The name of the world, Audoguz.

Skill supremacy, where work is largely determined by skills.

90% of the world's people have 2 skills and 2 stars.

Church Teaching

Skill is a gift from God.

God loved beings can retain up to 5 skills and belong to the Church.

Skills show strength in stars, and no stars are beings abandoned by God.

No star is an abomination, no need for an abomination in this world.

About money.

Gold Plate 10 Ladal

Gold Coin 1 Ladal (= 10 Gidals)

Silver Plate 5 Gidal

Silver coin 1 gidal (= 1000 dals)

Copper Plate 100 dal

Copper Coins 10 dal

Copper Piece 1 dal

Villages and towns where the protagonist travelled

From the village of birth.

Village of Latomi - Latov - Ratne - Lato - Latom - Latos - Latme