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From the year Si Yang left, Gu Lin devoted all his experience to resisting the royal family.

However, this is only the surface. In private, Gu Lin sent out the star thief in his hand, and he was frantically looking for Si Yang's trace.

Star Pirates and Army, two new developments together.As Gu Lin's power grew, the pattern of the entire universe began to change constantly.

The medicine Si Yang gave at the beginning was capable of changing various patterns.The chaos that disrupted the empire.After Si Yang left, Gu Lin started his career in Poor Star, and even disturbed the army as well.

The two men turned on and off, stupefied that they changed fields for the world.

In the year 1111 of the cosmic calendar, Gu Lin took down all the poor stars and developed to the surrounding intermediate planets.

In Universe Li in 1223, Gu Lin succeeded in becoming the best general of the mid-level planet. This time, his territory stopped expanding, intending to recuperate.

But at this time, no one knew that the team in Gu Lin's private, the star thief had already developed to the emperor star wandering.

In 2223, Gu Lin formally declared war on the royal family, expressing that he would fight to the end for the poor.

This year, Gu Lin directly led people to wipe out a notorious aristocratic family.

He punishes the guilty in accordance with the law, but leaves the lives of those innocents.

Gu Lin said, "Nobles and poor people are no different. They are both alive. If you are guilty, you should be punished!"

This sentence established his detached position among the poor in the universe.

At the same time, Gu Lin didn't want other generals to reject the existence of omage.In his team, one-third of the senior leaders are omage who worked hard before but did not get a chance. Compared with other generals, Gu Lin truly achieved the two words of fairness.

And Gu Lin's soldiers are far more than just the relationship between superiors and superiors, but also worship and longing for Gu Lin.And more people actually care about his infatuation.

Everyone knows that Gu Lin has been fighting for many years, but he has always kept himself clean, because he is waiting for his partner.

According to rumors, Gu Lin was always taken care of by this partner when he was young, and all things and knowledge were also taught by him.

And this person is the famous pharmacist Si Yang.

It is a pity that after Gu Lin became an adult, Si Yang felt that he was too old and did not want to delay Gu Lin. He developed a drug that could eliminate the mark. Although the two still watched and helped each other, they never saw each other again.

Since then, Si Yang has lived in no fixed place.If it is not for the daily spread of prescriptions, and the omage association established by Si Yang himself has also been continuously injecting funds, so everyone understands that Si Yang must be alive.I just don't want to come out.

It is precisely because of this that Gu Lin's infatuation has become more and more evident.

Si Yang: Why don't I know that I am so important to Gu Lin?System: Ouuuuu, the host is a scumbag!

Faced with the accusation of using his own system, Si Yang also had no good explanation.But he still did not change his attention.Si Yang is really confident this time, he feels foolproof.After all, just like Gu Lin's attitude now, as long as he is not dead in name, he can also give Gu Lin a good reputation.

After all, as long as Gu Lin can keep the entrepreneurial period, everyone will talk about his infatuation.Such people who have troubles and friendships are more likely to be recognized by people.

However, Si Yang had a good calculation, but who would have thought that something went wrong in the end.

Gu Lin kept it well both outsiders and in private.But it wasn't until an episode appeared that Si Yang really realized that he might be wrong.

Gu Lin is not acting, he really has been looking for him.

It was a tip from the star thief.Said that the place where Si Yang appeared last was Emperor Star.

Although Gu Lin was good at strength, but he didn't have the ability to win the emperor star.

Si Yang felt that Gu Lin would not be impulsive, so he would plan and decide, but he was wrong.Gu Lin directly hit the Emperor Star.

And it can be said that he has made his best effort to score the Emperor Star, and even pulled out all his hole cards.

This is not Gu Lin's style. No, it should be said that Gu Lin would never do this for one person.

What Si Yang didn't expect was that on this day, before the Emperor Star's victory, Gu Lin, as a commander, had rarely left the team.What is he going to do?Si Yang didn't understand.He followed Gu Lin and found that Gu Lin had returned to the poor star overnight.

Back to the house where they lived together before.Immediately afterwards, Gu Lin opened the room door and walked in by himself.From tidying up the house to tidying up the yard.After everything was cleaned up, he took the team back.

At this time, it was the eve of the decisive battle.

After Gu Lin left, Si Yang was in the room and suddenly felt that he didn't seem to know Gu Lin that much.

He even had an illusion that he might be very important to Gu Lin.When it was important, he would rather abandon everything and want to get himself, and then lock him in this room so that he can no longer think about and see others except Gu Lin.

An indescribable chill suddenly appeared in Si Yang's heart. He vaguely felt that Gu Lin had lost control and was no longer the little wolfdog who could easily be calculated by him.

Years of experience has made his mind deep enough that he is already an opponent who can face him tit for tat.

And it's the kind of opponent who will lose all the games if you are not careful.

Si Yang finally felt a little more vigilant in his heart.

At this time, Gu Lin had already attacked the Emperor Star.

This decisive battle, although not a protracted battle, was definitely a victory piled up with human lives and blood.

However, after the victory, the first thing Gu Lin did in the palace was not to deal with the royal children, but to go directly to the Pharmacists Association.

He walked into the pharmacy room where Si Yang had been, and there was nothing.

As for the traces left by Si Yang in the legend, they are just the nails Si Yang buried here first.

Gu Lin, who had always been beautiful before, suddenly happened at this moment.He locked himself up and did not go out for a full day.

Even the next day, when he appeared, his beauty was still the same, but everyone knew that he was desperate and sad because he could not find a partner.

Si Yang got the news soon and couldn't help frowning.

Indeed, just like what he designed, Gu Lin was not indifferent to him. As long as he didn't find him, he would stay alive to find him instead of committing suicide because of boredom.

But I don't know why, Si Yang always felt that Gu Lin's feelings for him didn't seem to be pure dissatisfaction and greed, as if it was mixed with some more complicated things.

Things seem to be going well, but they slowly get out of control unconsciously.

On the other side of the Emperor Star, after the great victory of the Emperor Star, Gu Lin did not live in the imperial palace.The only purpose is to find Si Yang.

Gu Lin was a pure war lunatic after he had released his shackles.Zerg, alien beast, as long as he blocked his way, he would destroy that race.And he traveled all the planets just to find Si Yang's whereabouts.

At the same time, with the increasing power in Gu Lin's hands, the industries that Si Yang left behind have gradually become transparent.

Through some elderly people, Gu Lin finally realized one thing, Si Yang had been hiding in one place all these years and had not come out.

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