The Villainess Who Has Been Killed 108 Times

When my memory came back, I was a villain who kept being killed 108 times and looping. I'm not getting killed anymore.

Assassination, 7 times. Slaughter, 11 times. Beheading, five times. Hanging, three times. Burn, 7 times. Drowning, eight times. Three assassinations. Shooting, 12 times. Poisoning, six times. Strangled, 7 times.... and many more...

108 times in total.

A brilliant career. These are all my causes of death.

My name is Scarlet Ruby Noel Hydrangea.

Oh, excuse me. It's not Hydrangea yet, is it a phosphor card?

The Duchess Lady, and later the Queen of the Land.

And at the end of that period, it is stipulated that we will always face the death of others in the course of their work.

I've been looping my life as the same scarlet over and over again.

As a villain, you have to live a life of hate and murder...

108 times, including 109 times in my life now.

However, my memory will be reset once I die, so I didn't expect to see myself repeating such a grand tour.

However, now for the 108th time in the previous (...) person's (...) life, I happened to slip my foot and fall from the stairs.

He died with a strong blow to his head.

My destiny went mad when I first received a death that no one else was involved with.

With all the memories of the villain's life over and over again, this life started.

"... life as a scoundrel or queen is no longer rubbish. From now on, I will live in secrecy with the goal of a quiet old age."

I swore to myself as I stared at the ceiling with a baby body with no neck.

The words of the oath were as weak as the cries of a kitten called OR.

No, it's too much trouble!

You're going one more step out of territory.

From now on, we're going to spend the rest of our lives together.

I'm so sorry about the power struggle.

Socials? What, me, Wakalimasen?

That way, we can celebrate our birthday without having to do with them.

Those five men who will surely die at the end of my life.

In 108 repetitive lives, I experienced various deaths, but all of them were due to one of the five of them. It's like a familiar reaper to me.

The only exception is the last time you fell down a staircase and blew yourself up.

"Swear!! I, Scarlet, swear to never face them again in my life as a home guard!!"

I, the newborn, shouted with a nur, and renewed my determination.

I want to apologize for the experience of being stabbed, slashed, burned, and crushed.

... of course, my fate as a villain and a scoundrel couldn't have been better.

And then, less than five years later, I met them and fell into a wolf feather...

I didn't know that such a dark cloud was waiting for me, and I was obsessed with making full use of my resurrected memory and developing a new life plan.