These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Dangerous girls will be involved in the first chapter of the danger


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Here is the sf first swing street author, the ghost under the night, referred to as the night ghost, of course directly call me ghost.

So, not much nonsense, go directly into the topic ... I have to open a new book.

The name of the new book prepared to open is "dangerous girls involved in the danger", referred to as "dangerous girl", alias, "You make me feel scared! "," I beg you to let me let me! " "

The style is probably similar to the reservoir plan, of course, there will be some differences.

Also, I have to write back to the first person.

Life Goddess This book is really less suitable for daily and vomiting, in order to entertain yourself, adjust your mood, have to open a happy book.

Ah, life goddess is of course not pit, but the update frequency will be reduced (the pit it opened, I have to fill the ORZ)

Although I want to introduce this new book, what is the content ... But I feel a little excess, just ask the readers to read someone.

Recommend my good friend here, the new book of the cherry tree, "Let my sister", and the sister controls the magical. The two is a book together ~ (have a non-maribei PY transaction)

I also hope that you will support it.

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After that followed, I wrote here, hahahaha ...

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Man set - An Jun Cheng

Name: An Juncheng

title:? ? ?

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Height: 173cm

Weight: 61kg

Birthday: January 1

Like things: Events (especially like desserts), look at animation, comics, novels, movies ... accurately, 'Like reading interesting stories', listening to pure music, furry animals.

Nasty things: troubles, dangerous things, don't understand things (mathematics), things that are unknown (picked up is unknown, no matter how much amount will be given to the police).

Personality: Because of the home reasons, we have developed a personality of indifferent. Will not lie, attach great importance to the agreement, the things that promise will definitely do. I very much attention to health, and I was called 'ahead of the old life in advance.

Outside: Black short hair clips a lot of white hair, it looks like gray, dead fish eyes, facial expressions, often frowning.

Mang Zen: What is this ghost!

Introduction: 1 General Men's high school students in the second year of gun water high school, the seat is the second row of the window. 2 There is very low in the school, no friends, no woman, but I seem to don't care about it. 3 and it is said that I like a person, but it is better to get used to it, I can't feel the 'lonely' man. Even if it is said that the world is only a peaceful Juncheng, he can also live in the life of the life, 'is not exaggerated. 4 Father An Yongkang is a surgeon. After the mother Anyue is a burial instructor, although it is a remnabate family, a family is very harmonious. 5 I believe that communication can solve all contradictions, but the tips are bad, but the frank talk style seems to be welcomed by some people? 6 An Juncheng does not hate a calm life, but a constant life will make the thinking slow, the brain is physiologically needed to be irritated, touched, attracted, irritated, entertainment, these can solve the story . However, when he changed itself into 'story of the protagonist ... What kind of reaction will it respond?

Man set - Ji Siu Bing

Name: Ji Differen

Title: Love corpse mad

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 163cm

Weight: 48kg

Birthday: April 4th

Like things: Anjun Cheng, murder (murderous impulse, but never kill people), bodies (appreciation), collection (corpse), weird (interested in any abnormal things, the body of the abnormal people Interested), drinking tea (tea ceremony is very deep, and the red tea green tea is a colleague), and there seems to be a daily habit.

Nasty things: do not have a particularly annoying thing ... unless it is really annoying (will not die, don't die, will die, is it dead?)

Character: gentle aswater, treat people and good, pure and charming.

Outside: Micro-curved brown hair is released, tie the bow, the eyes are black, the skin is like tooth white, the standard melon face, the chest is not big, just, the face always takes if there is no smile The temperament is elegant, everyone is like a show.

Mang Zen: I smell your taste ~

Introduction: 1 Sitting in the front seat of the protagonist, the quality of the woman high school students, the school flower level, the school idol, the campus idol. 2 The Ji family's thousand golden masters, high-rounded version of Bai Fumei, a special maid team. 3 It is actually a metamorphosis with lovers, thinking that the body is the most perfect form of presence. 4 There is obvious murder impulse, but never kill people, for the people who have dedicated their own love to their love. 5 The body is thin, but the strength is unexpected, and it is able to destroy the locked door. It seems to have studied a variety of near-body fighting, and they have a professional level. 6 The sense of smell is extremely keen, can distinguish all kinds of tastes ... and accurately position the coordinates of Anjun Cheng.

I feel very good, I think it is very good ... emmmmm ...

The following is the Ji Di BabyDalyN drawn by foreign friends BabyDalyN set the picture ... I will thank you again!

Man set - ginger snow

Name: Jiang Xue

Title: Active Mu

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 156cm

Weight: 39kg

Birthday: March 3

Like things: Anjun Cheng, reading book (suspense terror story), watch movies (like war pieces, horror movies), shear nails (nails will be stored in small bags carrying with you), collect the body parts of Anjun (From the beginning to get the hair gradually upgrade, be beard, you want to be a body, you want nails, you have to finger, you have to be eyeball, you have to go ...

Nasty things: noisy, more environment, threatening things from Anjun's life

Character: No heart, no expression, is actually not good at communication, just feeling that it is very troublesome.

Outside: gray short hair, dark blue pupil, petite, light weight, white, end-positive face, slim lips, hair cut, Liu Hai is not uniform, read or watch a book or watch a movie Wear black frame glasses. No chestless legless hips ... Well, this is cute!

Oral Zen: Basically don't talk.

More than use: the shortest "Well."; The longest "Give me your xxx."

Introduction: 1 Sitting in the front seat of the protagonist, the appearance is not more than the gi loving ice, but because it is basically not in contact with people, the popularity in the school is lower than that of Ji Si ice, and in some hobbies, there is no girl's circle is pregnant as Goddess. 2 seems to be very much reading in a place where people are quiet and quiet, and the writers like it is the pedestrians. 3 It is the most beautiful, which is a typical mutiff, preference type of disability is a broken hand and eye blindness. 4 Jiang Xue loves to be a disabled. If the person I love is not a disabled person, I will try to capture the other part of the body, so that it becomes a disabled person, is a dangerous active Mutiff. 5 is good to kill you, and after you have disabled, you will carefully care about you, take care of you, guard you, never betray ... Is this a good thing?

The rear projection of the snow.

Man set - relief

Name: relief

Title: Crystal Brothers Control Sister (Pseudo)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 166cm

Weight: 49kg

Birthday: January 1

Like things: The brother likes things (no matter how bad), stay around my brother (hope 24 hours to accompany), have praised by my brother,

Nasty things: a nasty thing (no matter how good and evil), my brother hates yourself (wrinkle a brow will be worn), my brother leaves yourself (may die)

Personality: As our brother, because of the home reasons, it is more cold, and it is very cold for anyone. It is also very indifferent to my brother in front of the outside (it is shy), it is a brother.

Outside: Succus and gloss, no bifurcation, Liu Hai toward left, slightly buckled. The slender legs, the calm woman high school students. Ink green pupils, eyelashes, very small expression, but not. Basically, it is a sweater jacket, uniform, opaque black pantyhose, very safe.

Oral Zen: There is no common purpose, but each sentence that said is tone, there is no exclamation sentence.

Introduction: 1 An Juncheng's sister, but the two have no collection in the school, so no one knows that the two are brothers and sisters. 2 and another sister Abervan has a secret transaction that is not mariberential, knowing the true face of An Can Ling. 3 Although you have no expression changes, it is very sensitive to the expression of others, and the micro-ending can be easily distinguished.

The following is a picture drawing of the Picture WP.

Inspectedly invincible, the shelf, a sense of statement (nonsense) v3.0

Ah, put the end of the story ... It is already the third time, I feel that there is no written, hurt my brain ...

It seems that every time it is the same routine, talk about the plot, talk about it ... ah, always say that these are not meaningful.

So let's talk about it first, put the shelves = like those tolls, complete!

Ok, next, the night ghost will talk about myself, hehe.

Anyway, I really like to read some authors (I won't tell you that after some posts, I don't think about the text!), Go to understand the hearts of the authors, then be a melon audience (there are many sf. I am also a very vicious taste of the book.

Cough, then prepare it first, this nonsense may have a little longer.

When starting to write, when you are coming, Well, 15 years of summer, so far in the past two years.

The reason why I started at night, like many people, it's my idle, I'm going to write and then wrote, until now ... still has no change.

Ah, I want to say that my novel has changed my life! Changed my world! Change my values! What is ... I feel too exaggerated.

It is said that this is just a interest.

To say that this thing to write this thing brings me what is probably only excessive weight and deeper dark circles ... haha ​​...

Writing the novel did not change what I.

The original intention of my book is very simple, and now I have never changed, and more people look well.

Self-satisfying authors are this unreasonable (laugh).

Little is not humble, even if someone comes to, it is humble, and it will still forget it.

I have said that I am so good to say that I have, and it is arrogant.

Well, the night ghost, I am the arrogant author. The title on the top of the head may be [arrogant writer] bar 233

I don't look down on others, but I will not let others' opinions about my own ideas ... even if my idea is wrong.

This is called .

But fortunately, until now, I wrote the books that I have never been severely criticized, because is it in line with everyone's taste? Still, everyone is too lazy to marry me?

Well ... I don't know, anyway, I am a good thing for the night ghost, haha, happy.

So, I will say that the dangerous girl is this book, and the storytell is not talking. Anyway, I will write it after the volume.

That's talk about the creation process of this book.

However, to say dangerous girls this book, the creation process is quite a twist.

I remember that when I was in January this year, I wanted to write a light (tightening) Pan (Zhang) pleasure (tension). The first person story.

To say why, because the life goddess is in the bottleneck, and the plot is going to enter a hundred and eighty-pointed turns, send a lot of convenience ... Well, in this way, think of the idea, I want to write this new book. . (Let's talk about it here, life goddess will not abandon the pit, and I will write it.

Regarding these two books, I am temporarily preparing to give priority to the dangerous girl, because life gods are the slow book, slowly written, and there is no problem (and there are not many people watching ... orz).

I really want two heads, but I really don't have time.

The night ghost, I am a very fourth student. Now I have started to prepare for a variety of jobs, and the categories are not very worse, so the job must be found.

Although some people recommend that I am a professional writer ... However, I am very clear that I am not suitable for professional writers, just like it is said, I wrote the novel more is for myself. So many times, I can't write anything about the taste of the reader. And I don't want to let myself write something I don't want to write ...