ghost, it is dead, now not only his research results are received by himself, but also his whole person It will be refurbished from the world's top base, from here, from here, he will think about it, it is difficult!

"Before I haven't officially left, here is still my laboratory, now, please roll out my line of sight now!" Lin Xiu's cold eyes stared at Dr. Mo, I want to steal his research results. He dreams, these years, although he is doing the above, but in fact, it has always been reserved. He is the most powerful research results in these years, no one knows.

"Hey, dying struggle, Lin Xiu, I am waiting to see you to shake the tail and pity!" Mo Yun's eyes have passed a smooth yin, although it is very unhappy, but the right of Lin Xiu is bigger than him, but he will know immediately. In this way, he left, hey, he made him fate!

In the afternoon, the sky is dark, this abnormal situation, the base is not much attention, at this time, Hua Yao is a bit bad, the strength of the two parts, the evil spirits continue to fight, and a faintly destroyed in the sky The power is even more palpitations, it seems to have a general.

The dark blue liquid color has gradually faded, but there is no one who notes at this time, suddenly, Hua Yao fierce his eyes, in an instant, as if the star river falls, the whole world is eclipsed.


I haven't come back to the reaction, followed by, a deep purple lightning is descending from the sky, the double eye that has lost color in the world, and then other things can be seen.

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