The reception room that was passed through was gorgeous when it was in the temple.

The white walls are decorated with gold, the windows are large and cut out in the shape of a daisy, and the left and right walls depict a scene of mythology.If they don't say anything, no one will suspect anything, even if they say it's the reception room of the nobleman's mansion.

"I heard about the Catholic General Honzan, so I imagined a solid atmosphere."Elsa-san is friendly, and it's not what I imagined. "

That's Jade in a relaxed voice.He sits down on the sofa first and looks around with curiosity.

Cecilia sat down next to him to imitate him like that.

"That's right. The temple was even more luxurious than I thought!"

I see! I thought the building was simple because I wanted my believers to be free of poverty!

The temple from the outside was very majestic.

The appearance of an artwork, while being small, attracts what you see.

At the front, round, thick columns line symmetrically from side to side, and the round, onion-shaped roof overlooks it.The sculpture of the goddess in front of the entrance was very polite and elaborate.

And Cecilia, when they came down from the carriage, did not at first keep their mouths open unto their majesty.

Together, all the facilities could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Royal Palace.

"If you're too shabby, you can't be a subject of faith."This is a place made up of donations from believers, so we have to make it look good. "

Gilbert explains why he was listening to Cecilia's conversation.

Women born in relatively privileged places, such as aristocrats and large merchant houses, may occasionally enter the monastery to practice their rituals.At that time, the carry-on money was quite good, and it was said that if you were to deposit the daughter of the nobleman in the high position, the money would move so much that a large mansion would be built.

“It looks like there are people visiting not only for worship, but also for sightseeing, and the church is good for business around here.”

Jade pulled his cheek up as he shouted brightly.

Cecilia bends her head at the pleasant smile.

"I thought you'd come this far."Jade, you seem happy today. "

"Huh? Yeah, I'm glad! After all, you can praise me directly, can't you?Well, I'm glad to hear that.Besides, it's fun for everyone to travel again! "

Jade peered into Cecilia with a grunting voice.

And this time, Cecil is with us!


"Yeah! When I went to Sylvie's house last time, Cecil wasn't there, was he?"I missed you, didn't I? "


Unexpectedly, you get a voice that seems to be moving.

He said, "When I went to Sylvie's house before," it was the "Sylvie's House Storm Visit" that happened during the summer vacation.It's the one who missed the date and ended up staying at the party.

In fact, Cecilia was there as she should have been, but Jade, who had not yet realized that Cecil was Cecilia, seemed to want Cecil to be absent.

"At that time." I was hoping that someone from our Chamber of Commerce would look for Admina's house and call in Cecil.Gil stopped me... "

"... that's what happened...?"

"Yes. Cecil will be busy with Cecil."... even though Oscar agreed with me. "

In response, Cecilia nodded with a blue face, "Yes..."Apparently, I was in a pinch again without knowing.

Cecilia thanked Gilbert for preventing this from happening.

Unaware of Cecilia's heart, Jade clenched her hand as she sat next to her.

"So let's have as much fun as we can this time!"I think I can do sightseeing tomorrow! "

Cecilia nodded at Jade's voice, “That's right.”

The temple is scheduled to stay for two nights and three days.

It takes half a day to get here from the capital, Argharam, in a carriage.I left the academy before dawn this morning, so it is still in the evening, but if I do this every day, neither the horse nor the rider will have the body.

So, I have a day off in between.

In other words, tomorrow is a day of free time.

"First of all, I want to go to St. Marine's Cathedral!"The Roger Chapel is close by, so I'd like to see it, and there's a gallery! ”

There are quite a lot of places.

There's so much to see!

Incidentally, St. Marine's Cathedral is also the place where Leanne takes over as Miko in the game.

Cecilia exhaled as she looked up at the ceiling at Jade, who was showing off her snowflakes like she was on a school trip.

"But I see, I'm looking forward to it."

Also, it looks like this is a large bathing area, so let's take a bath together with Cecil!


Immediately after Jade's dialogue, it was Oscar who reacted.Jade turns to Oscar to see how he reacts.

"Ah, will Oscar come with me?"It's quite luxurious to have plenty of hot water in a large bath!Looks like a forest school! Ah, but isn't that unusual for Oscar?But let's flush your back!Because I don't have any brothers, I've always admired that kind of thing! "

"Um, Jade..."

Cecilia, a stony rock, shouted at him as he proceeded.

But the voice didn't seem to reach Jade.

Well then, I'm going to shed Oscar's back, Cecil is going to shed my back, and Oscar is going to shed Cecil 's--

Well, that's not supposed to happen!

As soon as Oscar cried out in a blush for some reason, Elsa came into the room and said, "Kamiko is ready."