The White-eyed Wolves I Personally Raised Are All Coveting My Legacy

Be the father of a male lead for the first time (1)

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In the sandalwood's wanton temple, a row of green bamboos are planted along the roots of the wall. The beautiful scenery is a good place for self-cultivation.

Look inward along the door of the Piandian.I saw a Guanyin statue on the table in the center, and a water lantern below, there were more than twenty large and small.

"I quit my job the day before yesterday and plan to find a baby full-time, and ask the Bodhisattva to bless my baby to go well and be healthy."

"Bodhisattva, I have copied the Heart Sutra a hundred times, and I still feel that I and my daughter have a great relationship between mother and daughter.

"Unable to persuade my mother-in-law and my mother, I am pregnant. I did not betray the baby. I wanted to find him more attentively after giving birth."

Each of the men and women kneeling down looked bleak, even if they were smiling, they seemed to be wearing masks, strange and unnatural.

They are all parents who have lost their children. They get together to keep warm.As for today's gathering, they must come every month.One is to get some small details from each other, and the other most important is to wait for the arrival of the gold master.

But today, the young man who must appear on time every time is unexpectedly late.

No, to be precise, he was here a long time ago, but he was too lazy to get in in the car.

About two hundred meters away from the temple, there is a big red SUV hidden under the shade of the trees. If it is a trot, I am afraid that even a wisp of exhaust will reveal a "sorrowful bag", but it is equipped with a calm chassis. The thick SUV, coupled with the Rolls-Royce logo rubbed brightly on the front of the car, has inexplicably added the heritage of a big family.

But the young man who stretched his leg to lean against the back seat of the car wins more than this car.An extremely handsome face, an iron-gray suit was meticulously dressed, from head to toe there was a sense of abstinence from the elite son.Halfway through the smoke between his fingers, the smoke lingered, adding a little bit of cynicism.

He is the gold master Si Yang that this group of people are waiting for, but after careful calculation, he is not Si Yang either.

Although the same name has the same surname, the soul in the shell is now the quester who was forcibly bound by the quick-pass system.

"Young Master Si, it's all this point, aren't we going in yet?" the secretary next to him asked cautiously.

In his opinion, although the young man in front of him is not easy to serve.Just like the predecessor, who guarded carefully for five or six years, he was not thrown out by this understatement like a dog two days ago.

The job is not easy, especially for this kind of capricious young man, and he must be extremely cautious every word.

But Si Yang responded very casually. He shook the mobile phone screen in his hand that was showing the movement of the monastery in front of the secretary. "It's just right not to go now. These people want me to see their motherly heart."

The secretary was speechless for a while, and Si Yang snorted, his tone becoming more arbitrary."The performance is so hard, it means that the money is not enough."

He was clearly a young man in his twenties, but his sharp sharpness made the secretary feel a breath of air in his throat.

Si Yang didn't expect his response, and continued to watch the video on the phone boredly.

For Si Yang, such an opening makes people want to sleep.

No matter what movie, there is an existence who thinks that he is dedicated to everything but adds trouble and is useless.The original body he wears is like this.

With the same name and surname, the adopted son of the male protagonist, when he was in elementary school, he was taken away by traffickers along with the villain and the male protagonist.In the end, he was saved because he was too old and was seriously ill and was thrown on the road for nine deaths.

But when he was fully awake and able to identify the traffickers, the two younger brothers had disappeared.I have always felt that my brother lost his original sin.Even after his adoptive parents died in depression, he maintained this attitude, looking for his brother who didn't know where, until he died on the road.

Is it good luck?

As for Si Yang's ridicule of those mournful parents, it did not come out of thin air.Who would have thought that they had been searching for more than ten years of children, half of them, after finding them, those children would not die well.And these tragedies all come from their families.

Just watch the hero and villain in the original movie.

Let’s talk about the male protagonist. He finally escaped, only to find that his family was ruined, his parents regretted it, and his adopted brother died on the way to find himself.

Teenagers, without any education, can't even recognize the words. It's too difficult to be ordered in danger.In the end, under the threat of a pack of wolves, he was born into a trap of commercial fraud, and was finally imprisoned for commercial crimes.

As for the boy who was kidnapped with the male lead, and finally helped him escape, there is no good end.

After the male protagonist escaped, he was broken his legs and became disabled for life. In the end, although he was taken back, he was directly reduced to an abandoned son and died in a family fight.

The wealthy and noble sons who have no worries about food and clothing will end up like this, as for those ordinary families, they are also inevitable.Mountain villages and cities, the world's difference in education, the local accents and vague memories, as well as the exploding emotional vents and over-compensation of parents after retrieving their children will only increase the jerkyness of them and their families.

What's more terrifying is the kind that has given birth to a second child. After returning home, what attitude will these children use to find their family status?After the conflict broke out, their inferiority in their bones could only make them miserable.

Compared with the loving mothers and fathers when looking for children now, it seems to be a complete joke.

"I'll say it again for the specific task." Si Yang is used to the boss, even if the system technology is higher than what he knows, he still has a slight sense of command.

"Save the hero."

"I see." Si Yang was noncommittal, ending the conversation between himself and the system.

The word rescue is a bit ridiculous to Si Yang, after all, he has struggled on his own since he was a child.

In the real world, Si Yang himself is a character equivalent to a villain.

Everyone knows that his father does not like him because his parents are married in business.It is obvious to choose the name of the king of subjugation.As for the mother, she didn't bother to care about him, but it was more convenient for her to have a marriage that survived in name only.

People in the big family who have grown up in the blood and blood will be a disaster if they are careless. If they can turn their hands into clouds and rain, they are all stepping on human blood.

This is how Si Yang's grandfather taught him.To choose a wolf king, the best way is to throw the little wolf cub into the tiger and leopard pile, let him grow from the bite.

When Si Yang first entered the old house, he also imagined that he would receive asylum, but in fact, he was kidnapped the first night.

Pain, panic, and despair, everything on that day will be unforgettable for Si Yang.But after escaping, Si Yang became a veritable heir of the Si family.

But even such Si Yang still has a light in his heart.


Si Yang was afraid of the darkness, even if he closed his eyes at the exact time every time and forced himself to fall asleep.Only that day, the old lady of Yimianzhiyuan lit a night lamp by his bed.

But one night passed, and the old man left the world the next day.

Si Yang guessed that she died unexpectedly.There is no evidence.Even when he seized the power of the Si family, he personally squeezed to death the two generations in power, he still got nothing.

System: I can let you wear it back ten years ago and get the truth.

Si Yang took the two words truth to the tip of his tongue and turned around, and finally agreed.

"Okay." From now on, there is nothing else that makes him feel boring.

"Is Shao Si coming?" The voice from the phone interrupted Si Yang's thinking.Si Yang lowered his head, and the people inside became uneasy because he hadn't arrived.

However, the organizer is still calm, "No, Si Shao said, if you can't find it, you will find it dead!"

"Yes, yes, yes, Si Shao will definitely come." The few people who were kneeling Bodhisattva also came out before, and when they heard this, they followed categorically, as if saying so, things would develop like this.

However, in Si Yang's eyes, they were all jokes.

After all, these people care about him so much, nothing more than money.

In such a big world, after a child is lost, in addition to aimlessly sending out missing persons, it is to run around the world following news about the capture of human traffickers.

Looking for children to find the whole family is very poor, and there are many people who have sold houses, just to find the children's hope.

Although the Yu family was in a lot of downfall, in the end it was still a wealthy family, and the original person supported all the expenses of these people.Of course, the original body is voluntary, and it is for the sake of his brother.It’s a pity that three or four years have passed. Apart from repairing Buddha statues according to the sky and releasing marine fish from Tianjin Port to buy a fishing boat, no other children have been found. The original brother and male protagonist Yu Zheng is even more realistic. Too much pressure to live or die.

Look at the Mantian Buddha in this monastery, the roots are all a fucking big joke!

Why bother?Si Yang changed his posture and pointed to the secretary beside him, "Go in and tell them the news!"

In the memory of the original body, the plot behind this is very clear, it is someone who wants to give up, everyone is crying, and then encourages each other.

Si Yang found people early in the morning, and he could tell them in advance, but he had to wait for this moment to pass. There was no other reason. He just wanted to see how these people would react?

This group of people fooled the original body and searched for a lot of money. What is not useful, he backhanded them to give them good luck, which was already very kind!

The secretary probably guessed his plan, and felt colder.But this chill, when it touched Si Yang's beautiful eyes, it immediately melted like ice and snow.

This person is so good-looking, even if he hides his wicked bones, what he says is three-pointed friendship.

"I have to think more about staring at me like this. Don't forget, my dear, office romances are forbidden by the company, eh?"

"Young Master Si, don't make fun of me." The secretary quickly turned and left, and Si Yang's low and deep smile could be heard from a distance.

The standard of pleasure inside, I can't wait to make people's backbones crisp.But when he really got inside, this charming, but instantaneous coagulation of blood.

Si Yang is really cruel.

At this time, everyone in the Zen room was talking about the recent situation.

"I have sent out flyers for three more cities. There are only more than 700 cities left to cover the whole country. My husband divorced me the day before yesterday. He said I was crazy and could not stand a sick woman like me. I'm going to see the doctor."

"But only I know, there are more than 700 left. I just walk one in three days, more than two thousand one hundred days, I will definitely be able to go and get my son back!"

"Yes! It's definitely possible. I found a fortune teller. I heard that it was accurate. He told me to go south. My wife and I are going to see it. Three trigrams a day, we are sincere, and I definitely can."

Sometimes speaking skills are very important, and it's still such a thing, but in what order is the most empathetic and tearful is a special skill.

But this group of people are all very proficient. After all, the owner of the money is young, and every time he sends a toll, he will have a strong emotional color.

Four years, enough time for them to figure out the various ways of this.

But even so, they talked about the past one by one, and when it came to a middle-aged woman, a different kind of desolation finally appeared.

She suddenly covered her face and cried, "I...I can't find anymore, I'm pregnant. I won't be able to continue until after birth."

Many people were stunned and then consoled.But who could have thought that starting from this woman, there were three or four other companies who had given up.

"My baby may really not be found back. We have old people and we have to live. We are not worthy of being parents, we can't be unworthy of being sons and daughters..."

The audience was quiet, with only low crying.Your own flesh and blood is exchanged for your own bones and blood. If it is not desperate, who would be willing to give up.Because once you give up, this is the ultimate sin that cannot be eliminated in your life.

And just then, the secretary came in.

"The child found it." The first half of the sentence was news that made them ecstatic, but the second half was a panic hell.

"Si Shao said, I have found them all, but I know that some of you are inconvenient at home, so I won't bring letters to everyone this time."

"What do you mean?" Those people didn't understand at first, but they suddenly reacted later. Si Yang's meaning was very simple. Only one child before and now can be left.

"If you want to apply for a birth permit, you must obtain a death certificate for the original eldest son. The dead cannot be brought back to life, so we won't look for it. You can do it yourself. For the rest, someone will contact you later and tell you where the child is."

"Finally, now that the children have been found, the family search will be officially dissolved."

The secretary said to turn around and leave, but there were many people inside to catch up.

"Sir, sir, please tell Si Shao, we... we don't know the child has found it!"

"I'm a mother, how can I give up if I can keep it? That's the flesh that fell from my body, please, please, please and Si Shao plead, no, you just let us see."

The secretary broke free of them, walked two steps quickly and got into the car. The people stood guard outside the car and even knelt down and begged.

The secretary and even the driver felt red under the eyes.But Si Yang seemed to be watching another good show.

"Shao Si..." The driver swallowed and said.

Si Yang looked up at him, a pair of peach blossom eyes with sympathy similar to his, but he said nothing but human words, "Send all my money to the Bodhisattva. Do you still expect me to become a Bodhisattva?"

In the original world, these second-born children only used a few months of warm-up after finding their children, and those who couldn't integrate into them, even those who were overly depressed and committed suicide by jumping off the building.

He has no good morals, but he can't make this group of things sick in front of him.

"Driving, it's time to pick up people!" Withdrawing his eyes, Si Yang closed his eyes as if he was going to sleep.

The driver and the secretary dared not persuade anymore, and drove away honestly.Those pleadings outside the car drifted away with the distance, but also revealed some inexplicable hypocrisy.

On the other side, in the shelter.

Yu Zheng was in ragged clothes, huddled in the corner with a group of fearful boys and girls.

The room is not small, it can even be said to be spacious and comfortable.But they were too scared, just like quail huddled together after being frightened. The more crowded they were, the more they could truly feel that they were alive.

They are all abducted children who have been rescued and sent here in the past few days. It is said that they have contacted their families to pick them up.

But what kind of person will pick yourself up?Do parents remember themselves?What kind of life will you lead after you return?

These problems are too profound for the children who have been tortured by adoptive parents or by their spirits or by the body.Especially the few girls who were raised as child brides-in-laws, they couldn't help but shiver all the time.

Yu Zheng was hiding in it, although he lowered his head, he was also full of fear.He quietly hid in the corner, looking down at the old photo in his hand.

It was given to him by the police who rescued him. It is said to be his relatives.

A very happy family of four, the father is calm, the mother is elegant, and the older teenager has a very handsome face.

"Brother Si Yang..." Staring at Si Yang above, Yu Zheng tried to whisper.

The first sound was unfamiliar, and the second and third sound became smooth.Then he couldn't help laughing.

Yu Zheng knew that it was Si Yang who found him, and it was Si Yang who came to take him home today.Is his brother.

When the girl next to her saw it, she was taken aback for a moment.Yu Zheng has a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, when they are smiling, they are like stars hiding in them.

The girl bent her lips subconsciously, and her pale face became ruddy because of fear.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened, and the mayor walked in with a young man.An iron-gray suit fits and presses, and his hair slightly lighter than normal makes his facial features extraordinarily gentle, but his eyes are completely different from his decent look.

He glanced at the crowd indifferently, but didn't pay attention to any one of them. He turned his head a little and asked casually the mayor who was accompanying him, "Who is my brother here?"

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