This scumbag is not easy

Chapter 1 Ability System (for collection)

There are three days left, and the day for the entrance examination is coming.

At the moment, the leading middle school, in the classroom of the third and fifth grade.

There was no sound.

The atmosphere is serious.

Mathematics teacher Lin Weijun is racing against time to explain in detail the test questions on a simulated test paper for his students.

This is a top-secret test paper.

Most people can't get it.

This is what their principal reluctantly sent out a few beautiful teachers. It took a lot of effort to get it. It is very likely that there are original questions from the high school entrance examination.

I don't know whether it is true or not, but at this time of life and death.

Ning killed the mistake and never let it go.

At this moment, the classroom was silent, and everyone was attentively listening to the teacher's explanation of this test paper. The needle fell and I was afraid that one word would be missed, and I would regret the exam by the time.

It is said that the middle school entrance examination is 80, and the college entrance examination is fixed for a lifetime.

Especially for some poor students.

If they fail the exam, they won’t be able to go to key high schools, and some people don’t even have a book to read and drop out to work.

But in the classroom at this time, there is a person who is bored, looking around, thinking that he is not in the classroom at all, and is incompatible with the world.

He is Qin Fei.

He also wanted to listen to the class, but he didn't understand it at all.

As an ultimate scumbag, it can even be said to be cancer.

He doesn't deserve to listen to such a tall thing, when he hears something like a complex tree, a power tree, an exponential tree, a trigonometric tree...

Qin Fei's head was big, feeling countless flies flying in front of him, wishing to tear their belly apart.

Qin Fei never understood why there are so many trees in the world of mathematics. Qin Fei only knew that there were two trees in front of his house, one was a jujube tree and the other was a jujube tree.

That's it.

Qin Fei picked up the pen, tore a piece of paper, drew a tortoise, and pasted it on the girl in front, without knowing it.

This girl was called Lin Chunyun, she was stupid, she was very tall, and everything was easy to say as long as her face was not turned around. She was the object of Qin Fei's frequent teasing.

Nothing, it's just easy.

Today’s hot weather, Classmate Lin wears a light yellow thin linen T-shirt, which is a little transparent, and you can see the outline of her underwear.

Maybe it's for better heat dissipation. This dress is still strapless. She has two pink straps on her shoulders and two cute bows.

Qin Fei didn't know what was wrong with the ghost, maybe he wanted to make a prank, so he pulled off one of her shoulder straps easily.

Classmate Lin Chunyun exclaimed, holding her chest with her hand, and looking back at Qin Fei viciously.

"Qin Fei, what are you doing?" Classmate Lin was very angry.

"What's the matter?" Teacher Lin was alarmed by the voice, and he came over.

"Teacher, Qin Fei did my...underwear..." Lin Chunyun said shyly.

"Uh, wrong hand, wrong hand..." Qin Fei was a little panicked when he heard that it was underwear. He didn't expect these two things to have this effect, so he explained quickly.

"Haha..." The others burst into laughter, and the girl blushed even more and hated Qin Fei.

"Qin Fei, if you don't listen to the class, go to sleep. Anyway, it's useless if you listen to it. Just don't disturb other classmates. Class time is running out. Do you understand?"

Teacher Lin knows Qin Fei's urinary sex, this is the worst student he has ever taken in his life, and it is hopeless to say about him.

"Oh, then I'll go to sleep." Qin Fei casually replied, lying directly on the table, really planning to sleep.

Hey, reading is not suitable for me, everything can't be changed anymore.



what sound.

Ding!There is another exciting spirit in my mind.

What happened? Qin Fei was taken aback and slid down from the chair. Classmate Quan Xiangjing at the same table couldn't help but smile.

But Qin Fei ignored him.

Did you hear it wrong?

Qin Fei has read a lot of novels recently, many of them are Dingdingding.

Could it be...

No way!!!

Ding, here again.

Ding!Checking the environment...The system is being bound, please do not move it, otherwise it will cause damage and you will be responsible for the consequences.

It's the system!!!

Sure enough, it was a system, and Qin Fei was surprised.

Qin Fei knew that he had only read a novel last night, and the protagonist had acquired an invincible learning hegemony system.

It's finally my turn.

Is my life going to counterattack.

It must be.

What kind of system is this?

Qin Fei didn't dare to move.

Anxiously waiting.


This Qin Fei, who is sixteen years old this year, has a yellowish and thin face, even a little black.

He is tall and thin, about 175. If you look carefully, he is actually a little handsome, but it is not obvious. He was born in a small mountain village in Qinjia Village in Longtou County.

There are four children in Qin Fei's family.

He is the second child. His eldest brother dropped out of school due to poor academic performance and went to work. Two younger sisters went to the first grade of junior high school and the other to the third grade of elementary school.

From elementary school to junior high school.

Qin Fei's results are very stable, hovering steadily in the bottom three of the class. It is not that he did not work hard, he worked hard and struggled.

But he was not born with the material for reading. He was dizzy when he read a book, and became sleepy when he did a question. In the end, he had to give up.

He also has no bad hobbies.

I usually like to play basketball on the court in school, and play chess with my grandfather when I go home. Recently, I have also become obsessed with reading some colorful novels and some *****, which is probably related to the gradual maturity of the body. , After all, it's the age when love begins to open.

The father said.

To ask Qin Fei to go home to cultivate the fields after finishing junior high school, or go out to work, these two verbs are not Qin Feijia's, but the original words of his father.

Because with Qin Fei's current grades, even if he was given an Einstein, he would not be admitted to any high school.

Unless you find someone to trust or use money to buy a degree, but obviously, the family does not have these two conditions.

in fact.

Qin Fei wanted to continue studying because his eldest brother Qin Hai dropped out of school because he succeeded in the first place. Now he is working so hard, and he has three meals a day.

But I don’t seem to have a choice. If you don’t get into high school, you will have to drop out.

But now, everything seems to have changed.

Ding!Congratulations, the system is successfully bound.

Qin Fei couldn't wait to check his own system, but there was only a simple panel.

Name: Qin Fei (waste wood)

Occupation: Junior three students

Level: Ordinary user of lv1 system

Other: Unknown damage


Is it that way? Is it gone? Ability, skill, task.

Qin Fei was confused.

This is not right.

The plot is wrong, the protagonist in the novel is not written like this.

General system sign in.

It's not about signing in to send a star lady sister, or signing in to send a local tyrant dad.

Why don't you let me fart?

It's not because my eyes blinked a few times and it was damaged.

Then he is too miserable.

By the way, you can definitely get learning points as soon as you read a book, and then you can upgrade all the way, and then become a master in one fell swoop. Other novels are written like this.

It must be.

Qin Fei hurriedly opened his math textbook and looked at it with the headache. Ten minutes passed, and the system remained indifferent.

What the hell, hello, give some reaction, are you here to be funny.

You are the system, you have dignity.

Just as Qin Fei was so disappointed, the system finally reacted a little.

Ding!Dear Qin Fei, congratulations on becoming my master. You can call me a superpower system, but I am not that simple. I look forward to our common growth.

Grow together?

What do you mean.

Are you still a cub?

Can you send a finished product here?

Children shouldn’t run around, OK?

Qin Fei was very depressed, what's the use for you?

Ding!This system is in its infancy stage and its functions are still limited. You can slowly upgrade and grow, but now it is in the trial period. You can experience the various abilities of this system for free, and be familiar with the "capabilities" of this system in advance.

Various abilities?what?

Ding!To put it simply, you can get a certain ability from the system in a short time to experience it. Of course, you have to pay a certain price. There is no free lunch in the world.

What is this? It sounds amazing. Qin Fei can't wait to experience the capabilities of the system. What kind of ability should I try?

Qin Fei looked around and found that Cao Ying, the monitor on the left front, was listening to the class meticulously and taking notes from time to time. The profile was quite attractive and extremely beautiful.

This Cao Ying is an exquisite and thorough girl with very good grades and has always been the first in the class.

She is about 162 in height, has a pair of big eyes that are particularly bright, her cheeks can be broken, ruddy and smooth, making people want to kiss her.

She is wearing a white shirt today. She has a slender figure, but she looks like a ridge from the side. Everyone has always thought that she is a class flower.

Qin Fei thought of perspective without knowing what happened. At this stage of graduation, Qin Fei wanted to check Cao Ying's body to see if there was a problem.

Without further ado.

Qin Fei said silently in his mind "I want to gain perspective."

Then waiting.

The system ran for a while, and the following box appeared with the following content:

Ability: Perspective

Range: Ten meters

Condition: Do eye exercises completely

Side effects: none

Effective time: one hour


Do eye exercises, what are the conditions for Nima?

But Qin Fei didn't care about other things in order to test the capabilities of the system.

Fortunately, Qin Fei usually does eye exercises more seriously and protects his eyes better. He knows the whole process, including Qingming, Temple, Cuanzhu, and Sibai.

Qin Fei made a round very obediently.

Ding!The perspective ability takes effect.

Qin Fei suddenly felt that his eyes seemed to have an extra filter, and they could see through. Although it was blurry, Qin Fei quickly looked up at Cao Ying's squad leader.


Why is it like a pair of spare ribs? I can't see anything else, Brother System, the perspective I want is not such a perspective.

This is an X-ray, chest X-ray.

And the key places are coded.


Ding!This system rejects pornography, gambling and drugs.

I served YOU.

But at least it proves that this system is useful, not a liar.

Ding Ding Ding, there was another noise, this time it was not the system ringing.

get out of class is over.

This time is so fast.