A very pleasant party was a quick passage of time.

The children are tired and fall asleep in the flower bed, and Pearl, who has drunk all at once, is drunk and leaning over Claire's shoulder.

Keith was drinking flower wine with a pinch of sweets, but now he seems to be relaxed drinking flower tea. He seems to be making fun of Claire.

Olivia's eyes sparkle and she talks to the sweet fairy. Until now, the fairies of the forest, the sky, and the sea hated me, so I had no choice but to have fun.

"Unfortunately, I'm still not near Olivia except for the candy fairy..."

Levi is nicking next to Olivia like that.

Filine and Elliot smile bitterly, “You're full,” and gently stroke the heads of sleeping Finn and Elene.

Cristor was sleeping with Lucia Rose and now he's having a good dream.

- That was really exciting.

Seeing everyone, Tiara Rose giggles.

Not only did I talk about Grimoire and Olivia's knowledge, but I also talked about what kind of sweets would be popular this time, how the forest would look like, and so on.

When I looked next to it, Aquastide loosened his cheeks and watched the children.


"Hmm? What's wrong, Tiara?"

Tiara Rose calls out in a whisper, and Aquastide replies in a whisper.

"The children are being watched by the fairy, and everyone is slowing down... why don't you take a seat?"

When I pull the sleeve of Aquastide, "Of course" comes back to me. Aquastide said, "Where are you taking me?" It's kind of fun. "

"I won't tell you until I get there."

Tiara Rose and Aquastide sneaked past the party venue that was still going on. Because it is exuberant, no one notices when they are gone.

After opening the cookie door and going down the hallway, there was a staircase going up to the second floor. Tiara Rose said, "This way," and she held hands with Aquastide.

At the end of the second hallway.

But there's only a wall there, if you look at Aquastide. I wondered if I wanted to bring him here, and I tilted my neck.

"The Fairy King of Confectionery... I've given you my permission to put it in."

Tiara Rose said that, and even a thin door floated up on the empty wall. If you don't realize that there is a door here, you can't even notice it.

Isn't it amazing how you can do this?

Tiara Rose smiles at the admiring voice of Aquastide, “Good job.”

“Here you go - this is my room and Aqua's room.”

Tiara Rose tells everyone that the prank was a success. This place is not easily noticed by sweets fairies.



"... a room that no one knows but me and Aqua."

Inside the room, the walls are made of sweets, but the flower sofa is decorated with a leaf table and tiara rose flowers.

You can see the sea from the window, so you can forget about your work and relax.

Of course there is plenty of time for two in the Imperial Castle, but sometimes it's okay to have such an atmosphere. And Tiara Rose thought.

You may feel anxious because you don't know what's going on with the children and the outside world, but as long as you're inside, Tiara Rose, the confectionary fairy king, will know everything. Although it is easier to feel the appearance of a cat, there is no problem with being a human.

Aquastide looked around the room and saw a lot of things.

It's kind of like a secret base, isn't it?

It's fun, that's it.

A secret base known only to Tiara Rose and Aquastide. It's a place where you can bring what you like and have a relaxing time.

“Is there anything Aqua would like to put here? It could be something you like or something you remember from your family.”

Tiara Rose also thinks about what she would put down.

You can decorate the ornaments you brought with you when you came to your daughter-in-law from Lapis Lazuli, or you can hang a picture of the whole family on the wall.

The kitchen is stocked with sweets, so it might be a good idea to stock it with lots of tea leaves. I want to ask the forest fairy to prepare some flower tea, and I want to leave the coral tea I got from Pearl.

As Tiara Rose imagined it, Aquastide pulled out her hand and sat her down on the flower chair, saying, "That's fun."

"If you think about it, it won't stop." The secret base felt like a child's privilege, but even adults are excited enough. When I went to the future, Luca and Rio had a secret base in the woods. ”

I could feel the warmth of handmade dishes made from wood. I wish Aquastide and I could create such a space.

"I... I see, it might be a good idea to arrange your favorite books."

"Books! That's good. I love it, too."

"I think I've been reading it since I was a child." Recently, it's been a lot of material, so it seems like it would be fun to read here. ”

The books in this world are mostly hardcover and well decorated. In that case, there must have been a certain number of people who said that they could not produce a lot of books, but that collecting books was a hobby.

Now, the librarian said that the leaf book from the forest library could be lent, so it might be good to borrow it and read it.

- If you want to read a book, you need sweets and tea.

It might be a good idea to stock up on tea leaves and prepare something like a refrigerator. Warm tea in winter and chilled iced tea in summer. I think it would be nice to have a freezer and make some ice cream.

I suddenly felt my gaze as I was thinking a lot about Tiara Rose. I raised my face and Aquastide stared at me.


No, I enjoyed watching Tiara think about something.

Aquastide laughs when he says he's going to stare.

"I've been thinking a lot about having a good reading time with Aqua. And yet, Aqua was watching me."

As Tiara Rose swells her cheeks and complains, Aquastide bends over and kisses her on the forehead.

Tiara can be seen for hours, and it's strange because she doesn't get tired of it.

"I'm already... I can't get tired of watching Aqua for hours."

That's what I've thought many times in Grimoire. The baby Aquastide was so adorable that he wanted to see it forever.

How about sneaking out on your own this time? When Tiara Rose thought about it, Aquastide squeezed her cheeks with both hands.


What were you thinking? With Aquastide's gaze, Tiara Rose realized that what she was thinking was finding out.

Can Aqua read my mind?

"If I can read it, I'll lock Tiara up so she won't go anywhere." My princess suddenly goes somewhere. "


Previously, there was a previous record of escaping from the Royal Castle in search of the Fairy King's ring, so I can't contest it. Even yesterday, I jumped into the Grimoire to help Olivia.

--If you had read it in your heart, you would have been in a lot of trouble.

With every nostalgia, Tiara Rose smiles. "But as for Aquastide, I didn't feel like it was annoying..."

“Damn it, Lucia's like Tiara, she's going to jump everywhere.”

"The dream of the future is a knight." Since you're Aqua's daughter, you'll definitely be able to handle your sword better. I'm not very good at exercising..... "

Since my previous life, I was a polar swinger in sweets and maiden games, so I moved my body a little, but I did not take time to exercise from myself.

Therefore, I think from the bottom of my heart that only the motor nerves are similar to Aquastide, not myself.

Aquastide put his hand on his chin and told him that he would need more from now on.

"I'm leaving it to the maid now, but I'm going to need Lucia's maid and sidekick as well." That said, as for the second daughter, it would be better to ask Elliot and Philine's daughter. "

"That's right. Lucia's hope is best, but she's close to Cristore, and she's cute about Finn and Elene." I hope you can wait for me to grow up and follow me. ”

Tiara Rose and Aquastide could choose a maid or sidekick, but it would be better if they grew bigger.

However, Aquastide chose the Guard Knight and always stood by at a distance. I don't know what's in the royal castle.

I'm looking forward to growing the three of you.


Nodding, Tiara Rose slowly extended her hands. I hugged Aquastide's neck and rubbed my cheeks.

Of course, it's fun to talk about children, but I'd like to enjoy a little more of their time. That's how Tiara Rose approached it.

"Your hair is tickling."

Aquastide puts his hands on both sides of the Tiara Rose and brings his face closer together. Tiara Rose closes her eyes, accepts it, and puts her strength into her hugging arm.


Sweet exhales resound in the room, but only Tiara Rose and Aquastide are here.

I was always thrilled when I slept with my children, so I felt a little lonely without it... but I thought it would be nice to be able to sweeten it, so Tiara Rose relaxed her cheeks.