At the beginning of this world, there are small villages that are not even on the map.

It's all the way east of the country where humans live.

Through the ever-nocturnal forest, home to many vicious demons, it lies further ahead of the castle of the Demon King. Ordinary humans are places where you never even want to step in.

Out of the woods there is a wide meadow, with streams flowing. It's a spot for small animals and temperate, intelligent demons to come and drink water. This must be the only place where animals and demons can see a rare sight to play amicably.

Crossing the creek to the tip of the earth, there is a small village facing the glacially drifting sea.

In the middle of that village, there is a spring springing up that I use as drinking water - but no one knows that it is the legendary secret medicine, Elixir.

Other than the village, there are no other villages, no settlements, no towns.

Out of the concept of a country, there is no dispute, it is an idyllic and peaceful place. Few people leave the village because everyone lives happily ever after.

But from time to time, a child appears who yearns for the outside world. Most of them stay in the village by the persuasion of the adults, but one girl didn't snort hard.

In the village - in one of the houses that was felled and built in the woods, a young woman who looks worried and the appearance of an old woman with many wrinkles. The glass at hand is poured with honey wine and the sweet and cute aroma tickles my nose.

The young woman gave me a voice that seemed worried.

"... Ha, I hope you're okay. She's going to be impotent..."

"Ho ho. She's not a strong girl."

"Auntie, don't say such unfounded things. You're the weakest in the village, and you're not good at healing magic, are you?

The young woman drops to her desk and sighs, "I should have worked out more..." But the old lady, called Auntie, just smiles and laughs.

"You don't have to worry. She's not the best in the village."

"Best of all, what?

"Ooh, ooh. You didn't realize she was a mother?"

Unlike earlier, the old woman laughs luxuriously at the cuckoo. I drank the honey liquor in the cup all at once and looked out the window to the visible horizon.

There is still the sun at a high position, with forests and mountains in sight. That's as clear a view as I think it is blessed by the spirits.

"It's okay, trust me, it's okay."

"... Yep"

The woman nodded that she had no choice but to tell her aunt's voice quietly.

The name of the child you two were talking about was Sheila.

A girl who traveled today from a small village without a name in the world.