These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Dangerous girls will be involved in the chapter of the danger

In such a mentality, when you write a career, the night ghost I estimate can only be old.

However, there is no condition at home for my old ~

So please forgive me ... Well, I am now writing.

Ah, the topic runs.

So, go back and talk about the dangerous girl.

At that time, there were two alternative themes, one is a series of magic kings, and the other is this dangerous girl.

At first, I was still in the magic king, and the result was later found that he wrote that he was not intended to write ourselves (or thinking about others), and changed the dangerous girl.

It's probably a 20,000-character manuscript, one day in the group sailing (Shenzhou, I kindly calling the ship) to tell me, my book is set and a light novel crashed.

I said that there is such a thing? Then immediately search after searching for some after another, I really crash. (This day is called "My Sister has a second disease")

Wow, this is really super-happening.

I think that my night ghosts have been reading the light novel for so many years. I have lost such a thing, it seems still not too cold work ... How can you say such a coincidence in the world?

At that time, I would like to write the devil Wang Yong. Then can't you hit it anymore?

But I can't help yourself, and I wrote that different female main angles is very interesting ... In a few friends, I will persuade my teeth, a feet, or decide to write it.

I think about it is that I will die, I'm saying that plagiarism is big or I can't delete books! Moreover, I don't believe that his plot can be like me! (I have never read the light novel ... Well, so I don't know what the book is in the book).

By the way, you can see the title and name, in fact, the name of the online game is displayed, very ordinary brain. If you want to write a sickness, it is just because it is a long time for Baidu, it is a long time. When you write these distinctive female characters, you can use the writing style of my favorite teacher (thief).

That is to say nonsense 233

And in fact, this book is to say that it is a sickness, it is better to say that the abnormal events and girls, and the storytelings may have some similar places.

Then, in this way, it will be sent with the good friend tree (the cherry tree in the moon) in March.

I didn't expect that my illness is not bad.

The popularity of sf is really fascinated ... From sex to invincible, then the current diseased?

However, I should estimate that the sickness should not be fire too long ... should be just a flower, the result is still more popular. (Ah, pure personal speculation, there is nothing else means).

The sickness is a non-temperature-fired theme. The result is that a few cases of sick books are like prior prior yet.

It is a bit too clever that it is very clever.

Then I was inexplicably tied to the windmill, I was inexplicably on the shelves ...

I still feel inexplicable now ... but the rear look is very good, so I am still very happy.

I would like to thank the K12IO that is responsible for painting rear projections, because the relationship is the relationship, the rear investment is announced in advance to everyone, it should be quite good?

In the process, the most amazing thing is too translated into English, and even someone gives the illustration.

Night ghosts I am here again to report to the translator.

Really, thank you very much.

I have been crying and I have been crying (telling really, I really cried).

Night Ghost, my bird, the slag, has a impulsive, learn the bird language! (Deceptive, actually, it's okay to the bird language) (about the bird language, English eagle bird language)

There is also a repression ... Really super tired.

This month I was overjoyed a lot of nights (about seven days, the back soreness, endocrine disorders, a bit miserable ...), finally survived the manuscript.

Then there is a pile of add more ... ah, please let me go slowly, wait until it is over, will we add more good? It's good ~ (vomiting, super disgusting ... no, sure, I am still not suitable for selling)

Therefore, add a more rule, I will not ask for reward, don't ask for a monthly ticket (saying this, not wanting, hypocritical!).

Please all ignore my true me. (I really want it!)

Ok, the readers will laugh at the side of 'I have never seen such a beautiful ghost', and I will take a monthly ticket, I will conscientiously accept.

Take a collection, praise, the class of scores, please help click, or write a short impression, isn't it worked? If you use your finger, you can ask your readers to take care of yourself.

I welcome everyone to discuss the plot in the book review area and the night ghost, of course, it is better.

So, then let's talk about it ... Well, I feel that there is enough nonsense, enough ...

Oh, right, and that, you can say.

About this book wants to express anything, or say, want to remember this book?

No, I am not so powerful, it is very conscious, I don't think this book can be very impressed by people who have seen everything.

Just if you can think of this book, you can turn over, then happy, I am the best for night ghosts.

As for the spread of positive energy, what is the experience of life ... Well, I don't have to come here?

There are other more more powerful works, and more profound works can teach everyone more.

'Readers don't read a book', I am very clear about this matter, because I am still a reader now.

Therefore, this book is just for entertainment.

Self-entertainment, also entertainment, readers.

However, I will carefully design, try to leave an impression to everyone, after the end, let go, I want to re-talk about it, this is what I pursued.

I remember the previous days, some people replied in my review area of ​​the book, and I am still very nice, let the night ghost I have moved all day.

After slowly put the existing two books, I will write some things in the night. Well, I will write it slowly, it may be more suitable for night ghosts. The main author.

So, I want to say it.

Finally, because of the non-maribei PY transaction, I recommend two books here.

1, "Dark Red Ohlyia"

2, "Unlimited Magic and Seven Color Saint"

Maybe you will find that the cover of these two books is. Yes, they are written by the same person. The author is called Al, the stupidity of the twin horsetail, proud, Luoli (ghosting). Do you see it? Don't see it?

Ah, I can't see it, I'm talking about 233

So, this time I sent a measures to say it. (It is also a matter of intention to write on the shelf.)

Next time, I will see it later ~ Because the second volume is about to be written, it is estimated that there will be postscripts after a few days (and, if you add group, you will see it. I have seen it. cough……)

Oh, yes, take a way, today is not updated properly. (More regulations are not enough ...)

This test is the update today! (My conscience is not only painless, but also beautiful!)

Ghost under the night


Rear projection and cover

On the left is Ji Siu Bing, the right side is ginger snow.

Well, the main page does not reflect the little butt and stockings wrapped in blue white striped underwear! It is clear that this is the essence!

Man set - Blue Hua

Name: Blue Hua

Title: Tracking crazy (primary) Track crazy (intermediate) track crack (advanced)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 166cm

Weight: 54kg

Birthday: June 6

Like things: popular clothing, photographers and recorders, nourishing goldfish, observe plants ... Collecting An Juncheng's private items, investigating An Juncheng's related information, view (supervision) 's daily life, take An Juncheng's item is comfortable.

Nasty things: , old movie, old antique, no longer popular costume ... I hate all girls around And Juncheng, I can't find where Anjun Cheng, I have not got the Anjun Cheng. Private intelligence.

Character: Like fresh things, hate decaying old ideas and items, easy to panic and excitement, often fall into their own delustries.

Outside: Leave a short hair in linen, the corner is slightly sagging, with tears, often face red jastees, wearing a very casualty, vest, plus small trousers, will wear a relatively fashionable.

Commonly used words: When excited, you will repeat a word three times. When excited, you will repeat a word nine times.


1 Blue Hua is a very normal girl, and the root of ** is not related, not changed, this is true, you have to believe me!

2 I like to observe some mental things that ordinary people don't care, and they are good at discovering some other people who are not discovered, perhaps because of this, will not pay attention to Anjun Cheng.

3 The imperative force has broken through the horizon, what is the exercise, probably no longer exists ...

4 The body ability of its own is not strong (but it is not ordinary people can deal with), but it is unexpectedly good at calculation and programming (in deciding to fully monitor the Anjun sincerely, only two months to complete the tracking technology Breakthrough). The real god lies in the meticulous observation capabilities, reasoning ability and tracking capabilities, and the huge information network of the entire city.

5 Blue Hua's possession is very strong, but she also knows that now, she can't exclusively unsucheng. And even if some women left An Jun Cheng, they will only be annoyed by Anjun, so she forcibly presses her own possession ... Of course, patience is limited.

6 Blue Hua is competed in the crazy point, even if it is rejected, she has never given up to get An Juncheng. Maybe one day will pick up the love war of the girls in the girl ...

A picture is drawn, drawn by the painter WP.

Man set - fragrant moon smoked

Name: Xiangyue smoked

Title: Enterprise Ghost Witch of Fighting

Gender: Female

Age: about 500 years old

Height: 152cm

Weight: 37kg

Birthday: February 2nd

Like things: make friends, go out to play with friends, eat all kinds of delicious things (especially desserts), cosplay (pay attention to high-quality high quality COS), a variety of rare weird clothing, play games, Watch anime.

Nasty things: Friends are hurt, COS costumes are stained.

Character: Cheerful, love is fun. It is very kind, what is people who will participate in it, will not stand by, which is the type of heavy affection.

Outside: Black long hair straight waist, Qi Liuhai, with a flat chest loli with tiger teeth.

Commonly used language: Have a slice of the tail plus'


1 Give a corpse of more than 500 years, with An Juncheng with the formerity of the world, but it is because An Juncheng will come to the world.

2 is very good, can vomit with An Juncheng to vomit without falling to the bottom.

3 I like to eat sweets, with Li Ni, and Yamu is a foraging triple group. Especially like role-playing, often wear a brother.

4 It is a mystery in the past.

5 This is only a long-lasting corpse ghost loli, and it is really difficult to maintain a lot of things.

The following is the people who draw painted by the painter WP.

Rear projection 2

The second rear projection, maid dress blue and Ji love ice.

The left is a blue fox, and the right is white-haired ice.