Alexei's asparagus horse and Nikolai's chestnut horse kicked the ground no less. I hit my hoof and ran.

The speed was the same: in the middle of the stable, the two were slashed three times.

The sound of steel bumping into each other echoes high.

This time, neither of them rushed away, but stayed on the spot and met further. It's literally a sparkling struggle.

A well-trained military horse will not be moved by the sound or impact of the sword strike, but will pull and pull according to the movement of his master. It was like horses were fighting each other. That's exactly what people are all about.

All Ekaterina can hear is the sound of her heart beating. Slightly, only occasionally, the cheering of the surroundings creeps in like a tidal wave.

Flora, who was next to me, stood beside me worriedly, but she couldn't even thank me. She clasped her hands tightly and could only stare at her brother's struggle.

The appearance was somewhere, like a young child.

The knights seemed to be at war with each other, but Alexei was being torn apart. From Nikolai's point of view, his tough body is not Date, but his power surpasses him.

Alexei, on the battlefield, collapsed in a strong blow.

Here Nikolai waved his sword.

Ekaterina screamed like a scream.


Alexei's neon blue eyes must have glowed strongly under his face (the visor).

Nikolai's sword slipped away in a strange motion, and Alexei quickly pulled the horse back and regained his position.

Nikolai looks down at his sword. The blade was wrapped in ice.

Alexei's magic power and the instantaneous ice made the sword unexpectedly heavy, which blasted Nikolai's movements.

Nikolai's flame enveloped the blade, and the ice quickly melted and peeled off.

But an ice spear flew over.

I couldn't defend myself against the flames in time. With terrifying motor vision and strength, Nikolai waved his sword and slashed the ice spear. The ice spear fell in two with a splendid slash.

Meanwhile, Alexei was spreading the distance by driving the asparagus horse.

It was a good distance to fight with magic, but Nikolai actually had a hand. The magic power of the Fire Attribute was too high. It's advantageous in real battles, but it's difficult to use in these matches because it can't cause serious injuries to the opponent.

If it's an equal opponent, it can be a hand that fills the time all at once. But Alexei excels at magic, martial arts, and equestrian skills. A reckless invasion won't work.

Nikolai was the only one who could protect them.

The people watching the game fly to both sides.

There was a growing outcry for Alexei. The men outside the fence were mostly supporting Nikolai at first, but it seems that they were attracted by the unexpected when they saw Alexei's strength. Is this also an adorable gap?

The women in the auditorium are originally Alexei.

There, a voice came out.


A rich voice, a girl's voice. It was a marina.

"Good luck! If you don't win, I won't!"

When Nikolai heard that, he probably laughed under his helmet.

The audience groaned as they felt the magic stranglehold. Attack with fire magic?

A flame is born and burns high. In front of Alexei, a little off the ground.

The flames quickly spread to the left and right, connecting behind Alexei and drawing a circle.

― ― The flame captured Alexei in that circle.

The audience flinches greatly.

If you had magic power such as Earth Attribute, you could trap the opponent. In that case, once you build a wall, you won't consume any more magic power.

However, in order to maintain the fire cage, I had to keep pouring my magic power. It was a method of warfare that I couldn't do without my magic power.

Alexei's asparagus seemed frightened.

Unexpectedly, Ekaterina stood up.


Thinking that Alexei squeezed the reins and calmed the asparagus hair, the magic power was released. It's so intense that it feels like a pale light to the eye.

And he broke down the cage of fire, and set up a pillar of ice before Alexei.

People groan again.


Ekaterina, Marina, and her sisters, the knights' lordesses.

The voices overlapped unexpectedly.

Good luck!

At the end of the cheer, Nikolai ran his chestnut hair towards Alexei. I dodged the pillars of ice and rushed into the flames that I had created.

A chestnut horse jumped.

With the weight of an armed knight on his back, Nikolai's exceptional equestrian and chestnut-haired abilities allow him to surpass the flames.

But Alexei was also waiting.

The two swords are exchanged. Nikolai ran straight through.

The circle of flames vanished.

The audience stands still and stares at the knights. Nikolai stopped the horse and looked down at his hand.

Alexei laid down his sword.

The blade was covered with thick ice, and there was another sword stuck to the ice - Nikolai's sword.

I had a meeting with the sword, for a moment.

At the perfect moment, Alexei unleashed his magic, froze himself and Nikolai's sword to pieces, and took them away.

With Alexei's magic control, the audience shouted in amazement and admiration.

Then, Nikolai gathered his gaze.

Even if the sword was taken away, the weapon of magic remained. He has not yet been defeated by the rules of the imperial horse and spear game.

Nikolai looked up to heaven.

Then, I raised my hands.

A sign of intent to surrender.

The winner, Alexei Yurnova.

C 'mon!

Unexpectedly, Ekaterina jumped.

I heard Marina's voice.

It's curly!